Short Product Description:

  • The Most Advanced Wrist-Roller – No weight on rope
  • Adjustable Resistance – From very easy to impossible
  • Durable – Completely made of aluminium & anodized
  • Very High Quality – Hand crafted, lifetime guarantee 

The SideWinder Grip Twister is Hands-On One of the Most Advanced Wrist-Roller & Forearm Exerciser Available

Outstanding Hand Strengthening device to improve your wrist, hand & forearm strength

SideWinder Grip Twister, By SideWinder

Product Overview

This is not a toy, it’s a professional piece of training equipment – It’s incredibly well made, with lifetime manufacturer
guarantee. The knurling on handles is quite brutal & device won’t slip easily from your hands as you keep twisting it.

Grip Twister is one of the four devices in SideWinder product series, master product designed by Chris Nieman.

I love this product, hard core resistance training can’t get any more tougher than that. It’s a next level thing entirely.
This device moves smoothly, has no weight-on-rope & resistance levels are adjustable from zero to virtually impossible.

The initial idea of this device was to build a new, innovative, better & more compact version of age-old weight on rope
type of wrist-roller. Mission accomplished – Result is a silent, smooth, flexible training tool with more training options.

Simply set your preferable resistance level on The Grip Twister & start twisting, it’s as simple as that.

The Grip Twister utilizes specific engineering to create a fat grip trainer that will target your wrists, fingers & thumbs.
Prepare yourself, because this device will burn your hands up really good, engaging your forearms like never before.

What are the Pros & Cons with SideWinder Grip Twister?

Outstanding for Wrist & Pinch Grip Training


  • Focuses on Wrists & Pinching – A unique, one of a kind device on market, that mainly focuses intensely on your wrists & pinch gripping ability – It’s hands down one of the best & highest quality product in this type of training tools category.
  • Lifetime Guarantee – The manufacturer really stands behind their product, offering you a lifetime gurantee.
  • Very High Quality – A hand crafted adjustable wrist-roller device, made with machined aluminium & anodized for extra strength.
  • Easily Adjustable – This device requires no rope or weight plates in addition. Simply set the resistance level, with the built-in, calibrated tension dial, that you like & start your workout session.
  • Almost Infinite Resistance – Start from very easy & go up to very difficult. It’s designed to go from zero resistance to virtually impossible.
  • Very Smooth In Action – No sudden moves, or dropping weight plates here – This device moves very smoothly, in one motion. It’s silent, doesn’t make squeking sounds & helps you to work your forearms, fingers & wrist with maximum intensity & efficiency.
  • No Plastic Parts – It’s crafted entirely from metal. There are no plastic parts that can degrade, deteriorate chemically over time or simply break down.
  • Very Durable – Built like a tank. Compared to most commercial wrist-rollers that are made of plastic & can break, SideWinder device is completely made of out metal.
  • Portable – Keep it in your desk drawer, take it with you to vacation, business trip, or throw it in your training bag as you hit the gym. The Grip Twister is easily portable, use it wherever you want or need it, it’s compact & convenient.
  • Excellent for Rehab – If you have weak hands that need tuning up strength wise..rehabing fractured wrist, or fingers, then this device is great to regain your hand functional strength. It moves smooth & starts at very easy resistance levels – Controlled motion is one of the best features to ensure that you won’t cause futher injuries.
  • Ideal for Any Athlete – Grip Twister suits both beginners & experts, there is a resistance level for everyone. Doesn’t matter what your sport is – Guitar player or Weightlifter, Martial Artist or Tennis Player, Gymnast or Cross-fitter. Any athlete needs a great grip.


  • Requires Investment – Since Grip Twister is well built & very high quality, it’s also on the expensive side. Its features outweighs regular commercial wrist-rollers, & is well worth its price – Consider SideWinder product as a long term investment.
  • Not Any Real Cons – It’s very well built, high quality product & does exactly what it’s supposed to do – It’s a fancy wrist-roller, professional piece of training equipment.
Excellent Product Alert!

