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Sidewinder Pro Xtreme –

  • Name: Sidewinder Pro Xtreme
  • Category: Wrist Rollers
  • Purpose: Wrist Exerciser
  • Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars
  • Vendors: Amazon, Temu

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  • The Most Advanced Wrist Roller – No Weight-On-Rope
  • Durable – Made of Industrial Steel & Neoprene Handles
  • High-Quality – Meticulously Manufactured by Hand

Sidewinder Pro Xtreme Adjustable Wrist-Roller – Review

Overview, Details & Everything Relevant You Need To Know

What Is Sidewinder ProXtreme Adjustable Wrist-Roller?


SideWinder Pro Xtreme is an advanced wrist-roller without weight plates. This is the best of the best from wrist rollers world. It’s silent, durable, adjustable, portable, well-built.

Designed by former tree climber Chris Nieman. The idea was to create a better, more compact, innovative version of the age-old “weight-on-a-rope” type of wrist roller.

The result is SideWinder wrist-roller that allows quick, effective yet comfortable workout for wrists, hands & forearms. It’s built with rubber-coated cylinders that fits well into your palms, while providing enough friction to twist the device.

Requires no rope & weight plates. Simply set the resistance that you like & start twisting. From easy to challenging.

For adjusting purposes, SideWinder has a well-designed resistance dial that is also marked with five lines to measure your workout precisely. Simply turn the built-in calibrated tension dial & control the suitable resistance level for you.

What are the Pros & Cons with Sidewinder ProXtreme Adjustable Wrist-Roller?

The Best from Wrist-Rollers World


  • High Quality – Meticulously Handcrafted adjustable wrist-roller that is made of industrial steel, with solid tubing, machined aluminum & neoprene rubber handles.
  • Quickly Adjustable – Requires no ropes, no weight plates – Simply turn the built-in calibrated tension dial, to set the perfect resistance level for you.
  • Almost Infinite Resistance – From very easy to very difficult – From zero resistance to virtually impossible.
  • Outstanding for any Athlete – Suitable for Beginners & Experts alike. Doesn’t matter how strong you are, there are suitable resistance levels for everyone.
  • Smooth in Action – It’s silent & twists very smoothly while in action, to work your forearms, hands & wrists with maximum efficiency & intensity.
  • Safe, Controlled Motion – Moves in one flow, preventing you from making any sudden moves & in that way helps you to prevent injuries as much as possible.
  • Durable – It’s like a tank, compared to most commercial wrist-rollers, that are full of plastic, SideWinder is completely made out of industrial steel.
  • Portable – You can easily take it with you – Throw it into your training bag as you hit the gym. Or keep it in your desk drawer. Compact, convenient & always at hand.
  • No Plastic Parts – Contains no plastic parts that can degrade, break down or deteriorate chemically over time.


  • Requires Investment – It’s high quality, well built & also expensive. Its features outweighs any regular, commercial wrist-roller available on the market & is well worth the price. You should consider this as an investment.
  • Low Stock – Expect to see this item consistently out of stock, or there are only few left. Handcrafted item, if you like it grab one before it’s gone from store again.
Excellent Equipment

SideWinder ProXtreme - Ranking 94 out of 100

Why is SideWinder ProXtreme an Excellent Choice?

More Angles, More Possibilities

  • No Rope Limitations – It’s usable at any angle, unlike regular wrist-rollers with a rope, you can get very creative with this one – Twist it horizontally as well as vertically.. or with alternating grip. Twist it behind your back or above your head.
  • Excellent for Single Hand Training – Use it for single arm training: You can hold it with one hand & twist the device with another like you’re using a screwdriver.
  • Very Thick Handles – Thick handles are scientifically proven to activate more muscles in your arms & thus engaging more muscle fibers, which leads to greater strength & muscle mass gains.
  • Keeps Going for Maximum Pump – You don’t have to hold it up, so you don’t have to stop your exercise due to shoulder fatigue.. or at the end of your rope – There is no rope, so you can keep going to muscle failure, to achieve maximum pump.

Technical Details:

  • Weight: 4.3 pounds / 2 kg
  • Length: 14.75″ inches / 37.5 cm
  • Grip handles: 6 inches / 15 cm on each side
  • Diameter: 2 inches / 5 cm
  • Fat grip – 2-inch / 5 cm diameter
  • Materials: Steel, aluminium, neoprene rubber
  • Adjustable: Resistance from easy to impossible

It feel great to take advantage of this ingenious design – It’s very high quality & built like a tank. It’s made from machined aluminum & steel to be extra durable.

