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Resistance Bar –

  • Name: Thera-Band FlexBar Resistance Bar
  • Category: Resistance Bar
  • Purpose: Wrist Exerciser, Rehab
  • Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars
  • Vendors: Amazon, Temu

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  • Professional Medical Supplies – Occupational & PT Aids
  • 4 Resistance Levels – Durable & Easily Portable
  • Exercise Instructional Guide Included with Flexbar

Thera-Band FlexBar Resistance Bar – Review

Overview, Details & Everything Relevant You Need To Know


A clinically tested & researched Resistance Bar that is recommended by many orthopedic surgeons & physiatrists. I recommend this hand strengthener for anyone who’s looking for an affordable & effective solution. It’s simple and durable. Keep one in drawer.

Since it’s easily portable, you can take it with you even on vacation & use it everywhere. Home, work, business trip, travel, or vacation – To cover your daily physical therapy exercises quickly & effectively.

According to medical research, resistance bars have been proven to reduce elbow pain by 81% & strengthen tendons by up to 72% in Lateral Epicondylitis patients. This is a simple and affordable way to recover from Repetitive Strain Injury that is affecting your arms.

No fancy tricks, no gimmicks, or anything complicated, just grab a resistance bar & start twisting it. Flexbar has a ridged surface for enhanced grip during use, making it easy to hold onto so it won’t slip out of your hand.

There’s an exercise guide included to get you started fast & effortlessly, without doing any further how-to research.

What Are the Pros & Cons With FlexBar Resistance Bar?

Clinically Tested


  • Excellent Tool for Rehab – Whether you suffer from Repetitive Strain Injury or related conditions, the resistance bar helps you to recover faster as well as improve the functional strength, flexibility & mobility of your forearms & wrists.
  • Clinically tested – You really can’t go wrong here, it’s already medically researched to be an effective hand strengthener. It’s recommended by many orthopedic surgeons as well as physiatrists.
  • Instructional Guide – It helps you to get started quickly & easily. With an exercise guide that comes with the product by default, you don’t have to go searching for exercises specifically.
  • Inexpensive, Portable Product – For the value it offers, this product is incredibly inexpensive. You can take it with you anywhere you go – Use it at your work in an office, use it at home, or while you’re traveling.
  • Ideal for any athlete – Doesn’t matter what’s your sport – Better grip strength is simply a must-have. It’s ideal for cross-fitters or rock climbers, weightlifters or gymnasts, tennis or guitar players, sport shooters, or martial artists.


  • Available in One Length Only – All three products with different resistance levels come in one length only. There are no other alternative options available at this point. 
  • Durable Product, but Could be Even Better – After continuous use, you should expect that there are noticeable wears on ridges.

FlexBar Resistance Bar – Ranking 94 out of 100

Excellent Equipment

Who is FlexBar Resistance Bar for?

Anyone Who Wants Healthier Hands

Do you have sore wrists, hands, or elbows? Then this exercise device might be ideal for you to get rid of pain. The resistance bar is a useful tool for anyone who suffers from a medical condition that is some type of Repetitive Strain Injury.

A couple of common conditions that are affecting hundreds of thousands of people every year are Tennis Elbow & Golfer’s Elbow. But also related to conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.It’s specifically designed to treat those conditions. It is also useful for folks who are recovering from stroke for example, or generally want to tune up weak hands & forearms.

In addition, the resistance bar is a perfect complement to hand grippers & wrist rollers & therefore welcome in every athlete tool set. It can always be used as a warm-up accessory in conjunction with your main workout tools.

Resistance bar is a clinically tested physical therapy device to help you to relieve pain, fight back the symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injury & help you to recover faster in the long run. In all of these types of conditions, an orthopedic surgeon can tell you, that what you need is enough rest.. but more importantly, you have to take action, once you’ve rested enough, to get better.

Depending on your condition, your exercise routine & intensity vary, but universally, one thing is clear – Exercising is a must to fully recover & get rid of pain. FlexBar Resistance Bar helps to improve your hand’s functional strength & mobility.

Why Should You Choose FlexBar Resistance Bar?

It Has Proven its Effectiveness

A lot of folks have had tremendous success with this resistance bar, including myself. It’s simple, it’s effective. It’s inexpensive & clinically tested – You get value for your investment. You can’t go wrong here.

There are thousands of positive reviews about this product & more are added to this list. Resistance Bar is offering you a cost-effective treatment that requires no surgeries, injections, or fancy, over-priced equipment.

TheraBand FlexBar is a durable, flexible resistance device. It’s covered with a ridged surface for enhanced grip during use. You can use it to improve your grip strength & upper extremity stabilization.

You can do this by using bending, twisting & oscillation movements. It’s easy & fun. It’s been medically research-proven & effective for Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow. It helps to strengthen your tendons & get rid of pain usually within a few weeks.

Technical Details

  • Weight: 6.2 pounds / 2,8 kg
  • Length: 12 inches / 30 cm
  • Diameter: 2 inches / 5 cm
  • Colors: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue
  • Resistance: Light, Medium, Heavy
  • Material: Dry Natural Rubber

FlexBar’s ridged design makes it easy to grip this resistance bar & twist it. It’s portable and easy to take with you.

It’s considered to be ideal for sports grip training for Crossfit or Kayaking, Rock Climbing or Weightlifting, Rowing or Gymnastics, Marital Arts or Racquet Sports.

It weighs about 6.2 pounds & is about 12 inches long. It’s made of dry, natural rubber that takes about 25 pounds of force to bend it to a U-shape.

Always Buy a Thera-Band FlexBar from Trusted Vendor

Avoid Fake Ones

To experience hands-on healthcare or conditioning programs for your injuries & rehabilitation make sure you get access to authentic products. It’s no secret, there are many fake ones out there, those that merely replicate the original FlexBar.

