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Better Grip –

Support Grip – 4 Smart Leverages to Improve it

  • Isometric strength – Improve your static grip, in order to have an increased ability to maintain musclular contraction
  • Healthier hands – Muscles are greatly protecting your body – The stronger your hands are, the less risk there is for injury
  • Superb support – Use smart leverages to hold onto object as long as you can – Essential for climbing & to improve lifting
  • Functionality – Support grip is fundamental daily function to grab & maintain hold on objects to make your daily life better
Better Support – More Competitive Edge

An ability to hold onto objects.. It’s probably the most important aspect of grip for any climber out there. It can literally be a matter of life OR death, if everything really depends on your grip. Whether you’re competitive or non-competitive, to use smart leverages to improve your grip comes in handy in both situations.

Support grip OR sometimes called as static grip is your hands ability to hang onto objects. Fitness poles, barbells, dumbbells, chin-up bars, shopping bags, holding barre chords on guitar. You name it. Supporting grip is incredibly fundamental & part of our daily functions.

It simple in its nature, it’s part of our daily activities that makes our lives better, but can also be taken to extremes. Doesn’t matter if you’re competitive powerlifter, pole fitness dancer OR simple person on the street carrying a shopping bag – We all need support grip for what we do.

To get competitive edge OR to give your hands rest – Using smart leverages can help you tremendously

The main question is, what is your goal, & how far are you going to take your support grip? Far or not, you’re always going to need it anyways. So, what can you do to improve your support grip capabilities? There are 2 ways to improve your it:

  1. Your actual support grip muscle strength – Training with farmers walk, static barbell & gripper holds
  2. Using smart Leverages/Equipment/Tools – Lifting straps, chalk, grip-enhancers, tacky glue, stone sleeves

The more you train static grip, the stronger your tendons get & the more isometric strength you likely have. As a result the longer you likely can maintain a muscular contraction.Another route is to use specialty equipment to increase grip – I’ll show you where & why you should use those smart leverages.

These two routes can also be combined to achieve even greater effect – This is also what most professional athletes do.

The Four Major Hand Movements

  • Crushing grip – Grabbing & squeezing an object with your fingers – It’s the most basic hand movement, where you’ll be moving your fingers towards your palm
  • Pinching grip – Movement that involves your thumb to pinch grip an object – The idea is to always use your thumb in combination of any of your other 4 fingers
  • Supporting grip – Also called static grip, that focuses on holding onto something as long as you can while maintaining it in the exact same position the whole time
  • Extending grip – Complex extensor movements, in your wrists & fingers, to adjust your grip position, move opposite directions & to provide you with muscle balance

What are the Best Tools to Improve Support Grip?

The Best Default Choice

Whether you’re lifting something heavy or climbing, there’s one default choice. Grab some chalk & you can’t go wrong. There a different types of chalk available.

Mainly, you see 3 different versions of chalk: Some chalks are created to be in powder shape, some are shaped as blocks & some are in liquid form

Meanwhile, chalk comes in different shapes & forms. No matter what chalk you use, they have the exact same function .To increase friction between your hands & the object you want to pick up

If you’re recreational athlete, most of the times you want to go with the cheapest chalk there is, like block type gym chalk.

It’s the exact same stuff that most major manufacturers are offering to you, simply much cheaper.

If you’re using chalk a lot, technically every day, you may want to seek out more expensive solutions the ones that help you to get the job done but won’t be too hard on your hands.

GSC Gym Chalk

Yes, chalk can & will mess up your hands pretty good, if you’re a regular user & don’t pay enough attention to this part. So, maintaining your hand health becomes crucial at some point – Always wash your hands!

Using Chalk – The Best Leverage for Most Situations..
More Specialty Tools to Tune up Your Support Grip

Another 3 Great Ways

Here are another 3 great & simple ways how you can train & improve your support grip strength. Most of this type of equipment is very easy to obtain & it is portable as well, so you can take it with you as you hit the gym.

  1. Tacky glue – A strongman style approach, if you’re lifting something heavy & awkward like atlas stones
  2. Lifting Straps – One of the most common ways to support your grip, for both: Recovery & competitive edge
  3. Grip-Enhancers – Great for golf & tennis players OR pole dancers etc, less messy, same idea
Zydrunas Savickas - World-strongest man lifting atlas stone
#1 – Tacky Glue

Go Strongman Style

Elite Tacky - Original (4 oz) by Dave Ostlund

#1 Tacky Glue – Regularly used in strongman circuit – This stuff is super sticky & excellent for lifting heavy objects

Tacky is a very strong pine resin specifically made for stone loading Elite Tacky is the most popular tacky used at World Strongest Man contest every year.

Once you combine tacky with Stone Sleeves your grip becomes even greater & stronger than using tacky on your bare skin.

This way, it also greatly reduces the risks for injury.

It’s also the combination used by Top 3 stone loaders at World Strongest Man contest 2015 as well as many other top pro strongmen around the globe. Tacky works great if your goal is lifting heavy odd objects..

#2 – Lifting Straps

Recovery for Hands/Improve Support 

Lifting straps are widely known & used because of their effectiveness – Support your grip to lift even heavier than your own grip allows you to. There are two different styles of lifting straps: 1. With no sewn loop 2. With sewn loop. Lifting straps are excellent if you want to lift a weight that your own grip won’t support anymore OR you want more recovery for your hands..

You can use Lifting Straps for deadlifts, rows, pull-ups, snatches or clean pulls when you don’t want to be limited by your grip.

Also, useful if you want to give the calluses on your palms a rest while you continue to get stronger.

No sewn loop version – Great for quick bailouts on lifts. These are specifically designed for Olympic style of weightlifters

Sewn loop version – To achieve even better grip have more control over a weight you’re lifting.

The biggest benefit using lifting straps is when your hands are sore from training & you want to give your hands as much rest & recovery time as possible meanwhile you keep training.

Blue Twos Lifting Straps

Your forearms are one the smallest muscle groups in your whole body – It’s easy to over train your grip & to seriously injure your hands. This is where lifting straps can step in & help you a great deal. Instead of breaking your body use lifting straps..

Speedy Recovery or.. target Different Muscle Group..
#3 – Grip-Enhancers

Sticky for Maximum Grip Control

Got sweaty hands? Are you a Pole dancer or Baseball player? Are you playing Softball or Golf, Tennis or Football? Pretty much in any case resin towels can be practical for you.

It helps you with competitive edge & keeps your grip from slipping. Used by Top professional & amateur athletes alike.

Doesn’t matter what you play if your sport requires a good grip, Grip-Enhancer Towels can improve your performance. So, feel free to take advantage of this nifty tool.

It can be good solution in one of those situations. Keep your grip from slipping, get that extra competitive edge that can make the difference between winning OR losing.

Grip Towels - Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer

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