Short Product Description:

  • 1 Sandbag + 3 Kettlebells – Includes 10 lb, 15 lb & 20 lb Portable Sand KettleBells Fit Snuggly Inside
  • Super Durable PVC Shell – Exclusive, Rigid & Thick Inner Foam Gives Shape, While Adding Cushioning
  • 8 Separate Handles for All Workout Grip Configurations

Extra Durable, Innovative Sandbag with 3 removable Kettlebells - Elite Fitness Sandbag (50 lbs) , by Meister MMA

Excellent Equipment to improve your Overall Body Fitness & Static Support Grip strength

Elite Fitness Sandbag (50 lbs) , by Meister MMA

Product Overview

This is by far, the most comprehensive fitness sandbag I’ve found so far – It has eight (8) strategically positioned handles,
to allow you to perform any exercise & help with any hand configuration – This is excellent training equipment for curls,
overhead presses, squats, lunges, rows.. you name it!

You get 4 training items in 1 – Meister 50lb Elite Fitness Sandbag Package + 3 Removable Kettlebells. 

From full-body 50lb exercises using the Meister Elite Sandbag to 10lb, 15lb & 20lb freeweight exercises using the included
portable kettlebells, your workout possibilities are endless. Hundreds of possible exercises & ideal for cardio conditioning.

Meister Elite Sandbag is made of super durable PVC shell, it’s rigid & has exclusively thick inner foam core.

This one isn’t a saggy sandbag – Pretty much the complete opposite: Unlike any other sandbag on the market, the Meister
Elite Sandbag has  a thick inner core to maintain it’s shape, while adding cushioning for squat exercises & carries.

What are the Pros & Cons with Meister Elite Fitness Sandbag?

Comfortable & High-Quality


  • Includes 3 Kettlebells – Inside the main sandbag, there are thee smaller ones – Removable kettlebells that weigh 10 lbs (4,5 kg), 15 lbs (6,8 kg) & 20 lbs (9 kg) – Excellent addition for separate free-weight exercises.
  • Reinforced Inside Core – Meister Elite Sandbag has exclusive thick inner foam core that gives this sandbag rigidity, makes it tough while adding more cushioning for comfort & support.
  • Portable, Ideal for Travelling  – These 10lb, 15lb & 20lb kettlebells come empty & weigh just 7 oz (200g). With an inner Sand Fill Line & printed instructions on the bag, filling and sealing them is fast & easy.
  • Very Durable – Built with durable PVC shell that is designed to last.
  • Includes Heavy duty YKK zipper – Very handy, makes your life so much easier by allowing you to quickly & easily load or unload the bag.
  • Includes 8 Separate Handles – Made of thick solid core rubber, to provide you with excellent grip, support & comfort. Built & placed in the way to help you with multiple different workout grip configurations & also includes multiple angled handles.
  • Ideal for circuit training & cardio conditioning – Meister Elite Sandbag is great for hundreds of possible exercises – Overhead presses, squats, rows, curls. Well.. You name it!
  • Inner Sand Fill Lines – Kettlebells have specific fill lines marked in them making filling sandbags to exact weight very simple & easy. Saves you from the hassle to start measuring how much sand you need.


  • No poster or workout guide included – Not really a con towards product itself, but it would immensely improve overall introduction to this product. Especially towards complete beginners who might be eager to get their hands on their first sandbag set, but have no idea how to train with one.
  • Does not come with sand – This is usually a standard drill for any sandbag product out there. It’s con & pro at the same time – Without sand, product is lighter & you save on shipping costs. On the other hand, you have to go through hassle to get sand separately. Fortunately, sand is cheap & you can get it a lot with no problem.
  • May be too light for some athletes – Depends on your profession – Serves as an excellent fitness sandbag, & covers the needs of most athletes easily.. Unless you’re in a strongman scene, 50 lbs / 23 kg sandbag might feel a little on the light side & bigger men can easily throw it around like a little toy, even with one hand.
Excellent Product Alert!

Meister Elite Sandbag- Ranking 96 out of 100

Why, in fact, Meister Elite Fitness Sandbag is an AMAZING offer?

Includes 3 Sand Kettlebells

 If you’re looking for a single Quality Sand-Kettlebell – Expect the price of $35.95 up to $74.95

What I’m trying to tell you here, there are multiple great sand kettlebells available on market, but they’re not exactly on
the cheap side – With Meister Elite Sandbag set you get not only 1 but 3 sand kettlebells as bonus on the top of already
well-made & durable fitness sandbag. That’s a crazy good deal you don’t want to miss out on.

Technically, you get a set of 3 sand kettlebells for free, since they’re already part of the package by default. To bring you an example, dedicated, quality sand kettlebells, like Adjustable Kettlebell, by PKP costs $35.95 (small 15 lbs), up to $69.95
(45 lbs) OR.. 0 to 45 lbs capacity Adjustable Kettlebell, by Brute Force costs $74.95. All quality, simply more expensive.

Why should you choose Meister Elite Fitness Sandbag?

