IMTUG by IronMind – The Two Finger Utility Grippers

IMTUG by IronMind – The Two Finger Utility Grippers


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  • The Two-Finger Utility Gripper – Power up your Pinch grip, Thumb & Weaker Fingers
  • Seven (7) different Strength Levels to Choose from – IMTUG 1 to IMTUG 7
  • High-Quality – Incredibly Durable, Precise & Pocket-sized


New PRs, healthier hands, better performance. IMTUG brings new training possibilities for grippers
& grip related feats. Ever notice that your fingers differ in length & strength? IronMind did & set
out to design a sharp-looking little gripper that allows you to train your fingers one or two at a time.

Unlike conventional hand grippers, it also allows you to train your thumb. Think of IMTUG as being
like a tug boat – short, stout, powerful & irresistible in your grip strength & hand health training program.

  • Train one or two fingers at a time including your thumb – Power your pinch grip & weaker fingers
  • Massive ergonomic handles protects the soft tissue in your hands & gives them more rest
  • Specifically designed over-sized handles with hemi-ends feel good in your hand
  • Featuring billet aluminum & alloy steel construction, making it incredibly durable & precise

Use IMTUG grippers to build strong & healthy hands. It’s perfect for zeroing in on areas requiring
additional strength & muscle balance.

IMTUG utility gripper is also great for prehab & injury prevention. Use it to rehab injuries or compensate
for muscle overuse. Perfect for standalone training or used in conjunction with Captains of Crush
& Zenith digital grippers by IronMind.

How to Choose the Best IMTUG Gripper for you?

Thumb – weakest – use an easier IMTUG
Pinkie & ring fingers – moderate – use a medium IMTUG
Middle & index fingers – strongest – use a tougher IMTUG

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Difficulty Levels:

1. IMTUG Level 1 (Very Easy), 2. IMTUG Level 2, 3. IMTUG Level 3, 4. IMTUG Level 4, 5. IMTUG Level 5, 6. IMTUG Level 6, 7. IMTUG Level 7 (Very Hard)


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