SideWinder Grip Twister - Ranking 94 out of 100

Why is Grip Twister an Excellent Choice?

More Angles, More Possibilities

  • No Limiting Rope – No rope means more angles: Unlike reguar wrist-rollers that have weight-on-rope you can use this device at any angle. You can get really creative & not be limited by rope: Use it vertically or horizontally. Twist it behind your back or above your head, while sitting or standing up.
  • Outstanding for Single Hand Training – You can use one hand at a time. Focus your energy & intensity into one movement, with one hand, to get maximum results. Hold Grip Twister with one hand & twist it with other, like you’re using a screwdriver, opening a bottle cap or a jar.
  • Infinite Rope for Maximum Intensity – There is no rope, in other words, there is infinite rope: Keep going with your exercise til failure. You don’t have to stop because of shoulder fatigue or.. at the end of your wrist-roller rope. This helps you to achieve maximum pump & target the muscles your want to train.
  • Aggressive Knurling – It’s a very good thing to build mighty grip. Some folks think it’s hard on hands, & can break skin of the palms. It does, but essentially, this is not a bad thing, it’s the opposite – Big part of getting strong grip strength is to have tougher skin on your palms. Instead of excessive use of gym gloves, focus on using such device to get your palms stronger.

One of the Most Advanced Wrist-Rollers You Can Use
Outstanding Device for Forearm, Wrist & Finger Strength Development

Product Specifications: 

  • Weight: About 3.5 pounds
  • Length: 4.25 inches
  • Length of Each Handle: 1.88 inches
  • Diameter of Each Handle: 4.25 inches
  • Material: Aluminium, anodized
  • Adjustable: From very easy to impossible

The Grip Twister is very well built, you should take full
advantage of its ingenious design.

It is built like a tank & also very easy to adjust – With just
the turn of a tension dial. Very durable device, built with
metal parts only.

This device weighs about 3.5 pounds & easily portable
at the same time. Take it with you anywhere you go.

The Grip Twister can be used for large variety of exercises
that regular rope based wrist-rollers can’t duplicate.

What Happens if Use Grip Twister Few Minutes Per Day?

Immense Pinch Grip & Wrist Strength

  • Stronger Wrists – Essentially, it’s 100% dedicated wrist strengthening device – You can build very strong wrists in every direction by using this device alone.
  • Stronger Pinch – Tune up your thumb strength – Must have for weightlifters, powerlifters or martial artists who are used to use grappling techinques.
  • Stronger Flexors – Important part to increase your static support grip as well as your crush gripping ability to be able to train longer & lift bigger weights.
  • Stronger Extensors – Working extensors contributes to muscle balance big time. The more balanced your hand muscles are the more healthy, powerful & pain free your hands will be.
  • Increased Flexibility – The more flexible your wrist & hands become the more mobility it means for you. In return, it helps to prevent injuries, which is a big one.
  • Conditioned Grip – Build stronger overall grip by getting weak spots in better shape – Thumbs & pinch grip are the biggest weakness in almost every athlete arsenal.
  • Less Injuries – Muscles are like cushion, they protect your body. Strengthen your tendons, to be on top of your sport & avoid injuries, or simply to enjoy healthier hands.

Who Could Benefit from The Grip Twister the Most?

Anyone Who Could Use More Competitive Edge

If winning or losing, living or dying depends on your grip, you need a solid tool to improve your grip. Doesn’t matter if
you’re a male or female, older or younger, having a more competitive edge over your competition is never a bad thing.

By largest margin, the biggest weakness in every athletes arsenal is grip.. & the weakest link in grip is their thumb.
The strength of your thumb determines your ability to pinch grip objects.

The Grip Twister is designed to train this weak spot & is particularly good to build pinch grip strength. You can separate
yourself from that pack, who’s lacking in grip strength department.

