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Grip Strengthener –

  • Name: FitBeast Grip Strengthener Kit
  • Category: Adjustable Spring Gripper
  • Purpose: Crush Grip, Rehab Kit
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Vendors: Amazon, Temu

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  • Kit With 5 Training Items – 2x Grippers, 1x Exercise Ball, 1x Rubber Ring, 1x Hand Band
  • Ideal for Rehab – Tune Up Crush Grip & Exercise Finger Extensors for Muscle Balance
  • Stylish Carry Bag – To Conveniently Store Your Training Tools

FitBeast Grip Strengthener Kit – Review

Overview, Details & Everything Relevant You Need To Know

What is FitBeast Grip Strengthener Kit?


FitBeast Grip Strengthener Kit includes 5 separate training tools to focus on multiple parts of your hand. There are 2 hand grippers, 1 hand therapy exercise ball, 1 grip strengthening rubber ring and 1 hand band. Helps you to train crush grip & hand flexor muscles.

If you’re a casual user, look no further, this is likely all you need. You get bunch of training equipment all in one & for a cheap price. There is a stylish carry bag included to conveniently store & carry these training tools.

Both comfortable and durable, suits for men & women, seniors & teens. Due to being portable you’ll always be able to keep these devices nearby. In your desk drawer or throw one into training bag as you hit the gym.

Adjustable hand grip strengthener is ideal for improving your crush grip strength as well as injury rehabilitation. Its resistance adjusts from 10 to 60 kg / 22 to 132 lbs. That is plenty for those recovering from surgery, tuning up weak arms. Good warmup device before serious workout.

Hand therapy ball & rubber ring are great to help you to recover from fractured, broken wrist, tendon surgery, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or treat a form of Repetitive Strain Injury like arthritis, tendinitis, golfers or tennis elbow.

Rubber hand band is ideal to train finger extensor muscles to build up more muscle balance. Muscle imbalances are often the cause of hand pain. Training counter-movements is one of the best ways to get rid of hand pain in the long run.

What are the Pros & Cons with FitBeast Grip Strengthener Kit?

Great Value – 5 in 1


  • Great Value, Save Money – This kit includes two grippers, hand band, stress relief ball & rubber ring. Awesome to cover many important aspects of hand grip training.
  • Great for Rehab – Suits for rehab, prehab & recovery in general. Alleviate pain in hands & treat RSI related conditions such as CTS, Golfers or Tennis elbow, tendonitis & arthritis. Great to tune up forearms.
  • Adjustable Hand Gripper – Adjust from 10 to 60 kg. Excellent for crush grip training progression for beginners or those seeking hand recovery
  • Hand Band – Good device to focus on hand finger extensor training to train more muscle balance.
  • Portable – Kit comes with carry bag. Each individual device is fairly small – Put one into your pocket, keep in desk drawer or throw into gym training bag as you hit the gym. You can always keep one nearby.


  • Gripper Has Limited Lifespan – Keep in mind this is casual gripper. Expect it to last up to 1 year and then break down at some point.
Excellent Equipment

FitBeast Grip Strengthener Kit - Ranking 90 out of 100

How Can You Benefit from FitBeast Grip Strengthener Kit?

Multi-Exercise & Rehab Kit

  • Improve Your Finger Tendons Strength – This is one of the most important aspects of your hand health & strength. The actual hands ability to support the workload of activities & exercises you’re regularly performing. Using hand grippers helps you to gradually build tendons strength to work on more difficult exercises.
  • Build Maximum Crush Grip Strength – Squeezing objects between fingers is one of the 4 major hand movements. It’s called crush grip – To grab an object most of the time you use this type of grip. Hand gripper is the absolute best way to quickly improve your crushing grip.
  • Improve Static Support Grip Strength – Gripper can be used to build static grip as well. Squeeze the handles together & then hold them closed as long as you can. An important exercise that allows you to hold bigger weights & for longer periods of time.
FitBeast grip strengthener kit for multi exercise
  • Get Your Palms Much Tougher – If you haven’t trained in gym or with grippers before, beware gripper will beat your hands up & it will do so very quickly. This is a good thing. This is the key how to get the palms of your hands stronger.
  • Build Well Conditioned Grip – One of the most important details to be on top of your sport is to have a better grip. Having an overall stronger, less fatigued grip helps you to perform your workout routines more effectively, as well as give bigger advantage in competitions.
  • Protect Hands from Injuries – Having a bit more muscle is excellent – Muscles act like cushion to protect our body. By increasing your functional strength as well as overall muscle mass grants you healthier hands & greatly protects you from possible injuries.

Technical Details

  • Package Dimensions: ‎‎‎7.56 x 4.41 x 2.44 inch
  • Weight: 0.86 lbs / 0.39 kg
  • Style: Hand Grip Strengthener
  • Materials: Steel Spring, Plastic
  • Quantity – Five (5) items
  • Manufacturer: FitBeast

Complement Gripper With Wrist Roller

How to Get The Most Out of Your Grip Workout?

Add Wrist Roller into Mix

It makes sense to pick up a wrist roller after you’ve finished warming up with easier devices. Also ideal addition to FitBeast grip strengthening kit that covers everything but wrist training.

Wrist rollers are intended to train both your hand extensors & flexors. Make no mistake, wrist rollers are both fun & can be brutally effective to bulk up your forearms.

You can use wrist roller for rehab as well. However, if rehab is your main focus I recommend to go for rope-less wrist roller. Easy resistance with no dropping weights or sudden movements is crucial in rehab.

After you’ve finished exercising with difficult tasks, next up will be gyro ball. It’s ideal to increase the pump in arms & finish your workout in style to get maximum benefits.

#1 Twist Yo’ Wrist
Twist Yo' Wrist - Wrist roller - "Twist Yo' Wrist" made by IronMind

#2 The Grip Twister
The Grip Twister - Adjustable wrist-roller by SideWinder

#3 Revolution
Sidewinder Revolution, silver - Adjustable wrist-roller

#4 Sidewinder Pro
SideWinder wrist-roller series

Promote Blood Flow into Hands With Gyro-Ball

Hula Hoops For Your Hand

Increased blood flow into your hands is big deal. Especially if you’re seeking for faster recovery. Hands are quite small compared to the rest of your body. It means there’s not much blood flow into them. With certain exercises you can increase it.

ACELETE Gyro Ball - logo on side

Why should you care? More blood flow, faster recovery. Absolutely worth it if you aim to get rid of that nagging hand pain faster. If you’re on the road to recovery & can start exercising with gyro-ball, give it a shot.

This device is fun to use. It is also not the easiest of the bunch. In fact there’s a trick to it. It’s easy to use, difficult to master.

Many people are negative and say it doesn’t work. It takes some coordination & practice from your end to get your device gyrating properly. The more skilled you get the faster & better you will be able to sense the rhythm of your gyro ball.

This little ball can absolutely thrash your hands if you hold it in correct position. Intensity can be ramped up to crazy levels. It’s wonderful little device to mess around while sitting at your desk or watching TV.

What is My Final Evaluation of FitBeast Hand Strengthener Kit?

Excellent Value

This is one of the best sets for casual grip training or general rehab to boost the health of your hands. You get most of the stuff you’ll likely ever need in one go & it’s inexpensive.

There are instructions inside how to use each training tool along with recommendations how often to use them per training session. Whether you’re trying to strengthen your overall grip and forearms or stretch fingers there’s a good tool inside this kit.

It’s also good news that grippers will never go out of style regardless of their level of difficulty. Once you get stronger, easier grippers will serve the purpose of being both warm up & rehab devices.

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