To ensure that you will receive a 100% authentic Thera-Band FlexBar Resistance bar, you should visit a Performance Health website to find a provider near you. Another option, likely the easiest one for you, is to order FlexBar through Amazon.

These are authorized Thera-Band distributors & you can rest assured that you get top-quality products & nothing less.

Get Rid of Tendonitis & Improve Hand Strength

Hands-On Professional Care

Resistance bar is research-proven Elbow Pain Relief. Depending on how severe your case is, results vary. In most cases, it takes about a month to see significant improvement in your hand health & to get rid of pain caused by tendonitis.

Clinical research has proven that The Thera-Band Flexbar is effective in treating Tennis Elbow & Golfer’s Elbow. The landmark study was covered by the New York Times & Reader’s Digest, as well as USA Today, & multiple other national…

Flexbar Resistance Bar instructional exercise guide by Thera-Band

..& International publications have shown that one exercise performed with the Flexbar Resistance bar designed by Thera-Band has effectively reduced elbow pain by 81% & at the same time increased the strength of tendons by 72% in Tennis Elbow cases.

FlexBar Resistance bar is a very simple, cost-effective device. It’s an injection-free, surgery-free solution for folks who suffer from a Golfer’s Elbow or a Tennis Elbow. It’s simple & effective.

The resistance bar provides excellent upper extremity stabilization exercises – Easy & fun to perform oscillation movements that improve your grip & forearm strength through simple twisting & bending.

It’s a durable device for complete hand, forearm, wrist & elbow exercises. FlexBar is ideal for those involved with sports like Rock Climbing or Martial arts, Weightlifting or Sport Shooting… or painting & guitar playing… you name it. It can be used to improve simple daily activities such as opening doors or jars.

Easy-to-Follow Exercise Instructions Included

Simple & Fun Exercises

Feel free to take full advantage of the exercise instruction guide that comes along with the Thera-Band FlexBar default package.

You can learn several at-home exercises on how you can start treating your elbow, hand, wrist & forearm pain. It’s likely the best way to make a start & in this way, you can avoid expensive medical treatments & even scary surgeries.

These exercises are simple & fun to perform, taking up no more than a couple of minutes of your time per day. You can treat Tennis Elbow with a simple, single movement that is shown in images.

It’s important to strengthen your tendons to get rid of pain. Simple daily exercises are a good way to achieve that.

Since the FlexBar resistance bar is also portable, it’s very easy to take both the guide & the device itself with you wherever you go: On vacation, business trip, or in your regular workout session.

How Many Different Resistance Levels FlexBar Offers You?

4 Different Resistance Levels

Flexbar Resistance Bar - Yellow, extra light by Thera-Band

Flexbar Resistance Bar - Red, light by Thera-Band

Flexbar Resistance Bar - Green, medium by Thera-Band

Flexbar Resistance Bar - Blue, heavy, by Thera-Band

Yellow – Extra Light

The Yellow colored version of FlexBar is extra light – It’s a 1 3/8 inch diameter & it takes about 6 pounds of force to bend it in a U-shape.

This one is ideal for beginner patients, both youth & seniors. It’s also intended for those who are experiencing a high degree of wrist, elbow & forearm pain.

Red – Light

The Red colored version of FlexBar is light – It’s a 1 1/2-inch diameter & it takes about 10 pounds of force to bend it in a U-shape.

It’s a great starting point for women who want to treat Tennis Elbow injuries & in general strengthen their hands, wrists & forearms.

Green – Medium

The Green colored version of Flexbar is medium – It’s 1 3/4 inch in diameter & it takes about 15 pounds of force to bend it in a U-shape.

This one is great for painters, gardeners, or musicians. Green is good starting point for men who suffer from Tennis Elbow.

Blue – Heavy

The Blue colored version of FlexBar is heavy – It’s a 2-inch in diameter & takes about 25 pounds of force to bend it in a U-shape.

It’s a tough one, making it ideal for advanced & elite sports grip training – Rock Climbers & Weightlifters, Martial Artists & Gymnasts etc.

What Resistance Level Should You Get First?

Start Light & Go From There

Always get a light one first. Doesn’t matter if you’re a big powerlifter & moving heavy-duty weights day in, and day out. Most likely you get this product to treat an injury. Treating an injury does not require anything too difficult. Plain & simple.

Starting light is great for you. You’ll be good to go like that & don’t hesitate to up the level of intensity as you keep progressing.

FlexBar is great that way, offering a measurable, functional exercise & training program for you.

Ideally, you want to buy all of them. Having several different resistance levels is important. Why?

To have a warm-up device that you can always use no matter what. Secondly, to also have a tougher device that is suitable for your regular working sets.

Flexbar Resistance Bar set, by Thera-Band

Thirdly, one of the devices you have should be a more challenging one. That’s the one you can use on the days when you feel you need a bit extra push, or simply want to challenge yourself.

Trained healthcare professionals, physical therapists & occupational therapists as well as multiple other practitioners are uniquely trained & also specialize in various treatment methods that involve using resistance bar devices just like FlexBar.

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  1. This is a fantastic product.
    Its a good short exercise for those who work long hours behind desk.

    I used to have problem with my wrist after long hours in front of the computer.

    I think this is due to my posture or it could be my hand positioning on the desk?

    1. It also could be inherited due to peculiar wrist structure. Past traumas, fractures, tendon pulls, related medical conditions & of course your overall posture.

      Everything adds up especially on this modern era where we spend infinite hours sitting behind computer.

      Devices like this are one of many methods how we can undo the damage to some extent.

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