• Product: Sportneer Wrist Strengthener
  • Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
  • Price: $11.99
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  • 2 Resistance Levels –  4.4 lbs & 15.5 lbs / 2kg & 7kg
  • Adjustable – Easily Movable Stabilizer Pad
  • Portable – Small, Lightweight, Fits in Drawer
  • Durable – Made with Heavy Duty Carbon Steel

Sportneer Wrist Strengthener - Excellent Forearm Exercising Device for Both Fitness Training & Physical Therapy

It’s Compact, Portable, Easy to Take With You to the Gym, Office or Use at Home

Sportneer Wrist Strengthener

Product Overview

Sportneer Wrist Strengthener is inexpensive yet powerful tool to quickly & effectively build up your forearm strength.

Once you take a look upon this device you immediately, intuitevely understand how it works. There’s no mystery, it’s
very easy to use & brings results. There are very few devices that impact directly your wrists & help to strengthen them.
Sportneer Wrist Strengthener is one of the better ones available, suitable for both physical therapy & fitness training.

There are two versions of Sportneer Wrist Strengtheners – Easier one is 4.4 lbs/2 kg & tougher one 15.5 lbs/7 kg.

The resistance level of this device is easily adjustable by stabilizer pad. Simply move the pad down towards U-shaped
foam for less resistance or move pad up towards the handle to increase resistance. Springs are made with heavy duty
carbon steel & thick 10 mm foam stabilizer pad for extra cushion & comfort.

Sportneer Wrist Strengthener is portable & lightweight, so you can throw it in your training bag once you hit the gym.
Or keep it in your office desk drawer if you wish. Due to its small size, it’s also a great gadget for you home gym.

You can use the beginner version Sportneer Wrist Strengthener for rehabilitation, physical therapy. It’s convenient for
kids, women or if you simply like something more lightweight. The advanced version suits for athletes, fitness enthusiast.
Plenty of room for progression on all fronts to quickly develop your forearm & wrist strength.

What are the Pros & Cons with Sportneer Wrist Strengthener?

Excellent Design, Portable & Lightweight


  • One of the Best Wrist Strengtheners – Covers both very important, fundamental aspects of wrist strength development: You can perform classic wrist curls & reverse wrist curls with it.
  • Affordable – It’s a fantastic training device for a low price. One of the better investments into your health.
  • Versatile Design – If you are either beginner, want a light workout or simply like to use warm-up setting you can quickly switch wrist strengthener to minimum tension.
  • Easily Adjustable Resistance – Simlpy move stabilizer pad up towards the handle to increase resistance levels or down towards U-shaped foam to decrease resistance levels.
  • Portable – Compact, small & lightweight. Take it with you once you hit the gym, use it at home or keep it at your office desk.
  • Great Quality – Comfortable, looks modern, polished & is made with heavy duty carbon steel to be durable. Uses 10 mm foam pad for extra comfort and cushion.
  • Excellent for Rehab – This device can help you to prevent carpal tunnel & tendonitis. Wrist strengthener helps to nurse injuries, increase mobility of your hands & improves blood circulation in your arms.
  • Suits Both Beginners & Athletes Alike – There are two versions of this device, covering the difficulty levels for both beginner & advanced athlete alike.


  • Can be Tough for Beginners – Padding foam sits at procarious spot on your arm, at first it can be slightly uncomfortable & with repetious use it can cause bruising. Don’t just keep grinding repetitions mindlessly, especially if you’re a beginner. Listen to your body, see if & how the device is compatible with your body. Proceed from there accordingly.
Great Product Alert!

Sportneer Wrist Strengthener - Ranking 84 out of 100

Who Can Benefit From Sportneer Wrist Strengthener?

Office Worker & Professional Athlete

Wrist strength along with grip strength is universally in high demand regardless of your profession. More or less, almost
everything you do in your everyday life requires you to use your hands. Therefore functional strength is mandatory.

The stronger & healthier both of your hands are the easier & smoother the whole process usually is.

