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Heavy Grips –

  • Name: Heavy Grips
  • Category: Classic Spring Hand Gripper
  • Purpose: Crush Grip
  • Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars
  • Vendors: Amazon, Temu

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  • Spring Gripper – Ideal to Improve Crush Grip
  • Knurled Handles – Good to Toughen Palms
  • Durable – Made of Aluminium Alloy
  •  Six (6) Resistance Levels – 100 lbs to 350 lbs

Heavy Grips Spring Hand Gripper – Review

Overview, Details & Everything Relevant You Need To Know

What is Heavy Grips Heavy Duty Hand Gripper?


Heavy Grips hand gippers are hands down one of the best classical spring grips to start building your crush grip strength. If you are serious about getting your forearm strength up look no further, Heavy Grips provide you with sufficiently wide array of different resistance levels to get you closer to elite level.

Before you move to serious competition grade grippers, this is it. Working your way through with Heavy Grips is a good way to go. Everything you need is here & it’s affordable. Ranging from 100 to 350 lbs, with 50 lbs weight increments you can have access to multiple grippers that are convenient for progression & upgrading your overall grip game by considerable margin.

Compared to Captains of Crush grippers notice that Heavy Grips handles placements is slightly more narrow. This is ideal if you have smaller hands – Fits better in your palms. Considering this factor Heavy Grips are likely easier to close than CoC grippers.

Whether you’re weight lifter, climber, wrestler or motocross driver, strong grip is a must to be on top of your game. Grippers are not toys – Heavy Grips hand grippers are professional training devices that will tear up your hands in no time to help you to make them tougher. Heavy Hrips have aggressive knurling, even more so than Captains of Crush.

Suits for both men & women, seniors & teens who have different levels of strength. Easier resistance levels are good for rehabilitation to get your strength back up after injury, surgery or treating some form of RSI related condition such as Carpal Tunnel, Golfer or Tennis Elbow, Arthritis or Tendinitis.

What are the Pros & Cons with Heavy Grips Hand Gripper?

High Quality + Aggressive Knurling


  • Excellent Spring Gripper – Heavy Grips are world class grippers, on bar with CoC grippers. Designed for high-intensity, low-volume training to gain maximum grip strength in shortest window of time.
  • Good for Athletes with Smaller Hands – Easier to grip for those individuals who have smaller hands – Heavy Grips handle placements is slighy more narrow than CoC grippers.
  • Accurate poundage – High quality gripper solves the #1 problem of cheap grippers: accurate resistance level of the device you are using. They’re consistent, reliable, won’t wear out over time & you don’t have to guess but know exactly what you’re doing & how fast you are progressing.
  • Durable – This is what makes accurate poundage possible in the first place, durable spring won’t wear out over time. Completely made of metal parts, heavy duty aluminium alloy, no plastic parts that can break, degrade or chemically deteriorate.
  • Aggressive Knurling – One of the main part of getting your grip stronger is getting the skin of your palms stronger – Unless your hands are injured, getting rid of gym training gloves & repping with gripper like this to tear up skin in your hands will build you formidable forearms.
  • Resistance levels for beginner & elite alike – This products line can easily cover all of your gripper training levels from trainee who just started working with grippers to advanced athlete.
  • 6 Resistance Levels – 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 & 350 pound varients
  • Saves money by buying combo packs: 2 packs, 3 packs or full  set –  2 packs: 100 & 150, 200 & 250, 300 & 350 or  3 packs: 100, 150 & 200 and 250, 300 & 350. Plus an option to buy full set of 6.
  • 50 pounds /22.6 kg increments – Ideal for progresson, weight jumps are not too big. This is deliberate to help you to progress from easier gripper to more difficult one with less hassle.
  • Lifetime Warranty – This is a bold statement that you will receive quality products, reliable workhorse for years to come to help you to get from point A to B.
  • Portable – Weighs less than half pound. You can put one into your pocket or throw into training bag as you hit the gym. Easily portable, so you can take one on the road, or leave into your office desk drawer.
  • Easy to Maintain – Consists of springs that are made of heavy duty aluminium alloy. You should wipe spring occasionally with a drop of light oil to prevent it from squeking & breaking. Knurled handles can be cleaned with a stiff nylon bristled brushes.
  • Great for Rehab – A good way to alleviate pain in hands & treat multiple RSI related conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Golfers or Tennis elbow, tendonitis & arthritis. To get rid of pain in your hands you have to put more muscle on bones where it counts. Hand grippers are excellent to achieve this kind of functional strength that can fight off nuisances like nagging pain in forearms.


