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EXT 90 –

  • Name: GD Iron Grip EXT 90
  • Type: Adjustable Hand Gripper
  • Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • Place to Buy: Amazon

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  • Adjustable – Six (6) resistances, 55 to 198 lbs/ 25 to 90kg
  • High-Quality – Good Design, Smart yet Simple Structure
  • Superbly Engineered – Ergonomic, fully built with metal
  • Includes Add-Ons – Extend the length of the handles

GD Iron Grip EXT 90 – Review

Overview, Details & Everything Relevant You Need To Know

What is GD Iron Grip EXT 90 Adjustable Gripper?


GD Iron Grip EXT 90 is beautiful yet robust, silent yet sturdy, rough yet ergonomic & has exceeded my expectations.

Perfect craftsmanship, high-quality, solid & more importantly, adjustable – Probably the only gripper you’ll ever need.
I personally really like this hand gripper since it covers most aspects you would seek in a hand strengthener such as this.

Technically, with one single gripper such as EXT 90 you’ll get 6 different grippers – Excellent to cover all of the aspects of
a perfect workout – Warm-up, working sets, challenge sets, cool-down sets.

It’s also on bar with famous Captains of Crush grippers that are deemed as the gold standard of hand grippers.

Meanwhile, EXT 90 has also quite aggressive knurling compared to CoC grippers – Prevent it from slipping in your hand
to get a solid grip workout in conveniently & effectively.

What are the Pros & Cons with EXT 90 Adjustable Gripper?

Superbly Engineered


  • It’s Adjustable – Includes six (6) different resistance levels – By far the biggest advantage! Forget about buying multiple grippers, you need only this one, unless you’re a grip training enthusiast like me.
  • High Quality – Built like a tank, sturdy, beautifully designed, & brutally effective – A gripper you likely have to buy once only, since it will last you for years.
  • Doesn’t Squeak – It’s sturdy yet silent, & its spring does not squeak nor make weird noises. Train even in silent library if you want, without pissing off people around you.
  • Ergonomic – Well designed, fits well in your hand & provides support for your hands to train your crushing grip strength effectively, without injuring yourself.
  • Knurled – Adding a top-notch look to your gripper as well as provides aggressive enough knurling on palm side to prevent your hand from slipping on handles.
  • Includes Extensions – Handle extensions are being added to make handles longer & to help you get better grip in case you have bigger hands.. or, in case you want to add & have more challenging approach. 


  • Requires investment – This hand gripper is obviously on the expensive side. You should take your time, & think it through if you need one: Consider it as investment. It’s 6 grippers in 1, thus expensive, yet well worth its price.
  • Handles don’t touch – Not really a con, but just putting it out here: Unlike most grippers, this one is designed in the way its handles won’t touch completely & grind against each other. It doesn’t affect range of motion necessarily but provides slightly different feel.
  • May be too tough for beginners – If you’re a complete beginner, this one can be a tough nut to crack. The easiest resistance level begins at 55 lbs / 25 kg.
Excellent Equipment

EXT 90 Adjustable Gripper - Ranking 96 out of 100

Why, in fact, EXT 90 Gripper is inexpensive?

Six Grippers in One

Iron Grip has wide, adjustable resistance – 55 to 198 lbs (25 to 90kg) – Plenty of progression room from beginner to expert. Owning the Iron Grip Adjustable Grip 90 EXT is like owning six separate metal hand grippers.

EXP 90 costs around $75, if we divide this with 6 there you have it, it’s technically $12.5 per gripper. That deal is pretty crazy considering the high quality. For example, if you take a look at Captains of Crush grippers, which are one of the best grippers available, you can get one for $25. In other words, EXT 90 gripper is about 2 times cheaper considering the sheer value.

CoC gripper VS EXT 80 adjustable hand gripper

The EXT Adjustable Grippers Axis of Handle is Not Twisted

Excellent for Training Both Hands

Compared to regular classic spring grips, the EXT grip’s axis of handle is not twisted.
It’s a peculiar innovation for GD line of grippers.

