Fat Gripz – The Ultimate Arm Builder, Original

Fat Gripz – The Ultimate Arm Builder, Original

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  • Thick Bar Handles – Easy to Use, Quicky Apply it to Convert Dumbbells, Barbells & Chin-up Bars
  • Almost Indestructable – Made from a Durable Rubber-like Military-grade High-density Compound
  • Portable – Easy to Carry & Fits in to Your Training Bag


Fat Gripz – The Ultimate Arm Builder, Original – It’s Portable grip training tool that easily fits into your training
bag as you hit the gym. Great accessory for transforming regular bars quickly into fat, thick bars

Looking for a way to replicate the feel of exclusive Strongman specialty equipment like Apollon’s Axe?
Fat Gripz is excellent tool to do that.

The biggest problem training grip strength with very thick bars, odd lifts & strongman equipment often
makes such training exclusive to  those with access to specialty equipment.
99% of gyms simply DON’T HAVE such tools!

  • Grip strength progression – Get weak grip out of the way – Strengthen & quickly improve weakest link
  • Specialty equipment – Replicate the Feel of Exclusive Strongman specialty Equipment like Apollon’s Axle
  • Greater muscle activation – Outstanding to stimulate much more muscle activation, especially in the forearms
  • Tune up pinch grip – Excellent to strengthen your thumbs due to its very thick handles
  • Work entire arms – Feel great pump in your forearms & biceps
  • Protect joints – Take the pressure & stress off the joints – put it where it counts – the muscle

If you’re thinking about buying a set of regular thick bars for your home gym, then prepare to expect your jaw to
drop – You’ll discover how expensive these bars are.

The next best tool that emulates from small fraction of the cost, you name it.. it’s Fat Gripz.
It’s a simple grip tool which attaches to dumbbells, barbells OR pull-up bars, transforming these regular bars
into fat, thick bars.

What makes Fat Gripz special?

You’re ONLY as strong as your weakest link is – Fat Gripz is simple yet an outstanding tool for your forearm
strength & becomes quickly notable in your training routine. If your hands & forearms can support only half
of the weight that your big pressing muscles, such as triceps, pecs & delts can handle..

..then your best lift will be only HALF of what your big muscles power can produce.

For example, we don’t even have to mention deadlift – The King of all lifts – If you’re walking up to a loaded bar
with a weak grip, it feels like being handicapped. The difference is tremendous, but worry not if you’re seeking
instrument of change in your grip strength department, Fat Gripz is your pick.

The biggest weakness in almost every lifter & athlete arsenal is in the hands & forearms – These are the points of
contact with the weight in most exercises. Use Fat Gripz for increased muscle activation throughout your entire
arms & solve grip problem by adding strength as well as size to the forearms & biceps. Thicker handles are
benefiting your whole upper body. More muscle activation leads to bigger muscle & strength gains.

Fat Gripz – The new worldwide training phenomenon recommended & used by many top level athletes as well as
military, martial artists, arm wrestlers, crossfitters & pro bodybuilders. You can also use Fat Gripz to reduce joint
related problems. The older you get, the more problematic your joints can become.

If you are that unlucky individual & victim of join pain, it’s essential to take the pressure & stress off the joint.
Put it where it counts – The muscle. By increasing the surface area of the targeted muscle can work wonders &
result in less joint problems.

What’s the difference – Fat Gripz VS Fat Gripz Extreme?


Fat Gripz Extreme (orange) IS designed as PROGRESSION from Fat Grips Original (blue)

It’s recommended & strongly suggested that you master the Fat Gripz Original (blue) first before moving to the
next level with Fat Gripz Extreme (orange). Once familiar with this awesome tool, don’t be afraid to mix both
types of Fat Gripz as they work well in conjunction.

For example: Both can be used in a drop-set manner to make your workout even more challenging. Fat Gripz
Extreme (orange) is twice as thick as Fat Gripz Original (blue).


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