Plus feeling good makes you happier. Sportneer Wrist Strengthener suits for beginners & advanced athletes alike, whether
you’re a basketball player, guitarist or office worker. In short, everyone can benefit from it. How much will you benefit
from it personally depends how much time & effort you can put into it.

Being an adjustable training device Sportneer wrist strengthener can be used to progressively build up your arm strength.
The good thing is that neither version of the devices, the less difficult one or the advanced one will go out of style.
Why? Because you always should to do warm-up sets before moving forward to more difficult challenge.

One device for warm-up sets, rehab & easier workouts, the other one for tougher training, progress & challenge.

At least that is highly recommended if you like to stay injury free. Speaking of injuries, Sportneer wrist strengthener can
be effectively used for rehab. Whether you’re recovering from broken wrist, building up weakened muscles in the healing
process or you’re mending tendonitis, carpal tunnel or tennis elbow.

Sportneer wrist strengthener is also nice addition for home gym. Saves space due to being small in size & easily portable.

How Can You Benefit From Sportneer Wrist Strengthener?

Build Strength, Mobility, Speed & Nurse Injuries

1 Warm-Up, Active Rest , Light Work-Out:

This  one never goes out of style. Regardless of your profession level or skill you can & always should start with warm-up. Even better, this means choosing the right difficulty level for you becomes much easier: You simply start with the easiest setting.

That means if you aquire a device that is too easy for you, you can always use it for warm-up sets. In short, a win-win situation where you can’t go wrong because you always could use a warm-up device.

2 Build More Muscle, Strength, Power:

Once you know the drill & have done your warm-up sets, there’s no need to hesitate, proceed with more difficult resistance.

Sportneer wrist stengthener is designed for both classic wrist curls & reverse wrist curls to help you to balance different muscle development aspects.

It’s one of the better devices available to effectively, quickly & conveniently strengthen your wrists. It’s quite similar in movement to wrist rollers.

However the good news is there’s no rope to tangle with. The upside is the portability & light-weight frame of this small device. Less hassle, more time to exercise.

3 Rehab, Nurse Injuries, Gain Mobility & Speed:

It’s quite safe to say that injuries plague almost everyone. At one point or another something breaks down, hopefully at smaller degree. However, you need to do some mending once something gives in.

Every athlete knows that this is natural part of the process, there are always few bumps on the road here & there.

If you have broken your wrist, you are fighting with carpal tunnel, arthritis or tennis elbow this device can help you big time. Exercising with wrist strengthener increases blood flow into your hands as well as helps to increase overall flexibility.

Over time you can gradually increase mobility in your hands & regain your grip strength by regularly exercising with you wrist strengthener.

  • Build More Balanced Muscles – Balanced muscles are simply paramount, one of the corner-stones of health if you want to have pain-free hands. Doesn’t matter if you’re suffering from medical condition or not, to be more healthy & have stronger body, always aim to build more balanced muscles.
  • Strengthen Your Tendons – Conditions like Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow & Golfer’s Elbow can often occur exactly for that reason – Tendons are not strong enough. To avoid & prevent your tendons being stretched to the point they can’t take the workload, simply train them accordingly & regularly, to get rid of pain & gain functional strength.
  • Gain More Hand Mobility – Being more versatile gives you an extra boost to prevent injuries. Training with simple wrist strengthener can help you to flex your hands just enough to reduce stiffness in your wrists & forearms. In return it leads to healthier hands & faster recovery.
  • Treat RSI & Related Conditions – Regular exercising will usually go a long way. Couple of minutes of exercising a day is likely enough to tune up weaker muscle groups in your hands & forearms. It helps to relax the fatigued, stiff dominant muscles at the same time. Improves the blood flow into tissues & as a result helps to relieve that nagging pain.