It weighs about 4.3 pounds / 2 kg & is very easily portable, with no rope nor plates required. Adjusting is incredibly easy – Go from very easy to impossible.

You can use it in a large variety of ways that regular rope based wrist-rollers can’t even duplicate.

What Happens if You Use SideWinder ProXtreme Just a Few Minutes Per Day?

Well Developed Forearms & Injury Prevention

  • Impressive Overall Grip – Achieve formidable forearm strength by squeezing & twisting the handles of SideWinder
  • Stronger Wrists – This is a 100% dedicated wrist training device – Build crazy-strong wrist in all directions
  • Stronger Hand Extensors – This is one of the best ways to improve the strength of your wrist extensor muscles
  • Stronger Hand Flexors – Along the way, improve the overall power of your crushing & static support grip
  • Increase Overall Hand Flexibility – More flexibility means more versatility & therefore more possibilites
  • Condition Your Hand Muscles – Gets your forearms, hands & wrists fit, less fatigued & build stronger tendons
  • Prevent Injuries – Muscles protect your body, the more you are used to use muscles fibers & the more fit you get

It’s Recommend to use SideWinder ProXtreme in Addition to train with Your:

Who Can Benefit from SideWinder ProXtreme?

Anyone Who Seeks More Competitive Edge

If it’s a question about winning or losing, living or dying.. A wrist-roller like SideWinder can be the ultimate tool for any male & female athlete in different sports, where the strength & stamina of grip strength can give them the edge over their competition. Remember, training grip is very overlooked by many athletes – Separate yourself from that pack & you’ll gain an instant advantage over them.

The SideWinder has rubber-coated handles, it’s two-handled & has about 37,5 cm / 14.75 inches long bar with an internal spring-resistance mechanism that lets you to spin each side independently & has a fabulous adjustment dial that allows you to changes resistance levels very quickly.

Currently, there are 2 models available with different diameters, length & weight:

1. SideWinder ProXtreme
2. SideWinder Pro

There are also 2 very similar high-quality products from the same manufacturer:

3. SideWinder Revolution
4. SideWinder Grip Twister

The ProXtreme version is the biggest, thickest, heaviest, longest & the most powerful model of the SideWinder products line.

The thicker the handles, the more it will force you to recruit & engage muscle fibers that you normally wouldn’t use.

This will greater muscle activation, which in return will lead to even greater strength & muscle gains.

This type of wrist-roller enables the combination of constant tension & exaggerated range of motion – Both single & double hand usage, plus multiple different hand positions, making the SideWinder ProXtreme an outstanding tool for anyone who wants to build larger, stronger, powerful & well-developed forearms.

Depending how you change your grip, you can target different muscles along with forearms – You can involve your biceps, triceps & shoulders while you focus on training your forearms & wrists.

  • Pole Dancer
  • Bodybuilder
  • Weightlifter
  • Rock Climber
  • Cross-Fitter
  • Wrestler
  • Tennis player
  • Golf Player
  • Guitar Player
  • Piano player
  • Drummer
  • Skier
  • Strongman
  • Arm Wrestler
  • Powerlifter
  • Gymnast
  • Calisthenics
  • Sport Archer
  • Sport Shooter
  • Motocross Driver
  • Basketball Player
  • Military Forces
  • Martial Artist
  • Boxer

Wrist roller is perfect complement to these & dedicated device to target your wrists, which is something that other equipment focus on indirectly. It’s a combination of crushing & twist isometric grip.

SideWinder requires no rope or weight plates. You can simply set the resistance that’s perfect for you – from easy to hardcore. To control the resistance level, just turn the built-in calibrated tension dial.

When winding the handles, twist with one hand or both, using both clockwise & counterclockwise motions. This works both, the extensors & flexors. The SideWinder twists smoothly & quietly, so you can use it on the couch or in the office. No DIY wrist roller can do all of this.

Together, you & your SideWinder will increase your grip & forearm strength for better performance in nearly every sport.

Is SideWinder ProXtreme any Good for Recovery & Rehab?

Not Only Good, But Recommended

Not only “if” you can use it for recovery, I’d even recommend it for using it for rehab & recovery – Since it starts with virtually no resistance at all & even more importantly, this device moves smoothly without making any sudden moves, it fits well into almost any hand training program & can be great way to tune up weak, or injured hands.

