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Fat Gripz –

  • Name: Fat Gripz Pro
  • Type: Thick Bar Handles
  • Purpose: Pinch Grip, Open Hand Strength
  • Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars
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  • Barbell Grips – Transform Any Barbell or Dumbell Handle Into Thick Bar
  • Extra Durable – Years of Refinement to Make it Next to Indestructible
  • Military Grade – Made from military spec materials

Fat Gripz Pro – Review

Overview, Details & Everything Relevant You Need To Know

What is Fat Gripz Pro – The Ultimate Arm Builder?


Fat Gripz Pro is a pair of thick bar adaptors. These are rubber-like cylinders that are meant to be placed around bar to provide wider grip surface to target your forearm muscles. This is award winning equipment in 3 men’s health magazine. These handles are allowing you to transform any pull-up bar, barbell, dumbell into thick bar like apollons axle.

Ideal to train grip strength. Countless athletes love these, both for being quality gear & having meaningful implications on your workout regime, getting you profound results. Many top level professionals recommend exercising with Fat Gripz.

These things are crazy durable, it’s likely you never break a pair of these. Hence it’s well worth of investing into these instead of cheaper copycat version. Made of composite, military spec materials that have been refined over the years making Fat Gripz durable enough to be next to indestructible.

Another upside is that they’re odorless, they don’t smell. Since they’re fairly small it makes them portable, you can always have a pair of handles with you. Throw them into your backpack or training bag once you hit the gym.

Great quality reflects on material that is just right, firm but elastic enough so you can sink your grip right into it. Ideal size for hand, paired with knurling that is just enough to add extra grip without being too rough.

From training perspective, these handles make the object you want to pick up considerably harder to grip & thus activating more muscle through your effort. That in return leads to more intense workout with greater muscle gains in return.

What are the Pros & Cons with Fat Gripz Pro?

Ease Of Use


  • Easy to Attach & Remove – Carry them with you & add to any bar like gripping platform to add dimension to exsisting exercise or create entirely new ones.
  • Versatile – The flexibility of use is off the chart with thick bar handles. There are countless of devices you can attach Fat Gripz to. Barbells, dumbbells, specialty bars, pull-up bars, free standing machines, cables.
  • Praised By Professionals – Countless of athletes swear by it, recommending you to do all of the exercises you can with them. Pro bodybuilders, weightlifters, martial artists, special forces, climbers. Using this gear is effective, proven itself over & over, making everybody to be on the same page about this gear.
  • Pocket Sized Apollon’s Axle – Fat Gripz handles can replicate the feel of exclusve strongman specialty equipment called Apollon’s Axe which is specialty equipment that 99% of gyms simply don’t have.
  • Multiple Progression Levels – There are three different stages that you cna benefit from: Fat Gripz One, Fat Gripz Pro & Fat Gripz Extreme
  • Eliminates The Need to Use Chalk – The rubber-like compound offers good gripping surface, eliminating the need to use chalk. That in turn makes exercising more secure & safe, you get your stuff done faster & get better results.
  • Portable – These handles are fairly small, throw them into gym training bag as you hit the gym. Easily portable, so you can always keep a pair nearby.
  • Military Grade – Crazy durable, made of rubber-like composite, military spec materials refined over the years of testing. You likely never going to break a pair of these handles.
  • Odorless – Products from copycats smell bad, becoming a constant nuisance & unpleasant to deal with. This one is clean, no nonsense smelly stuff.


  • More Expensive Than Other Brands – Knowing the quality you receive compared to copycats, not really a deal breaking con. Just know that you have to prepare yourself to pay a bit more.
  • Too Much For Some Users – Fat Gripz Pro happens to be the most popular, well known, so called standard version of thick bars. However, this thing can be too brutal for you if you’re completely new to this gear. Going one size smaller could be more than enough.
  • Only One Inside Diameter – This means fitting these grips on regular barbells & dumbbells works perfectly. All nice and dandy. But if you have a fancy dumbbell with oval-shaped or slighly larger handles your Fat Gripz won’t fit them well or at all.
Excellent Equipment

Fat Gripz Pro - Ranking 96 out of 100

How Can You Benefit from Fat Gripz?