Sportneer Wrist Strengthener is Ideal for Classic Wrist Curls & Reverse Wrist Curls
Portable, Made With Heavy Duty Carbon Steel

  • Adjustable – Movable stabilizer pad to increase resistance
  • Product Dimensions – 10.1 x 5 x 1.2 inches / 11.4 x 5 x 1.2 inches
  • Materials – Heavy duty carbon steel, foam
  • Shipping Weight: 1 pound / 1.1 pounds (one package)
  • Manufacturer: Sportneer

NB! There Are 2 Versions of Sportneer Wrist Strengtheners

Image Size of Sportneer wrist strengthener - Advanced Size of Sportneer wrist strengthener - Starter
Version Advanced Starter
Size 10.1 inches 11.4 inches
User Athletes, Fitness Professionals, Sports  Warm-Up, Active Rest, Physical Therapy, Rehab
Tension 7 kg/15.5 lbs 2 kg/4.4 lbs

Verdict – Should You Get Sportneer Wrist Strengthener?

Excellent For Your Hand Health

Price is almost too good to be real. You get a training device with exceptional quality for very cheap price. Under
$12 it’s basically a steal, so don’t miss out.

From functional aspect, I’d say it’s mandatory if you’re office worker, gamer or anyone who uses keyboard a lot.
It’s a simple way to keep your hands in shape & healthy. By exercising regularly you can increase the range of
motion & due to improved flexibility also relieve pain in your wrists.

It helps to improve blood circulation in your hands & strengthen your forearm muscles. In other words there are
large number of very nice benefits to using this device.

Sportneer wrist strengthener is portable, comfortable & easy to handle. You can exercise anywhere. Keep one in
your desk drawer, or in your gym bag to keep it nearby & easily accessable.

Including to rehab you can use this device to strengthen your tendons & build more balanced muscles. Medical
conditions like Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Carpal Tunnel or some other type of RSI can occur exactly because
of that very reason – Weak tendons.

To avoid that & prevent your tendons being stretched to the point they start aching due to work overload, simply
exercise with wrist strengthener couple of minutes per day.

Reduce stiffness in your hands & gain more functional strength to be on top of your game.

I’m recommending Sportneer wrist strengthener as long as you know exactly what you’re a buying. Please always
do your research as well for your convenience & to find the best possible equipment for you.

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I hope you found my review informative & learned couple of new things about Sportneer Wrist Strengthener.
Have you used this type of adjustable wrist strengthener before? How’s your training experience?

I’d love to hear from you!
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Greetings! I'm Henry & I'm a friendly fellow who started this website to help you to improve your strength game. I’m fascinated by calisthenics, strongman training & weightlifting – I’ve been a powerlifter & martial artist for more than decade. Being passionate about strength sports, I'd love to discuss about these topics.

9 thoughts on “Sportneer Wrist Strengthener – More Speed, Power & Muscle

  1. Wow, I have been looking for something like this for my daughter. She is a dancer and loves hip hop, but often has wrist injuries after doing the floor work. I think her wrists are just not strong, or more importantly, the muscles supporting her wrist are not doing their job.

    I am definitely going to let her try one of these and hopefully with some work her wrists will get stronger and she will be able to put weight on them without problems. Do you have any idea how long it takes to see an improvement and should you be doing these wrist exercises daily?

    1. The way you’re describing situation, improving wrists flexibility is main priority here.
      With hip hop floor work it’s inevitable that her wrists get occasionally twisted backwards to significant extent which isn’t the most natural posture for human body.

      To be able to handle workload & adapt tools of trade, so to speak, this is where functional strength counts.
      Wrist strengthener can make a huge difference here to build tendons elasticity, plus first & foremost keep her injury free.
      It’s good to train your hands every other day. Light exercises can be applied every day. With serious training session I recommend taking atleast one or two days off in between.
      The trick with your forearms is that they are brim with ligaments – These usually need way more time for recovery than muscles do.

      The fact how fast will you advance depends on your effort as well as your current health & genetical capability. Everyone is a bit unique case.
      Give it couple of weeks to sink in & to notice the difference.