Whether you’re recovering from surgery, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, or you’re on the way to rehab a dislocated finger – SideWinder wrist-roller can be of much help along the way. Since it’s portable & easy to carry with you, it’s convenient – You can always keep it close & use it whenever you need to exercise.

It’s professional, high-quality equipment that helps you to keep training consistently, conveniently & safely at the same time. You can progress at your own pace, to get the weak grip out of the way as quickly as possible. It’s important to get better results & progress faster due to proven, precise & reliable measures.

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10 thoughts on “Sidewinder Pro Xtreme – See Why it is Unbelievably Useful

  1. I’ve been looking for a hand gripper or some sort of wrist roller to help me with my grip strength and this is definitely a neat device.

    I have purchased a lot of hand grippers and a lot break easily and are just plain cheap.

    I wanted to see the cost of this gripper but it seems like they don’t have them in stock right now.

    Maybe one day there will be more on the shelf and when they do come back, I will be sure to purchase one so that way I can apply it to my exercise. Good site.

    1. Indeed, stock of this particular gear has been steadily dwindling throughout the years making it rather exotic device.

      I’d recommend to grab one while they’re still available, being handcrafted quality equipment limits the availablility even further.

  2. This is really cool. I’m always in the weight room trying to get stronger and more fit.

    I’ve been looking around for this type of equipment because i hurt my wrist a while back playing basketball, and my physical therapist to do some strength training to get it stronger.

    I have only been using the old weight and string technique and its definitely time for an upgrade.
    Is it durable enough to where i can use it for years to come? Thanks, very helpful.

    1. It’s the safest route to take to go with ropeless wrist roller. Always smooth movement, no dropping weights, fun to exercise with & fits well in rehab profile.

      When it comes to SideWinders series itself it’s matter of taste if you like it but one thing is sure they’re crazy high quality. If you get one & manage to break it, please get back to me as I would like to hear the details how you did it.

  3. Hey, Henry great product review. You brought back memories with the old string and weights attached to the other end. Let me just say for the record back then it was the go to for huge forearms.

    I also can remember when we used to do wrist curls with the barbell or dumbells. Talking about injuries for days. The pain caused we endured doing those exercise and after was not at all fun. I could really use this product now. I am a bowler and it will definitely help me with gripping the bowling ball.

    Will the Sidewinder gvie more flexibility to the wrists than using the old one-hand hand grips?

    1. Bowler you say? Oh yes, you are definitely in the right place. Broader spectrum of exercises & more angles are additional benefits with ropeless wrist rollers. However with rope style wrist roller you get to keep more tension in wrists all the time because of gravity caused by the weight you have to hold up consistently. Then again ropeless wrist roller is smooth & there no risk of injury due to dropping weights.

      It’s an interesting collison & overlapping of two worlds. Neither will completely replace other & both bring unque elements to the table. Considering safety & your personal goals, I’d say ropeless wrist roller gives you advantage of achieving greater range of motion.

  4. Hey there,
    I started wall climbing a couple of months ago and I’m looking on ways to strengthen my wrists and forearms which will help really help me during climbing, which model do you suggest? the SideWinder Pro or ProXtreme.

    Oh and I also go to gym 4 times/week for weight training and cardio.
    Please let me know which one you think suits me the most. Thanks!

    1. Either choice is good. After all sidewinders are built by a climber itself, so you can’t go wrong here.

      The Xtreme version has thicker handle which means you can’t get hands around it well, contributing towards more open hand strength.

      Combining that with your climbing holds & boards, I’d say you’re set all around.

  5. Well…
    This looks like a great product, but, I don’t know that the price makes it better than a traditional roller.
    Unless of course, you are going to be using it on a VERY regular basis.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to incorporate something like this into a daily workout?
    Like how many reps, how much time, or progression of stiffness, etc.?

    1. Ironically, there will be no workout left to do after you’ve finished with this one. This thing can be brutal, burning up your forearms in no time. I’d suggest pick it up at the end of your workout else you won’t be able to do other stuff.

      To calibrate reps it requires testing from your end to see what type of workload your wrists can handle. As a rule of thumb I’d say keep it short & intense, as with most of grip workout.

      It’s also matter of taste & depends on your goals. In fact both ropeless & regular wrist-rollers bring their own unique features on the table that won’t overlap with other counterpart. Regular is way cheaper, but there’s hassle with rope. Ropeless is more convenient, safer, easier to use & portable.

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