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Finger Loops –

  • Name: Core Prodigy Talon Grip Finger Loops
  • Category: Finger Loops
  • Purpose: Open Hand Strength
  • Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars
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  • Ideal for Static Support Grip Training
  • Isolate Fingers Individually for Grip Training
  • Durable, When Correctly Used Last for Years
  • Great for Static Holds, Pull-Up, Deadlifts

Talon Grip Finger Loops – Review

Overview, Details & Everything Relevant You Need To Know

What Are Core Prodigy Talon Grip Finger & Thumb Loops?


The Core Prodigy Talon Grip Finger & Thumb Loops are brilliant training tools for static grip. Ideal for climbers & arm wrestlers who value this type of grip ability likely the most. Both durable & rugged device for finger, thumb, hand, wrist and arm strengthening. Able to train 1 or all 5 digits.

The Talon Grip is super sturdy, the only open hand training device to include a thumb loop. Add weight or attach to a resistance band and wrap the loops on all fingers and thumb to tune up your static open hand grip strength.

Wrap the Talon Grip around Pull-Up Bars, a Weight Stack or Bar for Pull-Ups, Deadlifts, Rows or any other pulling exercise. Also Great for Static Holds. Develop an eagle like claw grip.

Ideal for athletes and sports enthusiasts who want to increase their hand, wrist, forearm and finger strength for rock climbing, pull-ups, ninja training, bodybuilding, MMA, shooting, golf, tennis, calisthenics, body weight exercises, shooting, bodybuilding, motocross, motorcycling.

What are the Pros & Cons with Talon Grip Finger & Thumb Loops?

Durable & Rugged


  • Brilliant for Static Grip – Hands-down one of the best grip tools you can buy to build static support grip
  • Train Each of Your Digits Individually – Connect Talon Grip to the bar, pin or weight stack & train fingers
  • Improve Open Hand Strength – Outstanding tool to develop formidable finger & open hand strength
  • Start Training any Combination of Fingers – One, two, three OR four at a time, including  your thumb
  • Multiple Uses – Take full advantage of Talon Grip & use it for static holds, deadlifts, rows, curls, pull-ups
  • Strong & Durable – These finger loops are built to be rugged & durable, if corretly used lasts for years 
  • Portable – You’ll be able to keep a pair nearby, throw it in your training bag as you hit the gym


  • Hard to Get Fingers In – One of the few complaints, depending on how experienced user you are, it can be somewhat difficult to get each finger on the right spot to start exercise
  • There’s No One Size Fits All – That boils down to genetics, each of us is unique & therefore our hands differ in sizes. You simply have to try & experiement with them if you are able to use finger loops properly. Maybe your hands are too small, or too big, or perhaps these loops could be just perfect for you.
Great Equipment

Talon Grip Finger & Thumb Loops - Ranking 88 out of 100

Flip Finger Loops Other Way Around & You Get A Nifty Extensor Training Gear

Build Muscle Balance

Vast majority of people never work their extensor muscles – This eventually results in muscle overuse. In Short, pain in hands. This is where muscle overuse in your hands eventually leads to. Fatigue & muscle imbalance.

If you don’t exercise the counter-movements, your extensor muscles will be weak compared to flexor muscles. Doing so eventually ends in disaster: Tennis elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Tendinitis & more associated conditions.

Using finger loops to exercise your extensors is one of the possible ways to get rid of that hand pain. Exercising a couple of minutes per day is already enough to make a difference.

Many users have reported that the pain they’ve had for months has effectively diminished to non existent after couple of weeks of extensor training.

Prevent, Reduce or Eliminate Pain Associated With:

1Medical Conditions :
CTS, Arthritis, Tendinitis, Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow
2Hand Muscles Overuse : 
Fingers, hands & forearm muscles overuse
3Recovery from Injury :
Rehabing an injury or recovering from surgery

  1. Good Way to Achieve Hand Muscle Balance – Exercise finger & forearm muscles counter-movements
  2. Dynamic & Fun way to work your extensors – Simple, effective way to kiss goodbye to that elbow pain
  3. Highly recommended to improve hand health –  Ideal for anyone concerned about hand their health
  4. Relieves Pain Caused by Muscle Overuse – Quick relief from tennis elbow & pains from muscle overuse
  5. Tunes Up Your Crush Grip Maximum – Builds counter-muscles to support the crushing grip muscles
  6. Build Stable, Pain-Free Hands – Helps to build well-round developed forearms in harmonious way

Technical Details

  • Materials: Nylon
  • Colors: Yellow or Black
  • Package Dimensions: 23.7 x 13.49 x 3.91 cm
  • Shipping Weight: 68 Grams
  • Manufacturer: Core Prodigy
Attach Talon Grip Finger & Thumb Loops to pull-up bar, cable cross-over, lat pull-down machine or rows cable.

Focus on training one, two or more digits at a time to concentrate strengthening fingers more individually.

This unconventional yet fun & effective way builds your static grip strength up quickly.

