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  • Name: POWER GUIDANCE Hangboard
  • Category: Rock Climbing Boards
  • Purpose: Open Hand Strength
  • Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars
  • Vendors: Amazon, Temu

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  • Double-Sided – 360 Degree Rotation & Includes 7 Gripping Positions, 4 Depth Pockets (10, 15, 20 & 25 mm)
  • Rounded Edges – Comfortable, Excellent Way to Develop Formidable Finger & Open Hand Strength

POWER GUIDANCE Hangboard – Review

Overview, Details & Everything Relevant You Need To Know

What is POWER GUIDANCE Hangboard?


POWER GUIDANCE Hangboard is double-sided, pentagon shaped, wooden rock climbing pull up board. Comes in pair, rotates 360 degree angle & is loaded with whole array of holds to challenge different level of climbers.

Easy to set up, comes with two bunches of climbing cords to hang these things up basically anywhere & start with a warmup before your serious wall climbing session. They’re light, about 290 grams / 0,63 pounds making them portable. Not bulky, easy to always take them with you whether you train indoors our outdoors.

Possibly one the best hangboards. This one really knocks it out of the park by having 7 gripping positions, enabling you to perform 49 types of different training movements. 4 depth pockets with scales 10, 15, 20 and 25 mm to ramp up difficulty level. There are also different shapers of finger holds: 1, 2-fingers holes, 3 or 4-fingers holes to focus on multiple exercises.

Having whole array of difficulty levels makes this device ideal for all level of athletes. Professionals can use it just as effectively as beginners. It has comfortable round edges so you won’t injure yourself, to be easier on hands & ensure training safely. Grip board workouts target upper body strength & core, this is an excellent way to build your static support grip & open hand strength. Good way to strengthen finger tendons to build hand endurance.

If you like using hangboards, this one is ideal for indoor training before you move on to climbing wall. Various difficulty levels make it suitable for mountain climbers, boulderers, fitness enthusiasts & recreational athletes.

It’s recommended to store them in a dry, ventilated place. Long-term outdoor storage is not recommended. As one of the simplest climbing training tools, it’s used by both professionals & beginners, never going out of style.

What are the Pros & Cons with POWER GUIDANCE Hangboard?

Good Design To Maximize Exercise Options


  • Double Sided With Multiple Grips – Possibly one of the best hangboards with 7 Different possible grip positions, four of them with depth pockets (with scales: 10, 15, 20, and 25 mm), and 3 different types of finger holes (1-finger holes, 2-fingers holes, 3 or 4-fingers holes)
  • Easy to Set Up – Light, not bulky, easy to set up quickly to start working on your grip or use them for a warmup before your wall climbing session
  • Portable – You’ll be able to keep a pair nearby, they’re quite light & you can easily set them up anywhere before serious workout
  • Can Be Used Indoors & Outdoors – When it’s raining outside, you can hang these in your apartment. If it’s sunny outside, you can choose to hang them from a tree to keep training.
  • Brilliant for Static Grip Strength – Hands-down one of the best grip tools you can get to build static support grip. Climbers go to tool to build open hand strength.
  • Improve Hand Endurance – Outstanding tool to strengthen tendons in your hand, helping you to cling onto objects longer. Develops formidable finger & forearm strength
  • Train Each Digits Individually – Ideal to eliminate weaknesses in your hands, train each finger individiually to improve forearm strength
  • Can Be Used For Rehab – Training digits individually allows you to target & isolate muscles separately working weak points individually to get rid of pain, possible muscle imbalances that cause symptoms & underlying cause


  • Not The Best For Large Hands – If you have huge hands your fingers simply won’t fit making it difficult or down right impossible to use most of the features of this device.
  • Risk for Injury – Hanged up climbing fingerboards will rotate freely making exercises quite a bit more difficult & unstable.
  • Quality of Cord is Low – Expect to change this climbing cord immediately, they’re likely low quality, unless you happen to get upgraded version of this product.
Great Equipment

POWER GUIDANCE Hangboard - Ranking 88 out of 100

How Can You Benefit From POWER GUIDANCE Hangboard?

