Twist Yo’ Wrist

Twist Yo’ Wrist

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  • Build Strong Wrists in Every Direction – Effective to Improve Wrists Mobility, Flexibility & Overall Strength
  • High-Quality Product – Grip Specialty Tool that is Durable & Useable with OR without a Loading Pin
  • Includes Climbing-grade Accessory Cord & a Snap Clip

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Twist Yo’ Wrist produces a forearm workout unlike anything else out there. If you want to improve & build strong wrists in all directions latch on to the Twist Yo’ Wrist & give it a spin.

It doesn’t take much weight to become extremely hard!

It works great if you want a new way to pump up your forearms & like to train your grip strength at the same time. This device doesn’t take much weight to become extremely hard, so don’t expect to load this up with as much weight as your regular wrist roller, you simply won’t be able to move it.

Even loading a light weight is actually enough to get in a basic workout & it works your hands in ways like nothing else will.

  • Outstanding tool to build incredibly strong wrists in all directions
  • Greatly improve your wrists mobility & flexibility
  • Build wrist strength & grip strength at the same time
  • A great way to pump up your forearms & feel that burn sensation

Also stands up for heavy weights to fit your preference, just be cautious & take a look at the knot that secures weights so all of a sudden the rope won’t come out of the pulley & the weights won’t crash to the ground.

The rope is durable, but its replaceable if it breaks.

Like all IronMind products, the quality is top notch & world-class quality. An excellent addition to any hand strength program.

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