More Grip Strength

You’re only as strong as your weakest link is. Fat Gripz is simple yet an outstanding tool for your forearm strength & becomes quickly notable in your training routine. If we mention deadlift, the king of all lifts, if you’re walking up to a loaded bar with a weak grip it feels like being handicapped. The difference is tremendous by having stronger grip.

Biggest weakness in almost every athlete arsenal is in the hands & forearms. These are the points of contact with the weight in most exercises.

Using Fat Gripz for increased muscle activation throughout your entire arms solves grip problem by adding strength as well as size to the forearms & biceps.

Thicker handles are benefiting your whole upper body. More muscle activation leads to bigger muscle & strength gains. This is the new worldwide training phenomenon recommended & used by many top level athletes as well as military, martial artists, arm wrestlers, crossfitters & pro bodybuilders.

You can also use Fat Gripz to reduce joint related problems. The older you get, the more problematic your joints can become. If you are unlucky & victim of join pain, it’s essential to take the pressure & stress off the joint. Put it where it counts – The muscle. By increasing the surface area of the targeted muscle can work wonders & result in less joint problems.

  • Gain More Muscle Faster – Fat Gripz are the new worldwide training phenomenon it’s recommended & used by many top pro level athletes. It’s used by military, martial artists, arm wrestlers, crossfitters & pro bodybuilders. Thicker handles greatly contribute into pinch gripping & also benefit your whole upper body. More muscle activation leads to bigger muscle & strength gains..
  • Build a Powerful Grip – Remember, you’re always going to be only as strong as your grip is. For example, think about deadlift, one of the biggest lift of them all you probably know that walking up to a loaded barbell with a weak grip feels like being handicapped. The difference is significant if you want to stay ahead of your competition. Fat Gripz is one of your quickest & most convenient ways to fix that.
  • Reduce Joint Problems – Use Fat Gripz for recovery & to reduce joint problems. If you suffer from joint pain in hands, the more you want focus on hand recovery while you keep training effectively. Get rid of that joint pain by taking the pressure & stress off the joints. Put it where it counts – The muscle. Improving your muscle balance & increasing the surface area of the targeted muscle can work wonders.

Technical Details

  • Item Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎2.36 x 5.2 x 4.72 inches
  • Weight: ‎1.1 Pounds / 0.5 kilograms
  • Color – Blue / Black / Pink / Orange
  • Materials: military-grade, high-density compound
  • Quantity – Two (2), pair
  • Progression Levels – Three (3)
  • Manufacturer: Fat Gripz
  • Warranty: 1 year

Biggest problem training grip strength with thick bars, odd lifts & strongman equipment often makes such training exclusive.

This is specialty equipment & 99% of gyms simply don’t have such tools.

Fat Gripz can replicate the feel of exclusve strongman specialty equipment like Apollon’s Axe.

What Exercises to Focus On With Fat Gripz?

Versatility is Off The Charts

1 Olympic Bars – Focus on repetitions not max lifts – Deadlifts, curls, shrugs, all types of bench presses, flat/incline/decline, J.M. presses, close grip, military press 2 Dumbbells – Almost all dumbbell exercises will work in conjuction with thick bar handles. Please note that not all dumbbells can accommodate Fat Grips due to dumbbells handles shape & size 3 Odd bars – Fat Gripz are working well with specialty bars that are thinner than standard Olympic bars. Grips may rotate on an inert bar but the resistance of the weight will keep grips in place once exercise starts. 4 Cable machines – Just about any cable attachments are ideal & will be fitting for your Fat Gripz handles. Use them for variety of exercises ranging from rows, pull downs, curls to all sorts of extensions. 5 Free standing machines – These grips can easily be applied to the most & any of commercial gyms functional trainer machines. 6 Pull-up bars – Same thing here, Fat Gripz can be quickly applied to most of the pull up bars within seconds & you can start your exercise.