Works Fingers To The Bone

Using hangboard can significantly contribute towards building overall hand endurance & tendon strength. These are simple yet effective tools that will never go out of style, whether you’re just getting started to build open hand strength or progressing to get better at it. Sticking to a workout regimen without burning out can be challenging.

Fingerboard pull up boards use independent suspension for versatile exercising. Hang the rock-climbing simulator boards on any indoor or outdoor sturdy surface for your workout.

When installed, the hang boards climbing training set uses 360-degree rotation to relieve pressure from your wrists and joints.

Using rock rings builds grip strength while targeting your upper body and core. You can avoid finding space for a bulky piece of equipment and instead invest in the rock climbing practice board set. This hand boards climbing set has two color variations, either blue & white or black & white swirl.

1Open Hand Strength
Strengthen Tendons for
Grappling, Climbing
2Open Hand Stamina
Increase Endurance for
Static Support Grip
3Boost Weaker Muscles
Strengthen One Digit At A
Time For Better Grip

  1. Strengthen Finger Tendons – One of the basis of having powerful static open hand support grip
  2. Add Endurance to Grip – To cling onto objects you can train hand endurance with finger loops to do that
  3. Can Be Used For Rehab – Exercising one finger at a time targets different muscle areas bringing relief

Technical Details

  • Materials: ‎Wood
  • Size: Medium size, pentagon shaped
  • Item Dimensions: 27/10.6 x 13/5.1 x 3/1.2 (cm/inch)
  • Item Weight: 0.29 kg / 0.62 lbs
  • Manufacturer: ‎‎POWER GUIDANCE

What Type of Exercises Can You Do With POWER GUIDANCE Hangboard?

1, 2, 3 & 4 Finger Exercises

Whether you’re a total newbie who wants to get sufficient grip & feel the mechanics before moving to real climbing, or an avid rock climber who seeks to up your game. A great way to scale up traditional hangboarding with one the best hangboards.

Fingerboards are quick, easy to install & remove handle attachments that feel comfortable yet work your tendons to the core. These fingerboards come in pair, weighing roughly 300g & can support up to a claimed 300kg/661lbs.

There are 7 configurations for 1, 2, 3 and 4-finger holes/grips, with the 3/4-finger grips having depths of 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm. Giving you a good variety of different grips to practise on & train via these portable and lightweight attachments.

3 or 4 Fingers
Open Hole
Best Hangboards - Power Guidance Hangboard - beginner exercise - 3 or 4 fingers hole

3 or 4 Fingers
Variable Sockets
Power Guidance Hangboard - advanced exercise - 3 or 4 fingers socket with different depth

2 Fingers
Open Hole
Power Guidance Hangboard - advanced exercise - 2 fingers hole

1 Finger
Open Hole
Power Guidance Hangboard - advanced exercise - 1 finger hole





What is My Final Evaluation of POWER GUIDANCE Hangboard?

Great Concept with A Lot of Training Options

Innovative, good design to maximize your training options turning the sides. Possibly one the best hangboards to get. They’re light, portable, easy to setup anywhere. Great way to scale up to traditional hangboarding.

If you find that hangboards are still a little too difficult for you, then these are a great way to work up to that level. Simulates the fatigue on fingers and forearms really well, works on your finger tendons to add endurance to open hand grip. It’s well polished equipment with no quality or workmanship issues.

There’s one major downside. The two rope pieces are proper size to fit in the slits. However, note that the quality of climbing cords they come with are likely poor quality junk & too short to be much use.

You should be careful not to trust it with your body weight. Maybe this company will upgrade this part down the road but be cautious nonetheless. It’s better if you use your own rope that you trust.

Otherwise these climbing rings are perfect to parctice on as indoor wall climber. The hangboards are made of solid wood with 4 depth pockets with scales of 10, 15, 20, and 25 mm.

It’s a board with great concept having 3 different types of finger holes.1 & 2-finger holes, 3 & 4-finger holes. Weighing around 290g they’re portable & it’s easy to always take this equipment with you. Hang them from monkey bars, a beam in the garage, a tree branch somewhere outdoors.

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