      I’d say listening to your body is most important. Start light, check if your body is compatibile with the device & if it’s fun for you. Proceed from there.

  2. My cousin suffered a wrist sprain 2 months ago and the doctor advised physiotherapy once it healed.

    He was asked to get a wrist strengthener for this purpose and that is when we came to know about the
    Sportneer Wrist Strengthener. But we wanted to know more about it before we purchased it.
    And that is exactly how this article has helped us.

    Thanks to this article we now what we will be spending on this product and exactly how to use it. The
    author has even explained the effects and working of it, along with the pros and cons, which is great!

  3. Hello there, thanks do this very detailed and informative post on wrist strengthner,

    I normally do my exercise (running)every morning and evening but just recently I decided to build some
    muscles but really I have been finding it very difficult to lift weight or even pull
    and friend advice I should get a wrist strengthner that by it I would be able to grip more firmly an probably
    lift weight hence my reserch

    but however, how long will I keep using wrist strengthner before I am able to grip firmly and probably lift weight?

    1. Given you’re in good overall physical condition, you’ll see very quick improvements once
      you start actively & regularly using your gripping muscles.

      Involve several light exercises that requires the use of your hands, so it enables you to bring your
      forearm stength up to bar. No need to blast away with heavy weights in a blink of an eye. If something
      is too heavy, you’ll get there on another day.

      By the sound of it, crush grip is what you are after if you want to grip firmly. Wrist strength is excellent to
      have as a stabilizer to hold the weights in place & have more control over them.
      Wrist strengthener is a good option & you can definitely start with the starter device. Even more so, I’d
      highly recommend you to take a closer look at hand therapy balls kit like this one to improve
      your grip game immediately.

      Hand gripper might be overkill for start, therapy balls could be what gets you going quickly.

      To balance things out, muscle balance is always a must. Adding hand bands like these in your arsenal can be game changer.

      Many people miss out on these, however they can work wonders to both keep hands healthy & boost
      overall grip power output. In your case I’d exercise lightly & often to get your grip muscles firing
      properly & go from there.

  4. Hello thanks for this, it was informative as well as educative,
    personally I take keeping fit a must and exercise as a daily ritual.

    My question is what are the dangers involved with the use of the wrist strengthener?

    As a beginner how much time should be devoted to the use of the wrist strengthener
    to not cause harm to the wrists?

    1. What can happen to you, largely depends on your current physical condition.
      With any kind of grip work, including training your wrists, you put extra strain on your tendons in forearms.

      One of the more common problems folks have to face are both muscle imbalances & overuse.
      Vast majority of RSI conditions are caused by muscle overuse in one form or another.

      We have to keep in mind that with every single device, there’s always risk for injury
      & that is just the inevitable truth.
      Ropeless wrist roller or Sportneer type of wrist strengthener due to its design allows you to benefit from
      controlled motion that in return helps you to decrease chances for injury.

      As a beginner the key is to always start light, especially on the stage where enthusiasm to do
      something new is high. A good place to start is by introducing new movements to your muscles.

      You can do light exercises every day. After serious training session take a day or two off
      depending on how much energy did you spend to allow proper recovery.

  5. Hey nice article you have there. I have heard little about Sportneer Wrist Strengthener from a friend,
    having gone through this article, I now have a better perspective of its usage.

    Nevertheless, there is a questions I have been wanting to ask, between the two version of Sportneer,
    which one of them will be more suitable for women and that of men?.

    1. Manufacturer recommends starter version for women, kids, elderly folks & those
      who seek either active rest or light exercise.

      So there’s a pretty good indicator where to get started.
      I’d say what’s more suitable for your needs depends how athletic you currently are &
      if you’ve done any prior grip work.
      However, trained individual or not, you can never go wrong with starter version. It
      is always good for warmup, so it never goes out of stlye.

      Plus it’s always good to have lighter version as a back-up to mend some bumps &
      bruises here & there. I hope this answers your question.

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