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Broken Finger Splint –

  • Name: Dr. Frederick’s Finger Splint
  • Category: Broken Finger Splint
  • Purpose: Rehab, Support, Protection
  • Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars
  • Vendors: Amazon, Temu

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  • Comfortable Padding – No Sharp Edges, Designed to Be Worn all Day or Overnight
  • Adjustable Fit – Suitable for Index, Middle & Ring Finger. Easy to Adjust with Velcro Straps
  • Bendable Aluminum Plate – Conform into shape of injured finger

Dr. Frederick’s Finger Splint – Review

Overview, Details & Everything Relevant You Need To Know

What is Dr. Frederick’s Finger Splint?


Dr. Frederick’s Finger Splint is adjustable device for hand recovery specifically designed by doctors. Comfortable and won’t overheat. You can wear it all day or overnight. Made with premium padding to be as comfortable as possible. Designed without sharp, uncomfortable edges that most other finger braces have.

Excellent if you suffer from trigger finger. Can be used for sprain, healing dislocated finger, broken bone, several forms of arthritis and tendinitis. Using splint is useful way to promote faster healing without causing additional pain to your joints. It’s excellent for straightening fingers.

Made to be robust & durable, lasting many months of use. It has removable, adjustable metal splint for ease of use & to set it up according to your need. This splint can be used for index, middle & ring finger. Attach it to your finger with Velcro strap to make it secure.

Same manufacturer also offers smaller version of this splint for your pinky finger. It guarantees secure stabilization & optimal compression for most adult hands. Helps to reduce pain in your hand so you can continue with your daily activities.

What are the Pros & Cons with Broken Finger Splint?

Increase Blood Flow In Hands


  • Adjustable – Easily adjusted, secured with Velcro straps. Make use of removable, adjustable metal splint inside of device to adjust it for your personal need
  • Flexible Aluminum Plate Inside – Easily bend this plate in to shape that conforms to the shape of injured digit
  • Won’t Overheat You – No irritation or itching, made to be worn for extended periods of time
  • Ergonomic – Made to be as comfortable as possible so you can wear this splint 24/7. During day time & overnight if you need
  • Comes in 2 Pack – Regular package comes with 2 standard finger splints. There’s also option with 4 in one pack & separate option with 2 smaller splints.
  • Smaller Variant Available for Pinky – Good alternative option for those who have smaller hands & fingers in general. Originally intended for your pinky finger, smaller than the regular splint
  • Durable – Made to be as robust as possible to withstand months of use
  • Made by Doctors – Clinically tested, designed by doctors to help their patents


  • Too Long For Short Fingers – If you have smaller physique these splints can be too big for you
  • There Are Cheaper Alternatives – Good but there are cheaper alternatives that work just as well
  • Not For Thumb – Thumb splints are different category altogether. Don’t confuse the two
Great Equipment

Dr. Frederick's Finger Splint - Ranking 86 out of 100

How Can You Benefit From Broken Finger Splint?

Instant Pain Relief

Securing your finger into correct position can bring immediate relief of pain. It helps to reduce inflammation that causes pain & discomfort. Helps to treat symptoms of your condition.

Broken Finger Splint

In long term it promotes faster healing & prevents further harm to joint. Fits index, middle & ring finger. Fits on both hands. Useful against trigger finger, arthritis, mallet finger, or broken finger.

Broken Finger Splint

It’s adjustable finger support brace designed with extra padding that has no sharp edges. Designed with long Velcro straps to secure it into place. There’s removable metal plate in middle you can adjust according to you need and condition.

1Instant Pain Relief
Reduce inflammation & discomfort caused by pain
2Increased Comfort
Padded device without sharp edges
3Fully Adjustable
Secure with Velcro straps, adjust metal plate inside

Technical Details

  • Materials: ‎Polyester Blend
  • Color: Black
  • Uses: Pain relief, Arthritis, Trigger or Mallet finger
  • Package Dimensions: ‎‎‎14.5x 8.2x 1.8 cm / 5.7x 3.2x 0.7″
  • Item Weight: 32 grams / 1,12 ounces
  • Manufacturer: ‎‎‎Frederick Medical Supply

Learn How to Heal Joint Pain in Long Term

Splint is Good Temporary Fix

Additional Resources for Self-Treatment

Have you tried using Calcium Bentonite Clay as a recovery method for arthritis? This is likely an angle you’ve not discovered yet. Do not underestimate the healing power of clay. It is known to be full or iron & rich in various minerals.