Fat Gripz VS Copycats – Details You’d Like to Know About

No Bad Smell

Fat Gripz Pro VS copycats

Are There Any Downsides With Fat Gripz?

Won’t Fit Every Dumbbell

In case you have a fancy dumbbell that has special coating put over its handle or it’s just a regular dumbbell with odd shaped handle, chances are your Fat Gripz might have tough time fitting around it properly.

This is because all Fat Gripz versions come with only one inside diameter. They fit easily to all of the standard stuff, your regular long barbells, ez bar, simple dumbells or row machine handles.

Anything fancier, out of ordinary like oval shaped handles & this is where Fat Gripz handles will hit the wall.

In many cases they still fit, but barely. Can still be functional but you have to test it first & decide if that’s a deal breaker for you.

The last resort option would be to cut Fat Gripz in shape that fits your device. However it will be hard to do so because the material used in these handles is way too tough to just casually slice through it.

Did You Know There Are 5 Versions of Fat Gripz?

Three Progression Levels

Fat Gripz options - 3 sizes, 5 colors

What is My Final Evaluation of Fat Gripz?

One of the Best Gear to Own

The versatility of this gym tool is crazy & completely off the charts. You can apply these handles almost anywhere & everywhere, covering most of your gym exercise routines.

Rubber-like compound offers good gripping surface that eliminates the need to use chalk. Adds better grip to older bars with worn knurling. Due to having better grip it gives you more control over dynamic push & pull exercies. That leads you to wasting less time, you get to be more focused & likely finish your workout faster in more safer fashion.

Start out with easier version unless you have big hands. These things are effective, going to big too soon will be too much to handle. Orange grips are big step up in difficulty & will be challenging.

Many users say even blue ones are hard to begin with & can be overwhelming at times. Fat Gripz One is good place to start if you’ve never worked with such equipment before.

Portability & ease of use are big with Fat Gripz. Takes mere seconds to apply them or take them off. They’re small & light so you can always carry them around & with you in your gym bag. Durability isn’t an issue here, these things are tough & likely will last you a lifetime.

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3 thoughts on “Fat Gripz – Turn the Tables Now With Ultimate Gear

  1. Your blog post about Fat Gripz Pro is fascinating! I’ve heard about their benefits for grip strength, but your detailed breakdown of their advantages, especially for various exercises, is enlightening. Have you noticed a significant improvement in your workouts since incorporating Fat Gripz? I’ve been curious about trying them out but wondered about their impact on different exercises’ effectiveness.

    The way you highlighted their potential to reduce joint pain and increase muscle activation is intriguing. I’m curious, have you encountered any downsides or limitations to using Fat Gripz in your training? Your perspective on their versatility and potential drawbacks would be incredibly helpful for someone considering adding them to their routine. Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights!

    1. If you grab bare barbell with hands all that metal will dig deep into your palms, against bone & tendons. The more weight is used, the more brutal it gets.
      Rubbery handles act like cushion between barbell and your palms, reducing overall stress in these areas. 

      Large handles won’t make workouts easier, pretty much the opposite it makes it way more difficult with the benefit of getting more efficient results, faster.
      Less grind, less volume, but you achieve more with the intensity you’ve put in. That’s the magic of thick handles.

  2. Hi, That sounds like a fantastic piece of equipment! It seems like Fat Gripz Pro really hits the mark when it comes to enhancing grip strength and targeting forearm muscles.

    The durability and versatility they offer, transforming regular bars into thick bars for a more intense workout, sound impressive. Plus, the portability factor is a definite plus for those who like to train on the go.

    It’s great to hear such positive reviews from both athletes and professionals. Thanks for sharing these insights!

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