“The Grip Master’s Manual”, by J. Brookfield

“The Grip Master’s Manual”, by J. Brookfield

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  • “The Grip Master’s Manual”
  • Language: English, Paperback: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Ironmind Enterprises, 1St Edition edition (November 2002)
  • by John Brookfield

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“The Grip Master’s Manual”

Publisher: Ironmind Enterprises, 1St Edition edition (November 2002)

by John Brookfield

Moving beyond Mastery of Hand Strength, John Brookfield continues his tradition of breaking new ground in
grip training: John’s creative new exercises and unbridled enthusiasm are what The Grip Master’s Manual is
all about.

John begins with some general training pointers, including how to practice good hand health, & then shows
you how to build your overall upper body & lower arm strength, laying a foundation for the specific hand &
lower arm training that follows.

What follows is typical of John: a wide array of innovative techniques and exercises designed to motivate &
challenge you – to build your hand strength from every conceivable angle, along with your dexterity &
muscle control.

John, who invented what are now commonly called “strap holds,” is your guide to “climbing the mountain” to
close the No. 3 Captains of Crush Gripper.

Finally, John leads you through the consummate grip master’s repertoire: bending steel bars, bending
horseshoes, coiling and scrolling iron, bending nails, and even tearing cards.
John wrote this book to help you take your hand strength to the next level, and if you follow his advice, I’m
sure you will get there & then some.

If you want to be a grip master in the true sense of the word, get your hands on The Grip Master’s Manual &
then go out and crush a can of Coke.

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