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Cobra Grips Pro –

  • Name: Cobra Grips PRO
  • Category: Weight Lifting Straps
  • Purpose: Smart Leverages to Support Grip
  • Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars
  • Vendors: Amazon, Temu

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  • Revolutional 4 in 1 Lifting Straps – Serves as lifting straps, hooks, gloves & wrist wraps
  • Adjustable Wrist Wraps – Padded, long enough to fit small or large wrists
  • Durable Leather – Sturdy enough to last for years

Cobra Grips PRO Lifting Straps – Review

Overview, Details & Everything Relevant You Need To Know

What Are Cobra Grips PRO Lifting Straps?


Cobra Grips Pro lifting straps, gloves, wrist supports and hooks? Yes, exactly, you read it correctly. This is a new 4 in 1 innovative approach that allows you to use the same piece of equipment for multiple different tasks.

These leather lifting straps are unlike anything we’ve seen before. New approach & luckily functional one as well. Of course, main emphasis is using it as weight lifting straps. Wrap it around barbell or dumbbell & start repping like you would with your usual lifting straps. But that’s not all.

Because the strap parts are wide enough to cover your palm, they can be used as gloves as well. For pushing type exercises like military press or bench press, leave these wide leather pads between your palm & the weight you’re lifting/ pushing to effectively use these straps as gloves for hand protection.

Smart leverage to improve your grip. Crazy stuff, sounds complicated, but isn’t. This is one of the smarter devices you want to focus your attention on, it’s effective, saves your time & money.

Same goes for pulling exercises where you can use these as both gloves & hooks. Again, protecting your hands & reinforcing your grip to help you lift weight. The way Cobra Grip Pro is attached to your wrists makes them wrist wraps as well. Good stuff, compared to regular lifting straps this is something new we’ve not seen before.

What are the Pros & Cons with Cobra Grips PRO Lifting Straps?

4 in 1 – Straps, Hooks, Gloves, Wrist Wraps


  • Multiple Uses – 4 different equipment items in 1, can be used as lifting straps, hooks, gloves & wrist wraps.
  • Protects Hands – Since there are so many applications where you can use Cobra Grips, this adds protections to your hands in multiple exercises. This is especially good when you have finished working your grip, want to give your hands rest or you’re rehabing an injury, like broken callouses in your palms.
  • Weight Rests on Base of Your Hand – Major difference between Cobra Grips & conventional lifting straps is that the weight you’re lifting is resting on the base of your hand & not on your wrist. Conventional straps put pressure on wrists that can squeeze nerves, damage them, or cause Carpal Tunnel issues.
  • Durable – Made of leather, sturdy & durable enough to typically last several years before breaking down.
  • Dozens of Color Options – Usually you see brands offering their gear with one or two, maybe in three different color options, this one has full array of colors. Choose black, pink, blue variant, one with snake-skin patterns or with US flags if you like. Lots of flavor to go around, showing this company is taking their efforts seriously to deliver top notch gear.
  • Different Size Variants – This is to help both men & women to find suitable, functional gear that fits well. FIT variant is smaller & PRO is larger. Cobra Grips FIT Model wrist size ranges from 4.25” up to 7.0” – Most comfortable version for most women. Cobra Grips PRO model wrist size ranges from 5.5” up to 8.75” – Comfortable for most men.
  • Wrist Padding – Comfortable wrist padding helps you avoid strained wrist while lifting heavier weights. Less chaffing, more protection to the palms & gives a tight grip.
  • Portable – You’ll be able to keep a pair nearby, throw it in your training bag as you hit the gym.


  • Requires Investment – It’s high quality equipment, expect it to cost more than inferior brands.
  • Not Good For Sumo Deadlift – If you’re deadlifting in sumo style, these straps might not be best pick for you. Wrist pads likely stick out from the side of your wrists & grab your pants as you lift barbell up.
  • Padding Edge Can Cut Into Thumb – Depending on how large the palms of your hands are, this can happen while doing pushing exercises. Edge can cut into your thumb & cause pain. Only way to know if that’s a case for you as well is to approach situation with caution & test it.
  • Needs Transitioning Period – Might be a thing for you, might be not. Typically you need some time to adjust because Cobra Grips feel different than your regular lifting straps. Expect that it could take some time to get use to them.
Excellent Equipment

Cobra Grips PRO Lifting Straps - Ranking 92 out of 100

How Can You Benefit From Weight Lifting Straps?

Use Smart Leverages

  1. Recovery from injuries – Lifting straps should always be used if lifter has a hand injury that prevents them from grabbing a barbell. Whether it’s torn callus, sprain or dislocated finger – Every once in a while your grip-work might get too tough & you have to take time to recover – Instead of getting burnt-out or staring at ceiling – You can keep working out by using lifting straps while giving your poor palms of your hands a break from the beating they get from the bar.

  2. Assistance work – You can lift considerably bigger weights & do much more repetitions where your grip strength becomes a limiting factor. Your overall body strength progress doesn’t have to suffer, or to be cut off, due to fact that your grip strength is limited by various reasons: Rehabing an injury/ is currently in progress to catch up in strength/ needs to be compensated for your muscle imbalances/ difficult to perform exercises that would normally be awkward without straps/ needs help to stabilize isometric exercises.

  3. Purposefully targeting different muscle group – Our grip is the very first link & inseparable part of most exercises. In other words, whether you’re doing rows, pull-ups, deadlifts, pull-downs, you are using your grip. Always. Your goal might be to train your entire posterior chain that includes exercises for upper back, lats, lower back, traps, or quads, but not doing it simultaneously with grip-work. If you want to train your grip, it can be done separately on its own time. You don’t have to sacrifice everything else at the expense of your grip.

