Short Product Description:

  • Advanced Wrist-Roller – Rope-less & no weight plates
  • Adjustable Tension – From very easy to impossible
  • Very Durable – Made of aluminium & neoprene rubber
  • High Quality Product – Hand crafted, lifetime guarantee

The SideWinder Pro - It's Compact & Adjustable, High-Quality Wrist-Roller that Requires No Rope or Weight Plates

Professional Grip Strengthening Device to Improve Your Hand, Wrist & Forearm Strength

SideWinder Pro, By SideWinder

Product Overview

SideWinder Pro is a professional grip training tool – An advanced wrist-roller that is rope-less & uses no weight plates.

It’s not a plastic toy – It’s a very high quality, hand strengthening device that is built to be robust yet great looking. It
moves smoothly & silently while you keep twisting it.

SideWinder Pro was designed by Chris Nieman, & the initial idea was to build a new, innovative & upgraded version of
wrist-roller that would complement widely known, age-old weight-on-rope type of wrist-roller, or even replace it entirely.
The result is an impressive SideWinder series adjustable wrist-rollers.

Simply turn the tension dial, set a suitable resistance level & you’re good to go – Excellent for both beginners & experts.

Adjusting process is incredibly easy, meanwhile it’s also precise & convenient. SideWinder Pro has a well designed tension
dial that helps you to measure your workout precisely, taking out the guess work.

SideWinder wrist-rollers are built like a tank – Made completely out of metal parts with no plastic parts that can break.

What Are the Pros & Cons with SideWinder Pro?

Compact, Adjustable, Smooth


  • High Quality Product – It’s a professional grip training device with very high quality. It’s hand crafted with metal parts, adjustable, with solid tubing, neoprene rubber handles & machined aluminium.
  • Quickly Adjustable – No rope, plain & simple – Simply turn tension dial to set preferable resistance level & you can start your workout session.
  • Infinite Resistance – Tension starts from very easy & with no resistance at all. You can regulate it to go all the way up to hardcore & near impossible. Excellent difficulty levels for warm-up, working sets as well as challenge sets.
  • Ideal for Any Athlete – Since the resistance levels have so many available options, this device is ideal for beginners & experts alike. It’s great for both women & men, younger & older. Set any tension level you like.
  • Portable – It’s light & easily portable, making it a convenient device that you can take it with you, whether you go on vacation, business trip, or simply keep it in your desk drawer. Never miss your exercise session.
  • Very Durable – There are no plastic parts that can degrade, chemically deteriorate or break over the time. This device is completely made of metal parts, to be as durable as possible.
  • Neoprene Handles – SideWinder Pro handles are covered with neoprene rubber to give you an extra edge & better grip so it won’t slip out of your hands. Rubber handles feel excellent & fit well into your palms of hands.
  • Smooth & Silent – No squeaking sounds, it moves smoothly & silently while burning up your forearms qyucjky. It moves in one motion as you keep twisting it, to work your wrists & forearms with max intensity.
  • Great for Rehab – Since it moves smoothly & there are no weight plates that can crash, or rope that can break, it’s an ideal device to rehab your hands. Smooth movement guarantees no sudden movements & less chances to injure yourself while recovering.


  • Requires an Investment – Like any high quality product, it tends to be on expensive side for a good reason. It’s well made & worth every penny. You should consider this as professional grip training device & as a long term investment.
  • Technically No Cons – It’s a fancy, upgraded wrist roller & does exactly what it is designed to do. From technical part, you should know there are no noticiable flaws in this device. 
Excellent Product Alert!

SideWinder Pro - Ranking 88 out of 100

How Can You Benefit from SideWinder Pro?

More Fun, More Results

  • Screwdriver-Like Single Hand Training – You can train one hand at a time – Something that you can’t do with weight-on-rope type of wrist-rollers. Simply hold SideWinder Pro with one hand & perform twisting exercises with other hand, like you’re used to do while using a screwdriver or opening a jar.
  • Multiple Angles – Since SideWinder uses no rope or weight plates, you can use it both horizontally & vertically. You can get creative here & use it at multiple angles. Twist it behind your back, or behind your head. You can use alternate grip & keep twisting it while sitting or standing up.
  • No Limiting Rope – With regular wrist-rollers your exercise pretty much ends at the end of the rope. With SideWinder you can keep going til muscle failure for maximum pump, efficiency & muscle gains. It helps you to get the maximum out of your workout session.
  • Very Thick Handles – Thicker handles are scientifically been proven to activate more muscles in your arms & therefore engaging more muscle fibers. It means two things for you, bigger & stronger muscles.