Using clay helps to clean your body from toxins & promotes healing. Poultices made of clay can have remarkable effects on large variety of ails. Burns, bruises, inflammation & infection. Coating your body & consuming clay has been an age old method to take care of your body.

In addition to poultices & the pills we use to alleviate symptoms of hand pain, we should focus on posture as well. Toxic posture is often the root of many types of Repetitive Strain Injury. With proper approach & knowledge you can undo a lot of damage that has accumulated over the years.

Typically it takes twice as long to mend an injury than to arrive to this point of discomfort. That’s the cold, hard truth of reality. However there are methods how you can fix your body. Changing some patters & following the better advice will be worth it in the long run.

#1 Calcium Bentonite Clay
Calcium Bentonoite Clay - Nature's Pathway to Healing - Balance, Detox, Stimulate, Alkalize

#2 Built From

Built From Broken by Scott H. Hogan

#3 Treat Your  Own Thumb
What is the Best Treatment for Osteoarthritis?

#4 Repetitive Strain Injury
Repetitive Strain Injury - A Computer Users Guide, book

How to Boost Recovery in Your Hands?

Hand-Bands for Counter Movements

Typically, folks grab a rehab device when it’s already too late & pain is there. What if I say you Repetitive Strain Injury can be prevented altogether? Hand-bands can take you a long way..

Fatigued dominant muscles are a constant thing. Golfers & Tennis elbow do not just appear randomly, they’re likely causality of muscle overuse. Not everything has to be blunt force trauma, a lot of ails come from bad posture.

We’re not talking about turning your life upside down by radically changing your lifestyle. Simple exercises, couple of minutes every other day with rubber hand bands can usually be enough to make a difference for you.

Also a good complement to gyro ball to add to the fun. It’s easy to use, enjoyable & works wonder to keep your hands pain-free. Working on counter movements gives overused dominant muscles rest. Good way to regain your hand strength.

Extensor training helps to power up weak muscles in your arms as well as build muscle balance that will skyrocket your overall forearm strength.

Extend-Your-Hand bands set, by IronMind

You do not have to take my word for it. Ask any qualified physio therapist, doctor or chiropractor. They all confirm that exercising is a must. Once you are able to do so, you should start.

Promote Blood Flow into Hands With Gyro-Ball

Hula Hoops For Your Hand

Increased blood flow into your hands is big deal. Especially if you’re seeking for faster recovery. Hands are quite small compared to the rest of your body. It means there’s not much blood flow into them. With certain exercises you can increase it.

Why should you care? More blood flow, faster recovery. Absolutely worth it if you aim to get rid of that nagging hand pain faster. If you’re on the road to recovery & can start exercising with gyro-ball, give it a shot.

ACELETE Gyro Ball - logo on side

This device is fun to use. It is also not the easiest of the bunch. In fact there’s a trick to it. It’s easy to use, difficult to master.

Many people are negative and say it doesn’t work. It takes some coordination & practice from your end to get your device gyrating properly. The more skilled you get the faster & better you will be able to sense the rhythm of your gyro ball.

This little ball can absolutely thrash your hands if you hold it in correct position. Intensity can be ramped up to crazy levels. It’s wonderful little device to mess around while sitting at your desk or watching TV.

This is also an ideal device for warm up & for finishing your grip workout. Its main purpose remains as rehab tool to cause increased circulation into your hands that promotes faster healing.

What’s My Final Evaluation of Dr. Frederick’s Broken Finger Splint?

Quality Finger Splint Made by Doctors 

This splint is easy to put on & it’s comfortable. Has right amount of support while not being too bulky. If you seek to stabilize finger joints this is an awesome device to do so.

There’s an adjustable aluminum rod inside. You can take it out & bend it in a way that conforms to the shape of your injured finger.

You can also wear it every night when you go to sleep. It’s designed to be worn for extended period of times. Won’t overheat you & is made to be as comfortable as possible.

There are no sharp edges. It’s easy to wash & it’s also water resistant. It’s one of the better choices due to fact it’s designed by medical professional to help you.

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