Talon Grip – Finger Loops for Static Support Grip

Talon Grip – Finger Loops for Static Support Grip

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  • Rugged Finger Training Accessory – Train ANY Combination of Fingers, 1 or All 5 Digits
  • Brilliant to Build Static Support Grip Develop Formidable Finger & Open Hand Strength
  • Multiple Uses – Deadlifts, Rows, Curls, Pull-ups


Finger and Thumb Loops for Hand and Arm Strengthening. Develop an Eagle Grip!

The Talon Grip is super sturdy open hand and finger training product. Wrap the Talon Grip around pull-up
bars, a weight stack or bar for pull-ups, deadlifts, rows or any other pulling exercise. Simply insert one or all 4
fingers plus thumb into the loops.

Also great for static holds. The Talon Grip is ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts that do rock climbing,
pull-ups, calisthenics, body weight exercises, shooting, bodybuilding, motocross, motorcycling, golf, tennis, etc.

  • Brilliant for static hrip – Hands-down one of the best grip tools you can buy to build static support grip
  • Train each of your digits individually – Connect Talon Grip to the bar, pin or weight stack & train fingers
  • Improve open hand strength – Outstanding tool to develop formidable finger & open hand strength
  • Start training any combination of fingers – One, two, three OR four at a time, including  your thumb
  • Multiple uses – Take full advantage of Talon Grip & use it for static holds, deadlifts, rows, curls, pull-ups
  • Super-strong & extremely durable – It’s a very rugged, durable, high-quality grip strengthener

The Talon Grip is a Very Rugged Finger and Thumb Loop Training Device for Finger, Thumb, Hand, Wrist and
Arm Strengthening.

Able to Train 1 or All 5 Digits. The Talon Grip is the Only Open Hand Training Device to Include a Thumb Loop.
Add Weight or Attach to a Resistance Band and Wrap the Loops on All Fingers and Thumb to Train Extensor
Muscles in the Hands.

Wrap the Talon Grip Around Pull-Up Bars, a Weight Stack or Bar for Pull-Ups, Deadlifts, Rows or any other
Pulling Exercise. Also Great for Static Holds.

Ideal for Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts Who Want to Increase Their Hand, Wrist, Forearem and Finger Strength
for Rock Climbing, Ninja Training, Bodybuilding, MMA, Shooting, Golf, and Tennis.

LIFETIME WARRANTY! – By Core Prodigy – Fitness Equipment Leader

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