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Elbow Compression Brace –

  • Name: Serious Steel Fitness Elbow Cuff
  • Category: Cuffs, Braces
  • Purpose: Rehab, Support, Protection
  • Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars
  • Vendors: Amazon, Temu

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  • Designed to Target Pain Points – Forearm, Biceps, Knees to Minimize Pain
  • Excellent for Recovery – Relieve Pain of Tendinitis & Swelling, Increase Blood Flow
  • 7 Size Option – From 3X-Large to Extra Small (From 10 to 16″)

Serious Steel Fitness Elbow Cuff – Review

Overview, Details & Everything Relevant You Need To Know

What is Serious Steel Fitness Elbow Cuff?


Serious Steel Fitness Compression Cuff is a brace designed to target pain points in your elbow or knee. Providing excellent support & comfort during workouts minimizing pain you may suffer from tendinitis & related conditions.

Elbow compression brace is useful to speed up recovery from various forms of arm or knee related injuries. Chronic pain caused by Repetitive Strain Injury like tennis or golfers elbow, tendinitis or inflammation caused by blunt force trauma. Pain in joints & tendons is often caused by recent injury. Compression brace helps you to get that under control quickly.

As protective gear brace acts like an extra tendon & protective layer to keep your joints from further harm. Being both comfortable & helping to boost your blood circulation significantly leads to faster healing.

In addition to rehab brace serves you as active protection & safety equipment. Simply equip one before you start exercising to keep your body in better condition. It helps you to prevent injuries before they can occur altogether & thus actively protect you. There multiple application where to use them.

Serious Steel Fitness offers 2 different types of compression cuffs. Black one is regular style cuff for comfortable support & overall protection. Red one is for extra compression that provides rigid support. If you fall between two sizes, always order a size down for a snug fit. Can be wrapped over bare skin or over thin layer of clothing. Either way feels okay.

What are the Pros & Cons with Serious Steel Fitness Elbow Cuff?

Great for Powerlifting & Strongman Training


  • 2 Different Versions – You can benefit from two different braces: Regular compression (black) & Heavy compression (red)
  • Multiple Sizes – Serious Steel Fitness cuff has 7 different size options, from 9″ to 16″/ 22.8 to 40.6cm
  • Designed to Target Pain Points – Compression protects tendons in your elbows & knees. Helps with rehab & pain relief for those who suffer from Tennis Elbow, Tendonitis, Golfers Elbow, Golf Elbow
  • Promotes Blood Flow –  Compression cuff also increases circulation & promotes blood flow around the area it’s applied to. More blood flow speeds up healing
  • Great for Rehab – Compression brace acts like protective layer to prevent further injury to your tendons. Keep injured tendon in place more securely to speed up healing
  • Comfortable – Stays firmly in place while you move, made of quality fabric
  • Sold as Single item – Most folks tend to have one arm or leg injured at a time & unlikely both at the same time. One brace can be enough for rehab & extra protection


  • Wears Out After Several Months – No way around it, this is eventuality with most compression braces. Fabric will stretch out over time & break down.
Good Equipment

Serious Steel Fitness Elbow Cuff - Ranking 76 out of 100

How Can You Benefit From Elbow Compression Cuff?

Designed to Target Pain Points for Relief

Accidents happen. Casually hitting your elbow against door can be enough to cause acute pain that leads to long term injury. Inflamed tendons keep causing annoying pain.

In situations like that elbow compression brace can be life saver. It fits well, targets pain points to bring relief. Wearing it couple of weeks can be enough to diminish pain & promote healing substantially.

Brace as a protective layer stops your daily activities from further aggravating tendons & lets you heal properly. It stimulates blood flow to the area speeding up healing. Keeps the area supported & rigid while you’re lifting weights.

1Warm Up Muscles
Stimulate blood flow to the muscle & elbow area
2Protect Tendons
Sleeve acts like extra layer of protection
3Relieve Pain
Rehab injuries, compression brings down swelling

Technical Details

  • Materials:Elastic Cotton
  • Color: Black or Red
  • 7 Sizing Options: ‎From 9 to 16″
  • Item Weight: 4 ounces / 113 grams
  • Manufacturer: ‎‎Serious Steel Fitness

How to Choose the Correct Size of Elbow Compression Cuff?

Choose Regular or Heavy Compression

There are 2 different types of Serious Steel Fitness compression braces. Black & Red. Black is for general purpose providing comfortable support. Great for adding warmth & increase blood flow in area to promote healing.

Red cuff is for those seeking maximum compression & stiffness. Made of extremely stiff materials with less give to support heavy lifts. Provides less comfort but much more compression.

If you fall between two sizes, choose a size down for a snug fit. You can wrap your compression cuff over bare skin or over thin layer of clothing. Either way works well. Remember, compression cuffs are typically sold in single units. If you need two, you have to place to orders.

Don’t Wait Injury to Happen, You Can Prevent it

Treat Your Elbow Pain With Rubber Hand Bands

Balanced Muscles, Healthier Hands

Working on finger flexors can be enough to get rid of your elbow pain for good. Most folks don’t even know about it. Elbow compression brace is typically being used when it’s already too late.

Repetitive Strain Injury can be prevented altogether. Working on muscles imbalances is important to mend fatigued dominant muscles. Golfer, Tennis elbow & CTS. Not everything is caused by blunt force trauma. A lot of ails can originate from bad posture.

You don’t likely have to dedicate hours. Couple of minutes of exercising every other day with rubber hand bands can make a difference in the long run. It’s fun, easy to do & enjoyable.

Before rushing to doctor & scheduling a surgery try this to keep your hands pain-free. Works well to prevent pain by giving rest to your overused dominant muscles. More muscle balance can make tremendous difference.

For the best benefits, it is recommended to pair up your extensor training with hand grippers. Great way to power up weaker muscles in your arms & work on counter-movements to balance your forearm muscles.

Extend-Your-Hand bands set, by IronMind

More overall functional strength worth investing into. It helps you to enjoy activities in your every day life with less pain. Don’t take my word for it. Ask any qualified physio-therapist, chiropractor or doctor. They will tell you exercising is a must.

What Grippers Can You Use to Complement Hand Bands?

Grippers Are Excellent for Recovery

Grippers are great if you’re building up your hand strength for you recently dislocated finger. Good for fighting elbow pain caused by Repetitive Strain Injury.

Treat Tennis or Golfer elbow that way. Strengthen undertrained, weak tendons. Using a proper gripper can help you to cover all of your grip training routines.

Use it for prehab & rehab, as well as getting in better shape. Multiple different types of grippers provide a wide variety of resistance levels.

#1 Classical Gripper
Captains of Crush - The Gold Standard of Hand Grippers

#2 Lefty Gripper
CoC Left-Turn Hand Gripper

#3 Smooth Gripper
Zenith Hand Gripper - The comfortable crush by IronMind

#4 Thumb Gripper

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