  4. You’ve already trained grip enough – Weight lifting straps will be excellent if you have already completed your grip training workout & you want to carry on with different exercises. In that case lifting straps can be highly beneficial, not only by taking the load off from your fingers, hands & forearms but also preventing possible injuries & over training that can easily happen with your hands. Remember, your forearms are one of the smallest muscle groups in your body, it’s easy to get inflammation if you over do it – Use straps to balance training.

Who Should Use Weight Lifting Straps?

Align Equipment With Your Goals

  • Beginner Lifters: It’s recommended to train at least 1 year until you have developed some basic grip strength. As beginner, regardless of your additional tools, you are rapidly improving & greatly benefiting from almost every exercise & don’t need to add any fancy tricks to it yet. Take your time, you’re getting there.
  • Intermediate Lifters: You can use lifting straps in warm-up sessions on various pulls & deadlifts. You should own a pair, no matter what. If you’re taking Olympic lifting more seriously & you’re snatching more often, you may find that the straps allow you to train longer & harder, than without them. A simple recipe for success.
  • Advanced Lifters: Be careful if you’re competitive Olympic weight lifter! Do not use straps 1-2 weeks out from competition. Lifting straps are great, allowing you to train harder & longer but they also might have a little impact on your lifting technique & provide “different feel” on weight. Find balance between using & not using straps & you should be well off.
  • Competitive Strongmen: Everything you do pretty much has written HEAVY all over it. Compared to Olympic weight lifters, you should use lifting straps even more often if close to competition – To maximize your training efficiency meanwhile reducing the risks of getting injured as much as possible. It’s absolutely vital to keep you 100% on track & also injury free.

Do Not Become Dependant On Gloves

What Are Possible Drawbacks Using Cobra Grips PRO?

Avoid Excess Use of Gloves

It’s important that you know what you’re doing. One of the pitfalls of over using Cobra Grips PRO as gloves is that it may interfere your ability to get stronger grip in the first place.

You should use fitness gloves only if you absolutely need to. Unless you’ve deliberately made it your goal to make glove manufacturers wealthier by grinding through one pair after another. Many folks rely entirely on gloves when they hit the gym & as a result vast majority of them usually have weak palms. Gloves are a foreign objects between the palms of your hands & a weight you are trying to lift that directly prevent your palms getting any stronger.

Exercise with hand grippers and avoid using fitness gloves

If that’s the case, once you take off your fitness gloves & touch first barbell or dumbbell set you see, you’re going to shred the palms of your hands almost instantly. Your hands definitely start aching & in the long run you likely get blisters.

So, how do you solve that problem? No, you don’t put your gloves back on – Many hand grippers have aggressively knurled handles that are specifically designed to toughen the palms of your hands. Keep training, your hands get stronger, simple. Gradually, over the period of weeks & months while regularly exercising with grippers, skin in your palms will toughen up. It’s one of the key parts to be able to perform more strenuous exercises with bare hands.

Unless your hands are injured, or you’ve already worked your hands to the limit you have no business with gloves. There’s no excuse & likely no practical reason to use fitness gloves. If you lift awkward object & it’s a huge safety issue, use gloves.

If you’re trained athlete in the middle of competition where gloves are allowed & give you both competitive edge & chance to avoid injuries – In that instance you want to use gloves for a sound reason. Other than that you always want to put fitness gloves away & work with your bare hands for functional strength.

Counter-Balance The Use of Gloves with Occasional Focus on Hand Grippers

Toughen Your Palms & Grip

There are multiple different types of grippers available that you can benefit from, with wide variety of different resistance levels to cover all your training needs & routines, including the rehabilitation part.

Getting in better shape as well as nuturing injuries are important, inseparable parts of your hand health. Whether you’re trying to get your strength back up for your recently dislocated finger, or trying to treat repetitive strain injury like Tennis
Elbow, proper gripper can be an excellent way to go.

To deliver you the all-round-package you can benefit from classical & lefty gripper, smooth gripper & also a thumb gripper.

#1 Classical Gripper
Captains of Crush - The Gold Standard of Hand Grippers

#2 Lefty Gripper
CoC Left-Turn Hand Gripper

#3 Smooth Gripper
Zenith Hand Gripper - The comfortable crush by IronMind

#4 Thumb Gripper

What is My Final Evaluation of Cobra Grips PRO Lifting Straps?

Odd Looking With Tremendous Functionality

This is an interesting choice that benefits you in multiple ways. Using them as smart leverage to reinforce your grip to purposefully target different muscle group, or focus on hand recovery & rehab part.

Having an opportunity to use Cobra Grips as lifting straps, hooks, gloves & wrist wraps has multiple strengths. You can easily get most of the stuff done in gym by using this equipment. Cobra Grips PRO are durable, so it’s unlikely you break them before several years of use.

One of the drawbacks as I highlighted it in this topic, is to warn you to not entirely rely on these things. Do not become dependent on gloves & neglect the functional grip strength training.

It would weaken the palms of your hands, grip & forearms in general. Just have to find the balance & keep in mind that any kind of glove is a foreign object between your hand & the object you want to lift. Crushing grippers is still a thing & never goes out of style.

Cobra Grips Pro lifting straps - length in cm and inches

When it comes to rehab & protecting your hands, Cobra Grips PRO can help big time. After you’ve finished working grip & need to give rest to your gripping muscles & palms of your hands.

This is where this equipment steps in to shine. You can target different muscle groups & do assistance work where you primarily don’t want to target your grip.

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