Short Product Description:

  • Hand Therapy Kit – Reduce Stress, Joint Pain, Stiffness & Ease Muscle Tension – Improve Grip Strength
  • Multiple Exercise Balls – Includes Three (3) Color-Coded balls of Varying Resistance – Soft, Medium & Firm
  • Offer Includes a Full-Color Illustrated Exercise Guide

The #1 Hand Therapy Kit - Includes a Fully Illustrated Guide - Hand Therapy Exercise Ball Kit, by Gaiam Restore

Excellent Hand Therapy Kit to improve your crush grip strength, relieve stress, & recover from injuries

Hand Therapy Exercise Ball Kit, by Gaiam Restore

Product Overview

One of the best hand therapy kits I’ve found so far – Whether it’s speedy recovery & hand health you seek OR a new way
to improve your overall grip strength – Gaiam Restore Exercise Balls can benefit you – There are three color-coded balls
of varying resistance & a full-color exercise guide for your specific needs & personalized progression.

Simple & effective way to keep your fingers, hands and forearms supple & strong with simple daily exercises.

Whether it’s arthritis, migraine, Tennis Elbow, CTS, simple joint or muscle pain – Relieve soreness in your hands, fingers
& gradually maximize strength in your forearms. Relieve symptoms & eventually get rid of them.

These therapy balls are also very easy to clean – Simply rinse them in water & dry with towel.

Gaiam Restore hand therapy kit includes three color-coded balls of varying resistance – Soft, Medium and Firm. Helpful
& versatile for your specific needs and personalized progression. Also great from recovering from stroke.

What are the Pros & Cons with Hand Therapy Exercise Ball Kit?

Simple & Personalized


  • Recommended by Many Therapists – Easy, simple yet effective & useful every-day-tool to strengthen your weak or injured hands.
  • Inexpensive – Very affordable, it’s one of the cheapest high-quality hand therapy kits on the market.
  • Includes Training Guide – There is a fully illustrated exercise guide included that helps you perform exercises with this specific exercise ball kit.
  • High-Quality Exercise Balls – Thee therapy balls that are made of gel-type of rubber & not filled with air.
  • Multiple Resistance Levels – Includes three (3) exercise balls with different resistance level – Soft, Medium & Firm
  • Easily Washable – Cleaning these exercise balls will be easy, simply rinse them in the water & dry them after.
  • Durable – Exercise balls retain their shape after squeezing & are made of latex rubber.
  • Ergonomic – Fits well into your hand – Comfortable, convenient & effective way to increase your overall hand health & grip strength.
  • Portable – You can easily put one into your pocket: Never miss a chance to exercise. Simple, compact, convenient & always at hand if you need one.


  • Sticky Exercise Balls – They attract hair very easily, so expect them to get dirty very quickly. Fortunately, they’re also very easy to clean.
  • Don’t Buy if Allergic to Latex – If there’s any chance at all that you’re allergic to this material, please take a pass on this one.
Excellent Product Alert!

Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Kit - Ranking 90 out of 100

Why Should You Choose Gaiam Restore Exercise Balls Kit?

Inexpensive & High-Quality

Excellent for busy hands – Inexpensive yet high-quality hand therapy kit

I really like this offer, because these are solid exercise balls, made of gel type of rubber & not air-filled ones. They provide
you with a wonderful way to rehabilitate your hands. Including to full set of durable therapy balls, there’s an exercise guide
that is easy to follow – Makes life easier. Take full advantage of it to get started with a new exercises routine quickly & easily.

The full-color exercise guide includes illustrations & focuses on examples to show you how to use the exercise balls to
improve your hand strength, prevent stiffness, relieve joint pain & increase overall hand flexibility. Excellent if you’re
a busy computer worker, or recovering from stroke to get your hands back in shape.

How Can You Benefit from Gaiam Hand Therapy Kit?

Effective & Easy to Use

  1. Recover from Injuries – Rehab sore hands, recover from surgery, stroke dislocated fingers, Tennis Elbow or CTS
  2. Get Weak Hands Stronger – Get the weak grip out of the way quickly – Strengthen your fingers, hands & forearms
  3. Improve Your Hand Flexibility – Improves your overall hands versatility, prevent stiffness & relieve joint pain
  4. Progress with Multiple Resistance Levels – Three color-coded balls of varying resistance – Soft, medium & firm
  5. Have Unlimited Exercise Possibilities – This therapy set is easy to customize for individual needs & progression
  6. Use Fully Illustrated Exercise Guide – Take full advantage of  exercise guide with easy-to-follow illustrations

Why Should You Choose Gaiam Hand Therapy Kit?

