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Captains of Crush Grippers –

  • Name: “Captains of Crush Grippers”
  • Type: Training Manual
  • Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars
  • Vendor: Amazon

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  • Innovative insights, Everyhing you need to know about hand grippers
  • Excellent to get most of your Captains of Crush & how to approach workouts
  • Fun to read & it tells you history about grippers

CoC Grippers by R.Strossen with J.B.Kinney & N.Holle

Published by Ironmind Enterprises, Second edition (October 1, 2009)

“What Can You Learn From “Captains of Crush Grippers”?

History About Grippers & Training Methods:

Captains of Crush Grippers inspire passion, & this is the book that traces their history, outlines gripper basics & gives you training information that is proven to work.

Dedicated to all who know ”it’s not a crush . . . it’s an obsession,”

Joe Kinney calls it the CoC owner’s guide, all you need to get strong and smart on CoC grippers. Dedicated to all who know ”It’s not a crush..it’s an obsession.”

Filled with the information every gripper enthusiast should know. Whether you want to get an A+ on your next gripper exam or only care about getting stronger, you’ll want to get this book.

Updated & expanded to include over 20% new material.

  • Publisher: Ironmind Enterprises
  • Language: English,
  • Paperback: 176 pages
  • Dimensions: 15.24 x 1.27 x 22.23 cm

How to Get Maximum Out of Your Gripper Training?

Strength, Conditioning & Recovery

IronMind offers 4 different types of grips along with CoC manual that you can use for your benefit, with multiple different resistance levels to cover all your training routines, including the rehabilitation, injury-nursing part.

Getting in better shape as well as mending injuries are important, inseparable parts of your hand health. Whether you’re trying to get your strength back up for your recently dislocated finger, or trying to treat repetitive strain injury like Tennis Elbow, proper gripper can be an excellent way to go.

IronMind has created an all-round-package – Classical grippers for both left & right hand, a thumb & smooth gripper.

#1 Classical Gripper
Captains of Crush - The Gold Standard of Hand Grippers

#2 Lefty Gripper
CoC Left-Turn Hand Gripper

#3 Smooth Gripper
Zenith Hand Gripper - The comfortable crush by IronMind

#4 Thumb Gripper

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