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Multi Grip Pull Up Bar –

  • Name: ProsourceFit Multi Grip Pull Up Bar
  • Category: Pull Up Bars
  • Purpose: Open Hand Strength
  • Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars
  • Vendors: Amazon, Temu

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  • Easy to Assemble – Manual Included, Fits doorways 24 to 32″/ 61 to 81 cm
  • Multiple Grips – Includes 8 Comfortable Foam Grips for Better Grip
  • Multi-Purpose – Ideal for Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups, Leg Raises, Triceps Dips & Push Ups

ProsourceFit Lite Multi Grip Pull Up Bar – Review

Overview, Details & Everything Relevant You Need To Know

What is ProsourceFit Lite Multi Grip Pull Up Bar?


ProsourceFit Lite multi grip door pull up bar is popular, inexpensive home gym equipment to train your upper body. It’s heavy duty, built to last & to cover multiple beneficial exercises to keep yourself fit at home.

For better grip, there are 8 padded foam grips to help you target muscles from different angles. Sturdy & has a decent capacity withstanding a load up to 300 lbs / 136 kg. Easy to assemble & portable design allows convenient storing.

Can be installed quickly. There’s also a step by step manual included how to do it. Simply place it on your doorframe & it’s ready for use. Use the Z brackets that come with it to further secure pull up bar to doorframe for more intense workouts.

Bar is made of sturdy alloy steel and carbon tubes. Comes with a lifetime limited warranty. Designed to fit most standard doorways from 24 to 32″/ 61 to 81 cm. Please always measure the width of your doorway to know if you can use this device properly.

After you complete workout, it’s easy to remove multi grip door pull up bar from doorway. Place it on the floor for push ups & triceps tips. Specifically designed to target your upper body. Also excellent to build open hand grip strength and train abs with leg raises.

What are the Pros & Cons with ProsourceFit Multi Grip Pull Up Bar?

Affordable At-Home Convenience


  • Designed for Home Gym – Cheapest solution to have pull up bar at your home gym. Can be easily mounted to most standard doorways. Can be further secured to the wall with additional Z-brackets
  • Easy to Install – Instruction manual is provided for quick installation. Takes only a moment to set it up to doorway. Assemble the bar as instructed & you’re ready to begin exercising
  • Portable – Can be stored conveniently. Easily removed from doorframe after you’ve finished your workout to get the bar out of the way.
  • True To The Measurements – There’s no surprise geometry. Measurements are correct, suits doorframes from 24 to 32″/ 61 to 81 cm. Please always measure the width of your doorway to know if this device fits.
  • Exercise Guide Included – Handy to have a quick overview. Benefit from illustrated guide to know what exercises can you do with this device
  • Great for Support Grip Strength – Pull up bar is excellent to build your grip strength. Pull ups both improve your hand endurance & strengthen tendons in your hand. Bring up overall grip strength to cling onto objects longer. Develop formidable finger & open hand strength
  • Cushioned Foam Grips – There are 8 added foam grips for comfort and safety. Helps to target muscle from different angles. Anti-slip foam handles also help with added comfort to your workouts
  • Affordable At-Home Convenience – This is as inexpensive as it gets. Specifically designed equipment for efficient home gym training.
  • Durable Steel – Sturdy, heavy duty alloy steel that withstands up to 300 lbs / 136 kg weight


  • Will Damage Doorframe  – It’s inevitable with all of the doorway pull up bars. Use extra protective padding on foam grips if you want to protect your doorframe. There’s plenty of foam padding but it likely still isn’t enough to support your bodyweight
  • Not The Most Secure – These are designed to be cheap & affordable at-home options. Nothing too bullet proof. Use Z-brackets to further secure the equipment to the wall. Not as secure as free standing & wall-mounted pull up bars
Good Equipment

ProsourceFit Lite Multi Grip Pull Up Bar - Ranking 88 out of 100

How Can You Benefit from Multi Grip Pull Up Bar?