One of the Most Advanced Wrist-Roller You Can Use
Excellent hand, wrist & forearm training device

Product Specifications:

  • Weight: 2.3 pounds / 1 kg
  • Length: 14 inches / 35.5 cm
  • Grip handles: 5 inches / 12.7 cm on each side
  • Diameter: 1.5 inches / 3.8 cm
  • Rubber Handles – Neoprene rubber coating
  • Materials: Completely made of machined aluminium
  • Adjustable: Resistance from easy to impossible

SideWinder Pro has ingenious design, it’s very well
built – Feel free to take full advantage of it.

Very easy to adjust & built like a tank. Adjust with
a simple turn of a tension dial. A durable & compact
device built with metal parts.

SideWinder Pro weighs about 2.3 pounds, it’s easily
portable – Take it with you as you hit the gym etc.

The SideWinder Pro wrist-roller can be used for variety of exercises
that regular rope-based wrist-rollers can’t duplicate

What Can You Achieve if You’re Using SideWinder Pro?

Bigger & Stronger Forearms

  • Well Conditioned Grip – To be on top of your sport, your grip have to remain strong. Having an overall stronger, less fatigued grip helps you to perform your workout routines better, as well as give much better effort on competitions.
  • Improve Wrist Strength – SideWinder is 100% dedicated wrist training device & as a wrist-roller it’s the #1 focused area it strengthens. Build strong wrists in all directions.
  • Improve Tendon Strength – Tennis Elbow & Golfer’s elbow often happen because tendons get stretched out. Why they get stretched out? Because they’re weak. Sidewinder gets them stronger & pain-free.
  • Improve Hand Flexibility – Having less stiff hands & gaining more mobility & range of motion in hands is a big part of having strong grip & healthy hands. More versatility & flexibility is important to prevent injuries.
  • Improve Size of Forearms – Getting bigger usually means you gradually get stronger as well. With constant smooth motion that SideWinder provides during workout, you achieve maximum intensity & pump that helps to add mass.
  • Protect Hands from Injuries – Having a bit more muscle is never a bad thing. Muscles act like cushion that protects your body. By increasing your functional strength & muscle mass you have healthier hands & greatly prevent risk of injury.

Who Can Benefit From SideWinder Pro?

Any Athlete, Male & Female

This is no secret, grip strength is the biggest weakness in almost every athlete arsenal. Your gripping ability determines
how well, how long & how heavy objects you can grip. Gain an instant advantage over your competition by training grip.

If winning or losing depends on your grip, then using a professional grip training device like SideWinder Pro goes a long way
to improve your grip. Training grip directly is a very overlooked & neglect aspect by many athletes. If you want to give 100%
performance & not less, grip strength is definitely one of the bottle necks that needs to be improved.

Grip is the first point of contact regardless of your sport. Doesn’t really matter if you’re female or male, younger or older,
your gripping ability is one of the vital factors that decides the effectiveness of your performance. So, why not to get
maximum out of your grip training? SideWinder wrist-roller is convenient way to achieve stronger grip.

  • Strongman
  • Arm Wrestler
  • Powerlifter
  • Gymnast
  • Calisthenics
  • Sport Archer
  • Tennis Player
  • Golf Player
  • Guitar Player
  • Piano Player
  • Drummer
  • Skier
  • Sport Shooter
  • Motocross Driver
  • Basketball Player
  • Military Forces
  • Martial Artist
  • Boxer
  • Bodybuilder
  • Pole Dancer
  • Weightlifter
  • Rock Climber
  • Cross-Fitter
  • Wrestler

You can choose from 4 different models from SideWinder series.

These devices have very similar qualities. Their weight, length & diameter vary.

1. SideWinder Revolution
2. SideWinder Pro
3. SideWinder ProXtreme
4. The Grip Twister

SideWinder Pro has rubber coated handles.

SideWinder series wrist-rollers are all equally well built, with no rope & easily adjustable.