Has Illustrated & Easy to Follow Guide

I enjoy this option, it’s convenient & gets you going quickly. No need to start searching for exercises individually if you don’t want to. This product already has taken care of it & has a guide how to use the exercise balls. It makes life so much easier to benefit from the kit quickly & to take the full advantage of hand therapy.

Crush grip strength is the most common of 4 major hand movements – We’re using it every single day to get our daily stuff done. From grabbing a staircase rail to opening a bottle cap – Almost everything we do goes through our fingertips, literally. So, it’s good idea to keep our hands healthy & strong to keep going effortlessly.

This is the easiest road to achieve that. Using exercise balls couple of minutes per day is small yet vital enough task to relieve stress, joint pain & helps you to improve overall grip in your hands. Restore the functional part of tired & sore hands.

This Guide Includes the Following Hand Therapy Exercises:

  1. Ball grip (wrist up)
  2. Ball grip (wrist down)
  3. Pinch
  4. Thumb extend
  5. Opposition
  6. Extend out
  7. Side squeeze
  8. Finger bend

In this particular exercises guide you will find simple yet effective exercises for major hand movements, such as crushing & pinch gripping.

It means you get to work all of your 4 fingers including your thumbs.

Exercises are focusing on gaining finger strength as well as flexibility through various movements.

  • Simple Daily Exercises

It’s easy & effective way to keep your fingers, hands & forearms supple & strong with simple exercises – Just couple of minutes a day is great & keeps hands in shape

  • Improve Strength

Benefit from hand theraphy exercise balls to improve grip strength, prevent stiffness in your hands, fingers, forearms & relieve joint pain

  • Personal Progress

Three color-coded exercise balls of varying resistance (soft, medium & firm). Easy to customize to individual needs & quick progression

  • Exercise Guide Included

A full-color exercise guide includes easy illustrations on how to use the balls to improve strength & flexibility, prevent stiffness & relieve joint pain

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10 thoughts on “Gaiam Restore Exercise Balls Review – #1 Hand Therapy Kit?

  1. Hi Henry,
    thanks for sharing about the Gaiam therapy exercise ball.
    I never thought that we can use such a simple kit to reduce stress and relieve the joint paint.

    Most of the time, we only apply pain relief medicine for joint paint and stop exercising, to prevent further stretching on the injured part.

    This kit allow us to do some simple and yet effective training, to train the muscle of the injured part, and speed up the discovery

    1. It’s important to put muscle where it counts – Where it protects our joints.

      Very often, our most dominant muscles do all the work – As a result they get fatigued & start hurting.
      Cramping up due to repetitive motion is common & nothing new.
      Throwing different exercises into our daily routine can make all the difference to strengthen up smaller & weaker muscles that will help greatly to support the dominant ones.

      A lot of folks may not realize it, but muscle balance is big thing to keep hands healthy & pain free.
      On top of Gaiam Restore Exercise Balls, I’d also suggest using Expand-Your-Hand Band, by IronMind to focus on your extensor movements – Something that most people never do.

      These two work in conjunction to achieve muscle balance that can make all the difference in the world to get strong, healthy & pain-free hands.

  2. I have been looking for something to increase my grip strength and forearm strength because they are really weak and that affects most of the other arm exercises.

    I will definitely consider this ball when I do make a purchase.
    I do like that it includes an instructional guide different exercises.

    I don’t like it when I get a piece of equipment that I am a little foreign to and they don’t really have any instructions at all.

    1. It’s wonderful to help you out,
      Including to exercise balls, I also suggest that you pair them up with hand-bands
      such as Expand-Your-Hand Bands, by IronMind, which are too often forgotten, but extra important for counter movements.

      In other words – Muscle balance.. It’s the key to healthy, strong hands.
      Simple & effective exercises, that will take no more than couple of minutes per day.

  3. I grew up on a farm milking goats twice a day and my grip strength was great but that was years ago.
    I used to win competitions against friends to see who could grip the tightest and longest.

    Now, doing pull ups my hands give out first and I have been looking for the best method to increase my grip strength to get more out of workouts.

    These Gaiam balls look like a great tool.
    How would you compare these to the spring grips?