  • Strongman
  • Arm Wrestler
  • Powerlifter
  • Gymnast
  • Calisthenics
  • Sport Archer
  • Sport Shooter
  • Motocross Driver
  • Basketball Player
  • Military Forces
  • Martial Artist
  • Boxer
  • Tennis Player
  • Golf Player
  • Guitar Player
  • Piano Player
  • Drummer
  • Skier
  • Bodybuilder
  • Pole Dancer
  • Weightlifter
  • Rock Climber
  • Cross-Fitter
  • Wrestler

Currently there are 4 different models of SideWinders available.

All of these devices have very similar qualities, slightly different diameters, lengths & weight:

1. The Grip Twister
2. SideWinder Revolution
3. SideWinder Pro
4. SideWinder ProXtreme

The Grip Twister version is the most pinch grip focused.

Other 3 versions are resembling more of a traditional wrist-rollers, but also very high quality, with no rope & adjustable.

The Grip Twister is primarily focusing on developing more pinch grip strength.

It involves your thumb much more, due to this device large diameter & wide handles.

Technically, every exercise you perform on Grip Twister, is a pinch gripping exercise.

This is yet another good thing if you’re, for example, trying to lift heavier weight.

Pinch gripping is one of the weakest link & getting it stronger helps you big time.

For example, if you’re a weightlifter, powerlifter or cross-fitter, lifting heavier barbells from ground requires, first & foremost
one thing – Stronger thumb. Your thumb strength determines a point, where your hand starts opening up & you eventually
the weight becomes too heavy for your hands & you won’t be able to lift it.

Another example, if you’re a martial artist & your fighting style requires a lot of grappling techniques. In this instance, pinch
gripping ability is a must have.. otherwise your opponent rips your hand open that you’re gripping him with & you’ll not able
to perform your finishing moves on them.

Remember, training grip strength is very overlooked by many athletes. Despite the fact that, ironically, it’s the first point of
contact for many sports, that is likely a make or break moment.

Is The Grip Twister Good for Rehabilitation?

It’s Excellent for Recovery

If you suffer from some kind of Repetitive Strain Injury – Tendinitis, such as Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s elbow, this device can
be a hands on, great solution for you to get rid of pain associated with these conditions.

Also related conditions to RSI such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & and some types of Arthritis can be treated by using
SideWinder line products. Any specialist doctor could say you that, what you need is rest, but only up to a point where you
can start exercising, to get rid of pain & fully recover.

And we’re not only talking about getting rid of pain here, but also increasing your overall hand flexibility, functional strength
as well as regaining overall hand movement. This is a full package for recovery on physical therapy standpoint.

  • Build More Muscle Balance – Above everything else, doesn’t matter if you are suffering from a medical condition or not, building muscle balance is one of the keys to healthy hands. Always aim for balanced muscles to be pain free.
  • Treat Repetitive Strain Injury – With regular physical therapy & exercising, that is a must to recover, you can get rid of pain from tendinitis, epicondilytis, such as Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow.
  • Treat CTS, Related Conditions to RSI – With regular use, this device can also help you to relieve pain that is related to conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Arthritis.
  • Strengthens Your Tendons – More muscle acts like cushion that protect your body. More functional strength can help you to get rid of pain associated typical Repetitive Strain Injuries.

Using this device helps to strengthen your tendons as well as increase bloodflow into affected tissues, that might be
inflexible & cause you the pain in the first place.

Since this device moves in one, smooth motion, it makes a perfect rehab tool. One thing that you want to avoid during
mending an injury, is avoiding sudden moves to not injure yourself further.

The Grip Twister does not have rope that can break, or weights that you can accidentally drop & cause further traumas.
This makes it a much more safe to use device, than other similar equipment that you could use.

Most importantly, this device starts with virtually no resistance – It makes progression flawless for you & you can always
choose the level of resistance that suits you. That fact alone already makes it a great rehab tool, you won’t fall into risk of
overdoing or underdoing if you have suitable difficulty levels available.

Since this is not purely intented to be a rehab tool only, you should consider this product as a long-term investment for
both rehab & for developing more grip strength. It’s awesome in any case nevertheless.

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