The SideWinder Pro can be excellent starting point for you to work with wrist-rollers.

It’s the smaller version of ProXtreme, also covered with neoprene rubber hanbles & excellent introduction to SideWinder series.

The rubber coated handles make gripping easier & keep the device in your hands while you twist it.

In overall, it’s great looking, well built device. Definitely a welcome addition for anyone who wants stronger wrists.

SideWinder Pro is rope-less & uses no weight plates – Since there is weight on rope, there is no momentum you could
cheat with or leverage from, & therefore it helps you to achieve maximum intensity during your workout.

Twisting SideWinder & keeping it moving requires constant effort from your end & makes your forearms burn up very
quickly & effectively. This is wonderful news for you as you’re not wasting your energy elsewhere, you get straight to the
point & the good thing by doing that. No delays, no workarounds,

Consistency that rope-less wrist-roller like SideWinder can provide during workout, benefits Gymnasts & Martial Artist,
Powerlifters as well as Weightlifters. The idea is to improve your grip to the point where you can train longer & lift heavier
weights. For martial artists it also means stronger wrists for better striking & more effective crappling movements.

Grip strength is the very first point of contact in most sports – It pays off big time to have a solid grip.

Is SideWinder Pro Any Good for Rehab?

Ideal for Hand Recovery

The most common hand injuries are usually affecting your tendons – Medical conditions such as Epicondylitis: Tennis Elbow
& Golfer’s Elbow. The best way to avoid these conditions, or recover quickly is to strengthen your tendons in your forearms.

There’s always a risk for Repetitive Strain Injury, especially on this notorious age of computers. There’s also risk for some
closely related conditions, such as certain type of Arthritis or even Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Any doctor could say you the same thing, what you need, is to rest up & when you’ve rested enough, it’s time to take action
& start exercising. Exercising is a must! This is the only way you’re going to recover fully, there are no other ways around it.

Wrist-rollers like SideWinder are excellent, yet easy & fun way to use, to help you to strengthen tendons. It is a great way to
treat injured hands & relieve pain in. Using wrist-rollers for regular physical therapy & exercising can be one of your main
ways to regain the functional strength of your hands & wrist as well as improving your overall hand flexibility.

  • Build More Balanced Muscles – If you want to have pain-free hands, having more balanced muscles is one of the keys to achieve that. Whether you’re currently suffering from medical condition or not, to have healthier hands & stronger body in general, always focus on building more balanced muscles.
  • Strengthen Your Tendons – Your tendons get stretched out, because they’re not strong enough – This is one of the big reasons why conditions like Tennis Elbow & Golfer’s Elbow can occur. To avoid all of that, prevent your tendons from being stretched out to the point they can’t handle the workload: Simply train your tendons, so you can get rid of pain & also gain valuable functional strength.
  • Gain More Hand Mobility – More versatility is never a bad thing. It’s excellent to prevent injuries. Exercising with wrist-roller helps you to flex your hand, forearm muscles & wrists to reduce stiffness in them. Stimulate blood flow & reduce pain in hands. This type of training leads to quicker recovery & healthier hands.
  • Treat RSI & Related Conditions – Regular exercising is the corner-stone of health. Couple of minutes of exercising per day is usually enough but incredibly vital to tune up weaker muscle groups in your body, like your forearms & hands. It helps to relax fatigued, overused dominant muscles & gets weaker muscles in shape.

SideWinder series wrist-rollers are great pick if you’re aiming to build more balanced muscles in your forearms. It helps with
promoting the blood flow into affected tissues through exercising, which in return can heal the root cause of conditions that
cause pain in your hands.

Since SideWinder type of wrist-roller has no weight on rope that can accidentally drop & crash on ground, it’s much safer to
use than older types of wrist-rollers. It means more safety for you, while you’re trying to mend an injury.

This type of wrist-roller device moves in one smooth motion, making it an excellent rehab tool – There are no sudden moves
that you can accidentally perform. Avoiding sudden moves is extra important while you’re trying to recover from injury, so
you won’t injure yourself further & cause symptoms to get worse.

Another fact that makes SideWinder an ideal rehab tool is that it starts with virtually no resistance – You can always calibrate
the exact resistance levels that you need. There’s no need to over-train or under-train, with adjustable device you do things
in your way & choose the level you want to progress on.


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