    1. Hehe, awesome
      Growing up on a farm has its big perks, one of them can be strength..

      I remember, one of the famous strongmen from my country, who also grew up on a farm, told in an interview that he acquired his initial strong base for grip by shoveling cow “pies” every day..
      ..everybody laughed at that notion, including himself, but the results were amazing.

      He broke several world records at WSM contest

      To get grip strength on bar with rest of your body, there are many effective & simple ways to do it.
      Comparing Gaiam exercise balls to spring grips – I’d say exercise balls are more versatile, you can:

      1. Crush grip them
      2. Pinch them
      3. Do adduction movements (unique to exercise balls)

      Exercise balls are excellent for warm-up, cool-down so they never go out of style & have always place in grip training regime. Commonly, they’re more geared towards recovery, rehab, prehab, nursing an injury, very weak hands or medical condition such as CTS, tennis elbow, arthritis or tendinitis.

      Spring grips on contrary, also provide most of this, like

      1. Crush grip
      2. Pinch grip (specialized grippers),

      depending on gripper, they’re also great for recovery & rehab.. but overall I’d say gripper is a better tool to truly progress on your crush grip strength, til you can crush raw potatoes between your fingers – Excellent to build finger tendon strength & maximum crush grip, as well as perform static holds for support grip for bigger deadlift results & to be able to do more pull-ups.

      Exercise balls & grippers both have very similar qualities – They’re almost indistinguishable:
      The first one simply feels to be better for lighter exercises.
      The other one, spring grips are better for heavier sets.

  4. Hey there, I have intermittent pain from my wrists from lifting heavy weights at the gym.

    I had it checked and did an Xray and there was no fructure.
    However the doctor prescribed some anti-inflammatory pills that didn’t really do anything.

    Do you think these Gaiam balls can help with the pain and also make both my wrists and grip stronger?
    I would really want to continue lifting heavy but my wrists are really hindering my progress.

    1. Hey Michel,

      It sounds like wrist-related trauma – Pain might be associated with median nerve running through carpal tunnel if there’s no fracture. If you put more workload & pressure on your wrists, it might swell up & hurt nerves in your hands.

      The keyword here would be to start with proper rest.

      Could be injury, or it might be a case of simple over training.. or muscle imbalance.
      It also could be your body telling you, that you’ve found the weakest link in your arsenal that you need to focus on more.

      In both ways, my suggestion would be to go light-weight from here on out, de-load to fix things up.
      This is likely the quickest way to ramp up to heavy again, take your time, you’ll get there.
      Also “test the waters” – I’d add some hand-therapy, focus on hand & wrist flexibility to figure out where are the limits, strong as well as vulnerable spots & what can you physically do, before your wrist starts hurting again.

      In addition to exercise balls,
      I highly recommend using rubber bands, such as Expand-Your-Hand Bands to build muscle balance through counter-movements by strengthening your finger extensor muscles. It’s worth trying, perhaps this is what’s missing.

      It’s great for both, progression & recovery – Working on extensors will eventually give massive boost to crush grip, which helps you with lifting heavier.

      For more direct wrist-strength you could try SideWinder ProXtreme type of wrist-roller. It’s smooth & can be used with very light resistance, that can be tuned up to impossible.

      After some time has passed, I’d also check up on doctor again – Different one if possible: The more professional opinions you have the better! This works 100% for your advantage.
      They did check once, let them check again.

      Injuries are big part of any sport, it’s normal, we’ll patch you up & the game goes on.

  5. Over the years, I have noticed my hand strength decreasing significantly. I have purchased two hand grips (the ones you squeeze with resistance) and they have helped however, I can see that there is much more to be gained from using The Gaiam Restore products. I never put much thought into the overall complexity of hand movements, so thank you for the very helpful review and information.

    1. Hehe, luckily.. grip is simple & the hand grips you have are likely excellent to cover the basics.
      Just check & make sure if they’re manageable & not overwhelmingly challenging for you – It’s very important to always start out light & go from there.

      Gaiam Restore Exercise Balls are excellent if you’re more likely after hand versatility, dexterity & little bit overall functional strength. It’s all in there.
      Hand grips are very similar, but more geared towards progressing on maximum crush grip – I usually recommended to get the whole set of grips, (or adjustable gripper) if you want to go with hand grips, because to choose “the perfect” individual gripper is quite a task for anyone.

      To get your hand strength back up, I suggest training hands twice a week.
      It’s important that you perform a short yet intense hand grips session & then rest up.
      Hands are small muscle group – The key is to be consistent, yet avoid overdoing.

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