  • Designed for Right Hand – This model is designed to train your right hand first & foremost. Meanwhile, it’s still excellent for training both hands, with slightly different feeling when training your left hand. In most cases, it’s a minor detail that most folks won’t notice at all – If you seek maximum comfort, performance & precision, for left hand training I’d recommend to use left-hand grippers, such as CoC Left-Turn, to complement a regular CoC gripper.
  • One Resistance Level Per Gripper – Compared to adjustable hand grippers, Heavy Grips offers a static one-difficulty-only per gripper type of training tool. If you’re serious about getting stronger & to get maximum out of your training progression & to have more variety it likely requires more investment from your side to access grippers with different resistance levels.
  • Too Agressive Knurling For Some Users – While using knurling, tearing up your hands with it is one of the main parts of getting your grip stronger, it sometimes can be too much. On higher resistances rough rigid surface of this gripper can cut into your hands.
Excellent Equipment

Heavy Grips Spring Hand Gripper - Ranking 96 out of 100

How Can You Benefit from Heavy Grips Hand Gripper?

Fastest Way to Build Crush Grip

  • Improve Your Finger Tendons Strength – This is one of the most important aspects of your hand health & strength: The actual hands ability to support the workload of activities & exercises you’re regularly performing. Using hand grippers helps you to gradually build tendons strength to work on more difficult exercises.
  • Build Maximum Crush Grip Strength – Squeezing objects between fingers is one of the 4 major hand movements & it’s called cruch grip – To grab an object most of the time you use this type of grip. Hand gripper is the absolute best way to quickly improve your crushing grip.
  • Improve Static Support Grip Strength – Gripper can be used when you squeeze the handles together & then hold them closed as long as you can. This is extra important exercise for you, if your main training equipment is barbell for example – Training like that allows you to hold bigger weights & for longer periods of time.
  • Get Your Palms Much Tougher – If you haven’t trained in gym or with grippers before, beware the aggressive knurling on this gripper will beat your hands up & it will do so very quickly. This is a good thing – This is how your palms get stronger. The key is NOT to use fitness gloves, throw them out of window & get palms stronger instead.
  • Build Well Conditioned Grip – One of the most important details to be on top of your sport is to have a better grip. Having an overall stronger, less fatigued grip helps you to perform your workout routines more effectively, as well as give bigger advantage in competitions.
  • Protect Hands from Injuries – Having a bit more muscle is excellent – Muscles act like cushion to protect our body. By increasing your functional strength as well as overall muscle mass grants you healthier hands & greatly protects you from possible injuries. Staying injury-free is prio #1 regardless of your sport.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: ‎‎28.96 x 22.86 x 5.08 cm
  • Shipping Weight: 1.65 pounds / 0.75 kg
  • Handles – Knurled, aluminum handles
  • Materials: Heavy duty aluminium alloy
  • Quantity – One (1) gripper
  • Resistance Levels – Six (6)
  • Manufacturer: Heavy Sports

Grippers are light & therefore easily portable. Put one into your pocket, or throw into your training bag once you hit the gym.

Heavy Grips grippers are great for rehabilitation & stress relief, if you suffer from bone stiffness, recover from finger or wrist injuries, tendon surgery, Carpal Tunnel or Tennis elbow.

Who Can Benefit from Heavy Grips Hand Gripper?

Any Athlete, Men & Women, Older & Younger

Gripper training is excellent for both, beginners & experts alike to get your grip stronger, or even stronger than it already is.

Younger or older, man or woman, casual trainee or hardcore athlete, training grip is giving you functional strength that you can use & likely will use every single day. In most sports, the very first point of contact with object is literally through your fingertips. Doesn’t matter if you’re holding a basketball, baseball bat, golf club or weightlifting barbell..

The more functional strength you have in your hands, the better the performance in your respective sport likely will be.

Toughen Your Palms With Hand Grippers

Avoid Fitness Gloves

You should use fitness gloves only if you absolutely need to. Unless you’ve deliberately made it your goal to make glove manufacturers richer by grinding through one pair after another.

Why should you always avoid excessive use of fitness gloves? Many folks rely entirely on gloves when they hit the gym & as a result majority of them usually have weakened palms. Gloves are a foreign objects between the palms of your hands & a weight you are trying to lift that directly prevent your palms getting any stronger.

Exercise with hand grippers and avoid using fitness gloves

If that’s the case, once you take off your fitness gloves & touch first barbell or dumbbell set you see, you’re going to shred the palms of your hands almost instantly. Your hands definitely start aching & in the long run you likely get blisters.

So, how do you solve that problem? No, you don’t put your gloves back on – Many hand grippers have aggressively knurled handles that are specifically designed to toughen the palms of your hands. Keep training, your hands get stronger, simple. Gradually, over the period of weeks & months while regularly exercising with grippers, skin in your palms will toughen up. It’s one of the key parts to be able to perform more strenuous exercises with bare hands.

Unless your hands are injured, or you’ve already worked your hands to the limit you have no business with gloves. There’s no excuse & likely no practical reason to use fitness gloves.

If you lift awkward object & it’s a huge safety issue, use gloves. If you’re competitive athlete in the middle of a competition where gloves are allowed & give you competitive edge to win & help to prevent injuries as well, use gloves.

Other than that you always want to put fitness gloves away & work with your bare hands for functional strength.