You can get creative by attaching finger loops to various devices such as dumbbells. You can even walk your dog using finger loops or carry your grocery bag. No limits here. Secure finger loops to the device of your choice & proceed with placing each of your digits into corresponding loops.

It’s fun to use Talon Grip Finger & Thumb Loops, it’s simple & effective. You will be surprised how easily your hands will get tired from such simple modification. After couple of intense sets you will feel your hands warming up quickly & you might feel a burning sensation. At this point you know it is working.

Doesn’t matter if you’re doing it for competitive purposes, or simply for overall hand health & well being, it benefits both. Ideal way to strengthen tendons & helps you to improve your overall grip strength in your forearms.

Core Prodigy Talon Grip Finger Loops - versatile grip & hand strength training

Where to Attach Talon
Grips Finger Loops:

  1. Pull-up bars
  2. Lat pull-down
  3. Row cable machine
  4. Free weights
  5. Resistance bands
  6. Cable cross-over

The Talon Grip is the only
open hand training device
to include a thumb loop

Training with Finger Loops is simple & effectve activity that benefits your static grip strength.

In addition to open hand strength you can use finger loops to work extensor muscles.

For even more benefits pair up your finger loops training with hand gripper training.

In Order To Lift Heavier More Endurance Is Needed

More Support, More Power

In case you want lift heavier, you have to increase your crush grip as well as static grip strength – You also want to train the extensor muscles of your hands to balance & counteract all the squeezing you’re doing when crushing grippers.

Without one being great other can’t become great: Think about your big pressing muscles – For example, if your back isn’t strong enough, you’ll never have a big bench press. These are the two big muscle groups that balance & strengthen each other, & make your overall power output much more effective once they’re balanced.

Exact same thing applies to crush grip & static support grip strength: You want to strengthen both your tendons & extensor muscles of your hands in order to greatly improve your overall grip strength, its muscle structure & balance.

What is My Final Evaluation of Talon Grip Finger Loops?

Ideal to Practice Claw Grip

In my opinion this is one of the better gear you can get for static grip strength training. This is the only device available that has thumb loop as well, so it adds an unique element to it.

Depending on how aggressively you use them, one pair can last for years. If you start straight up wrecking them, eventually they break. If you want more bulletproof variant of this product, IronMinds Eagle Loops will be your best bet but prepare to pay double the price as well. So, this is way more budget friendly option & it has thumb loop as well.

For climbers & arm wrestlers Talon Grip finger loops can be go-to workhorse to strengthen tendons & really get that static open hand grip strength up. For casual gym goer this is a fun way to spice things up while having a blast at it.

As bonus, you can flip finger loops other way around & train finger extensors as well. Most people don’t bother training extensors & don’t pay specific attention to muscle balance that can spell disaster & eventually it leads to muscle overuse.

Many RSI associated conditions can be treated quickly by regular exercising every other day. The key is to focus more on having muscle balance, result is pain free hands. Talon Grip finger & thumb loops help you to achieve that.

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2 thoughts on “Finger Loops – Strange But Sure Way To Train Static Grip

  1. The Core Prodigy Talon Grip Finger & Thumb Loops sound like versatile training tools for enhancing grip strength and hand mobility. However, I have a few questions to better understand their functionality:

    Can you provide more details about the material used in the Talon Grip? Is it comfortable to use for extended training sessions?

    You mentioned that it’s suitable for climbers and arm wrestlers, but how does it specifically benefit these athletes in terms of training their grip abilities?

    Could you explain how the thumb loop enhances the training experience? What benefits does it offer compared to similar grip training tools without a thumb loop?

    Look forward to hearing what you have to say.

    1. Talon Grips are made of nylon, family of synthetic polymers. It’s a type of plastic that is derived from crude oil. In further chemical processing it results in strong, strechy, durable fibers that can be used as fabric.This fabric is sewn together into loops that you can use to focus training digits individually.

      Comfortable is relative term here, depending on your level of expertise – To put it other way, material used in finger loops is rugged & it will tear into your hands especially when you increase weight & training volume. That is to be expected & big part of getting palms stronger, can’t have them too smooth would beat the purpose.

      As for arm wrestlers & climbers, these are the specialists who likely value open hand strength the most. They rather seek to train grip to endure static holds in one fixated position for extended periods of time  than focus on crushing objects. As a result these athletes have crazy-strong tendons in their hands that simply won’t give in, as if their life would depend on it. Specifically, in climbers case it would.

      Speaking of thumb loop, thumbs are special case in our grip arsenal, they are sort of ment to lock-in weight or object you grab & trying to hold onto. Typically thumb is strongly associated with pinch gripping movement & is in fact one of the weakest links in our grip.

      So, having an option to include thumb in training & help it along will tremendously benefit overall ability to lift more & in more stable form. Having thumb loop enhances the training experience by really feeling that claw-grip type of hand position which is unique angle & element, strongly influenced by the nature of Talon Grips training device itself.

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