Most Regular Grippers Have Right-Wing Springs

So what does that mean for you? First & foremost comfort, but in my opinion more versatility. Instead of getting specialized grippers for both hands, such as right-wing & left-wing spring grippers, you can use EXT grippers in both hands & they feel pretty much the same way. It’s has a more ergonomic design than most other grippers can offer you.

A right-wing hand gripper, designed for right handed crush grip training – Captains of Crush – The Gold Standard
A left-wing hand gripper, designed for left handed crush grip training – Captain of Crush Left-Turn Gripper

#1 Classical Gripper
Captains of Crush - The Gold Standard of Hand Grippers

#2 Lefty Gripper
CoC Left-Turn Hand Gripper

#3 Smooth Gripper
Zenith Hand Gripper - The comfortable crush by IronMind

#4 Thumb Gripper

There are Two Versions of EXT Adjustable Grippers With Handle Extensions

Black & Red

EXT 90 (Black),

Resistance levels are
25 kg (55lb) to 90kg (198lb.)

Black (tougher)

  • Stage 1. 55lb (25kg)
  • Stage 2. 84lb (38kg)
  • Stage 3. 112lb (51kg)
  • Stage 4. 141lb (64kg)
  • Stage 5. 170lb (77kg)
  • Stage 6. 198lb (90kg)

Red (easier)

  • Stage 1. 55lb (25kg)
  • Stage 2. 79lb (36kg)
  • Stage 3. 104lb (47kg)
  • Stage 4. 128lb (58kg)
  • Stage 5. 152lb (69kg)
  • Stage 6. 176lb (80kg)

EXT 80 (Red),

Resistance levels are
25kg (55lb.) to 80 kg (176 lb.)

EXT 90 Adjustable Gripper Includes Handle Extensions

Make it More Challenging

This is pretty straightforward upgrade to your gripper & is exactly as it sounds:
Make the handles of this adjustable gripper even longer.

EXT 80 Adjustable gripper & handle extensions

1This is great option in case you’re an individual with larger hands. There are plenty of bigger & stronger guys out there, with extra large hands, who are doing repetitions with hand grippers using only 3 fingers & thumb to squeeze.

By making handles longer you don’t have to neglect your pinkie finger anymore & you can utilize it along with your other fingers. It’s great & leaves no excuses to get the maximum out of your grip workout.

2Another possible upgrade with longer handles is to make a gripper more challenging – It’s depending on how you place gripper in your hand. Also, this can & will vary a bit from person to person depending on their hand sizes.

If you’re are person with smaller hands, then you have a lot more options & room to play around. A great way to get creative & challenge yourself in numerous different angles & starting positions to close the gripper.

3Also, longer handles are excellent, if you can’t close a gripper on higher resistance level yet & you’re doing negative repetitions. Longer handles are great to help you to close gripper with two hands & practice negative repetitions.

In fact, if you’re serious about getting to the next level in your gripper game, doing negative repetitions are not only necessary but a big part of your grip strength progression. Having longer handles on gripper is definitely a positive & effective contribution you don’t want to miss out on.

Why is Your Hand Gripper Quality Important?

Avoid Injuries & Be Consistent

  • Durability – Cheap plastic grippers spring tend to snap much more easily. You might get injured as well if spring shatter in splinters. Here’s number one reason to take a bit more expensive route. Quality product ensures less hassle through equipment failure. Invest smarter, avoiding unnecessary injuries caused by faulty devices as much as possible.

  • Consistency – Cheap grippers spring wears out quickly. Let’s say you’re buying a cheap, hard to close100-lbs plastic gripper. Couple of months later you’re closing it for reps like a master, making you feel like you’ve made a lot of progress. Wrong, the reality is that gripper spring just wore out. To monitor your progress, high quality gripper is a must.

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13 thoughts on “GD Iron Grip EXT 90 Review – The Craziest Adjustable Gripper?

  1. Wassup Henry

    The EXT 90 looks like a great buy.

    People should understand you pay for value. And the EXT 90 is durable and high quality.

    I think it looks amazing and I love the option to change the weight.

    This will make it more challenging and put more muscle on my forearms.

    Quick question: Does it come with a training program?