Stay Fit at Home

  • Ideal for Upper Body Training – Pull ups are challenging & incredibly useful. Difficult to master. Door pull up bar is convenient way to keep practicing & building your upper body at home
  • Multipurpose – Good way to improve overall fitness. Doing pull-ups, chin-ups, leg raises with same device. Used this device for push ups, triceps dips & as a foot anchor for crunches.
Multi functional ProsourceFit multi grip pull up bar, light version
  • Improve Your Finger Tendons Strength – Takes a lot of time to properly strengthen tendons. Pull up bar can be go to tool to build more functional strength. Cling to pull up bar to gradually build up hand endurance & tendon strength
  • Improve Static Support Grip Strength – Simple, practical way to build up static grip strength. Hold onto bar as long as you can, it keeps building overall endurance & ability to hold weights in your hand. This is an important exercise allowing you to lift bigger weights for longer periods of time

Technical Details

  • Materials: ‎Alloy Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: ‎‎36.75 x 36.75 x 9 “
  • Item Weight: 6 lb / 2.72kg
  • Manufacturer: ‎ProsourceFit
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Extendable & Multi Grip Variations

How Do You Compare ProsourceFit Door  Pull Up Bars?

Extendable & Multi-Grip

Image ProsourceFit doorway pull up bar ProsourceFit multi-grip doorway pull up bar ProsourceFit foldable doorway pull up bar
Model Extendable Multi-Grip Light Foldable
Material Steel Steel Steel
Needs Assembly Yes Yes No
Padded Grips 2 12 2
Capacity 220 lb / 100 kg 300 lb / 136 kg 440 lb / 200 kg
Size for Doorframe Fits doorframes 24″ to 39″ width Fits doorframes 24″-36″ with 6″ width Fits doorframes 27″ – 36.5″ up to 8.25″ width
Benefits Heavy duty construction, 2 cushioned foam handles, simple design is easy to install. Good for pull-ups, chin-ups, tricep dips, foot anchor for crunches Targets muscles from a variety of angles with 10 padded grips for pull-ups, chin-ups, leg raises, tricep dips, push-ups. Durable high grade steel No screws needed for assembly. Easily remove pull-up bar from door whenever needed. Folds up for easy, compact storage. Higher bar than typical pull-up bars for taller athletes.
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How to Make Pull Ups More Challenging?

Combine Pull Up Bar with Finger Loops

Here’s a way to step it up. Pull ups already are difficult to do but you can make things even more interesting. Combine pull up bar with finger loops. This is excellent solution to more intensely focus on building static support grip. Tangle from one, two or three digits at a time to train open hand strength.

Finger loops allow you to develop eagle claw grip by using thumb loop. Vital to martial artists who seek to strengthen their grappling capabilities in their fighting style. Good training tool for arm wrestles & excellent for climbers. Good equipment to further strengthen your finger tendons as well as build overall forearm endurance.

#1 FITactic Finger Loops
with Thumb Loop
FITactic Eagle Loops for pull ups

#2 Talon Grip Finger Loops
with Thumb Loop
Core Prodigy Talon Grip Finger Loops black

What is My Final Evaluation of ProsourceFit Lite Multi Grip Door Pull Up Bar?

Awesome Addition to Home Gym

Practical, cheap & popular. Good stuff to have at home. Easy to assemble, easy to install & takes only a moment to remove the bar to get it out of the way after your workouts done. If you’re looking for inexpensive equipment that you can use at your home gym on regular basis this is it.

Pull ups are excellent to keep you fit. In addition to overall upper body strength, use pull up bar to focus on grip strength. I highly recommend to combine your doorway pull up bar with rock climbing rings to get the most out of it.

Keep a pull-up bar at home in your line of sight to keep yourself on track to get stronger. Consistent training helps you to get faster, improve coordination & endurance. Multi-grip pull up bar is also ideal to practice different exercises at home in privacy.

Pull up bar comes handy to focus on multiple kind of assistance work. You can make use of 8 different gripping positions to target muscles from multiple angles. Good option that allows you to build enough strength for full range pull ups.

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