Are Classical Spring Hand Grippers Good for Rehabilitation?

Grippers Are Excellent for Recovery

There are multiple different types of grippers available that you can benefit from, with wide variety of different resistance levels to cover all your training needs & routines, including the rehabilitation part.

Getting into better shape is important part of your hand health. Whether you’re trying to get your strength back up for your recently dislocated finger, or trying to treat repetitive strain injury like Tennis Elbow, proper gripper can be an excellent way to go.

#1 Classical Gripper
Captains of Crush - The Gold Standard of Hand Grippers

#2 Lefty Gripper
CoC Left-Turn Hand Gripper

#3 Smooth Gripper
Zenith Hand Gripper - The comfortable crush by IronMind

#4 Thumb Gripper

What Grip Training Resources Can You Use?

Learn How to Train Your Grip

Simply work with hand grippers & specifically specialize in them or up your entire game by learning new exercises along with crushing grippers.

Among these authors there famous names, like Tommy Heslep, who is one of only five people in the world who has closed CoC #4 Gripper.

"Captains of Crush Grippers: What They Are & How to Close Them", by Randall Strossen

"Mastery of Hand Strength", by John Brookfield

"Grip Strength", by Robert Spindler & Tommy Heslep

Repetitive Strain Injury - A Computer Users Guide, book cover

Always Prioritize Muscle Balance

Rubber Hand Bands Can Work Wonders to Keep Your Hand Healthy

Balanced Muscles, Healthier Hands

Extend-Your-Hand bands set, by IronMind

As always, for rehab purposes & for hand health in general, having balance is key for getting much stronger in functional strength department. I recommend to pair up your gripper training with extensor training. For that task you can use rubber hand bands to work on counter-movements to balance your forearm muscles.

Rubber Hand Bands are excellent addition to your grip training, whether you’re using one, two or multiple different grippers in your training routine. They’re inexpensive & help to keep your hands pain-free. If you’re not sure, ask any qualified physio-therapeut, chiropractor or doctor. They all confirm that hand-bands is good way to go be healthier.

Why Should You Always Choose a High-Quality Gripper?

Consistency & Precision

It can happen, that after couple of weeks of using a cheap plastic gripper you’re going to close it like a champion. It likely gives you a feeling that you’ve progressed so much already in such a short time. Have you? And another thing.

If you’re a realist you know it’s clear as day that nothing is invulnerable – If you try hard enough, you can break CoC grips as well – That usually happens only when you maintain your equipment poorly: For example, storing grips in too humid conditions, not keeping equipment clean OR on top of it, modifying or exercising improperly with your gripper.

1The reality is that cheap grippers spring will wear out quickly. It keeps getting weaker & weaker.

Meanwhile you’re getting stronger, cheap gripper spring is getting weaker. In short: They’re likely inconsistent. Inconsistency often includes their geometry: Uneven handles, spring positioning. Small but effective nuances.

2Another problem is that cheap gripper springs tend to snap easily. That’s a safety issue for you.

There’s a chance that you’ll injure yourself, especially when spring snaps in the middle of the exercise & you’ll get hit by the shards of broken spring.

Heavy Grips

It’s better to invest into high quality hand gripper – They are consistent across the board & there is much less chance for equipment failure. In addition being well engineered, there is no surprise geometry, so you can monitor your results more precisely. You’ll get quality, train like a professional & eliminate guess-work from your workout routines.

What is My Final Evaluation of Heavy Grips?

Excellent Workhorse

Get them if progressing in crush grip as fast as possible is your goal. This is as good as it can get. Keep in mind that Heavy Grips handles are slightly more narrowly placed than CoC grippers so they can be easier to close for you. Although, a lot also depends on your individual features, hand shape & size.

I recommend to get set of 3 Heavy grips – Both for having better options for progression as you can use 50 pound jump increments per gripper & paying for 3 grippers at once in save deal will save money. You get more. As a serious tool & quality product this one might be all you ever need to improve grip strength

There’s plenty of resistance levels between 6 available Heavy Grips spring grippers to mend your injuries & get more competitive edge. For casual user having half of these grippers with lower resistance is more than enough to go from easy to impossible. Upper end is for serious athletes & for those seeking to culminate world class grip strength.

If you’re treating some form of RSI related condition like tennis elbow, mending past traumas like fractured wrist or suffered from stroke working with gripper helps. This is a good way to build up functional strength in your forearms.

If you are looking for superior quality, this device is it. It’s competition grade gripper with lifetime warranty – That’s a statement you will receive a workhorse, sturdy & reliable. In classical spring gripper department Heavy Grips & Captains of Crush will be hands down your best bet.

To strictly monitor your grip strength progress with gripper training, this device is great. Accurate poundage & a spring that won’t wore out over time. Inconsistent device makes it more difficult for you to get the correct stats & to know exactly how strong you’ve become. This gripper is a good choice if you want to become more professional.

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