    1. For gripper training check out books called Captains of Crush Grippers: What They Are & How to Close Them, by R. Strossen &

      Grip Strength, How to Close Heavy Duty Hand Grippers, Lift Thick Bar Weights, & Pinch Grip Just About Anything, by R. Spindler & T. Heslep

      No particular exercise program along with EXT 90 but it’s a gripper like rest of them so aforementioned manuals are appropriate.

  2. Henry
    I like this article. I used the old style grippers as a kid.

    They were either too easy or too hard. I always worried about injuring myself.
    These adjustable grippers look great. The settings chart was a big help.

    Do these work more than the muscles in your hands?
    Do they improve wrist and lower arm muscles as well?

    1. Yes. Grippers are definitely your bread & butter to develop crushing grip strength, to build formidable finger strength & strengthen tendons.

      You can also use them to perform static holds to build support grip strength that is good for deadlift.

      To improve wrist strength, much more direct approach would be to use wrist rollers & flexbars. Fun to use & they burn up your forearms in no time.

  3. This is really cool and helpful.
    I’ve been using the old and cheap handle thats passed down from generations lol.

    But i’ve been looking for ways to improve my grip. So far i just been doing fingertip pushups whenever i can.
    But this seems like it’ll do the trick.

    Is amazon the cheapest place to buy?

    1. Amazon is one of the more reliable places to buy just about anything. Also, it pays off to keep an eye out for sales, discounts happen frequently.

      Those cheap handles are a wonder – Sometimes they snap right off the bat, & sometimes they seem to have infinite durability. Looks like you’ve been blessed with the latter.

      Fingertip push-ups are pure awesomeness for impressive finger & open hand static strength. Thanks for mentioning & bringing it up. For counter-movement, I’d throw in some handbands to build strength for hand extensors & muscle balance.

  4. Hey Henry!

    I didn’t even know that such a grip training product existed at all! Your post on this item is very informative and very detailed. I also like the fact that you wrote the cons of this item as well (although it doesn’t seem to have many).Thank you for your review!

    1. There are whole myriad of fun gripster items available & many of them you find right here as well. Spring grippers are just the beginning. Thanks for stopping by. It’s nice to hear I was able to bring something new to table.

  5. Hi Henry!

    I really love that they’re adjustable!
    I’ve had many grippers in my life, mainly plastic ones, and they are noisy and easily breakable.

    I think I will give these a try for a change, they look really reliable with that ergonomic and high quality material.

    Thanks for the thorough review and charts! Very helpful!

    1. Plastic grippers can be fun but yeah, they’re also unpredictable, going *SNAP* just like that.
      Thanks for sharing your experience.
      Would love to hear about your progress once you get going & trying a new angle.

  6. Dear Henry,

    Hello Henry. I’m Jisu An, overseas manager for GD. We are manufacturer of the GD IRON GRIP EXT 90.
    I found your review of GD IRON GRIP EXT 90 and it is really impressive review.
    I appreciate your detailed review. I was very surprised that you know the exact strong points of the gripper.
    I’d like to upload your review on our official website. Is it fine? 🙂 I want to introduce your wonderful review to our customers.

    And also, we are preparing for launching new gripper and other home gym equipment.
    If I have a chance, I’d like to send you our new products when it is ready for launching.
    If you are interested in getting free samples, please feel free to contact me.
    I think the Amazon link of GD IRON GRIP EXT 90 that you uploaded is invalid.
    Thank you so much for your great review.

    Best regards,
    Jisu An.

    1. Jisu An, nice to hear from you & that you like what you see. Feel free to share my article through social media links & thanks for your keen eye, I’ve updated all the links. Every now & then it is bound to happen with affiliate links. Stuff gets moved to a different location. Not a question if but when.

  7. Dear Henry,
    I am Andy Shen, we are manufacturer of gym chalk block, gym chalk powder, gym chalk ball and liquid gym chalk.
    We sell our products to USA, UK, GERMANY and so on.
    If we have a chance, we’d like to send you our products detail information.
    If you are interested in getting free samples, please feel free to contact me.
    Best regards
    Andy Shen

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