100’s of Exercise Possibilities

  1. Ultimate fitness training tool – A full body workout in one package
  2. Almost unlimited possibilites – Hundreds of exercises & circuit routines
  3. Easy to handle – Easily add or Remove Kettlebells to load Sandbag with 15-50 lbs
  4. Maintains shape – A thick inner foam core maintains the shape of the Sandbag
  5. Extra Cushioning – Meister Elite Sandbag Makes shouldering weight comfortable
  6. Time efficient – 10 lb, 15 lb & 20 lb portable Kettlebells can be removed in seconds
  7. Traditional exercises – Kettlebells are excellent for traditional kettlebell exercises
  8. Dumbbell exercises – Kettlebells are also excellent for traditional dumbbell exercises
  9. Workout anywhere – This set is great for both, indoor & outdoor training sessions

Meister Elite Fitness Sandbag is ideal training equipment for boot camps, home workouts, OR group training & can be
used for almost any circuit exercise. It’s the newest innovation & complete package for your next workout session.

Inside the outer shell are three Portable Sand Kettlebells which provide the weight for the sandbag.

These 10lb, 15lb and 20lb kettlebells come empty & weigh just about 7 oz (200g) – Ideal equipment for travelling. With an
inner Sand Fill Line & printed instructions on the bag, filling & sealing them is fast & easy.

Heavy duty YKK zipper allows you to quickly and easily load & unload the bag.

The inner Sand Kettlebells feature a semi-rigid handle construction & soft neoprene grip, making them both comfortable &
functional for almost any free-weight workout. They’re also great for both, traditional kettlebell & dumbbell exercises.

The Meister Elite Sandbag is designed to be your go-to equipment for almost any workout. With 4 different weight options
of 10lb, 15lb, 20lb & 50lb, this package has endless options for exercises to increase your power, explosiveness & stamina.

Why is Meister Elite Fitness Sandbag also Great for Your Home Gym?

It Saves Up a Lot of Space

I just love the fact it’s very compact – Simple as that. The fact this sandbag set contains 3 kettlebells inside of its core, that
are technically also dumbbells, makes it excellent training equipment to have at home.

Unless you live in a very big house, or you don’t mind your gym equipment being all over the place, this is really excellent piece of equipment to have for home gym – Keep things simple, effective & under control.

It takes much less room, for example, than to have a sandbag set, plus a bunch of kettlebells & dumbbells separately. It’s very easy to take this sandbag set apart & to put it back together just as quickly.

The simplicity, yet versatility & portability is a big plus with this sandbag set that makes our lives much easier.

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10 thoughts on “Meister Elite Sandbag Review – Stunning 4 in 1 Innovation?

  1. Hey, Henry.
    This is an awesome review and I am already interested in getting one, right now!

    I check your Amazon link and submitted my order but the standard shipping rate to my country
    is $59.95 – this is more than 60% of the elite sandbag!

    Hmm, what should I do now?

    1. Great, let’s try & get one shipped out for you.
      This product is also eligible for free shipping – At least this is how they advertise it.

      Are you trying to order from Amazon US store, or somewhere else? 60% you say? Seems way too much, somethings not right.
      Of course, the shipping and handling cost depends on your order and the shipping method you choose.
      Another thing is to check import fees to your country

      I’d suggest you to contact with Amazon support & ask what’s up, if there’s a way to lower these costs – You can do that via e-mail or phone, they have super friendly support & they respond quickly.

      Let me know how it goes

  2. Lovely review mate, really neatly structured.

    This Meister Elite sandbag looks amazing, and it’s a total bargain. For that price you also get these bad ass looking kettlebells and adjustable weight plus free shipping… wow.

    With the movements shown in that video, you would also build a lot of explosiveness, right?

    1. Yes, indeed..
      Conditioning work, cardio, circuit training, explosiveness.. you name it.

      For fitness purposes, this training equipment involves pretty much limitless number of possible exercises & as far as your creativeness goes.

      If your goal is to do most of your workouts with one single tool only – Elite Fitness Sandbag could be it, to help you to achieve that.

  3. Hey Henry, this Meister Elite Sandbag package seems like a great piece of exercise equipment that will definitely help you get into shape.

    I like the 3 removable kettlebells that come with the sandbag.
    People might think 10, 15, & 20 lbs. is light but you can do a lot with lower weight kettlebells
    (especially core work).
    Thanks for reviewing this & keep up the great work Henry!

    1. You’re welcome Andrew, glad you like Elite Sandbag
      Indeed, like you said, lighter equipment indicates to more cardio-related & conditionig work..

      ..& what else would you want for fitness purposes than something geared towards cardiovascular exercises & HIIT-like training regime.

      Stronger core, stronger legs, stronger grip..
      Getting shape is definitely a keyword here.

  4. I’m not a huge gym goer, but I love to keep fit. I have kettlebells and dumbbells at home, but I’d never heard of a sandbag before.

    I love the fact you can make sand kettlebells though.

    This actually seems like really good value for money and thanks for pointing out it has eight handles making it easy to perform a variety of exercises.

    1. Hey Steve,
      if you’re not a huge gym goer as you say, then Elite Sandbag might be a ideal solution for you.

      It has no restrictions where you can use it – Indoors or outdoors, in individual or group training sessions, on sandy & sunny beach or in mma fighting cage – There’s a lot of versatility & freedom of choice.

      In case, if you have the option to load them up on the spot, makes it even better for you.
      You can definitely take advantage of that fact these kettlebells are easily portable in that way.

  5. I’ve never really heard of this type of product before.
    Using a sandbag as a kettlebell is something I’ve never really come across.

    While I’ve slowed down on my workouts, this product seems like it might be worth it.
    I know you say it might be too light for some athletes, but I think every athlete would probably find a way to utilize the product in their workout.

    This is something I might consider using in the future. Thanks for the review and sharing!

    1. Sandbag kettlebells are quite fresh & new trend indeed, as well as innovative approach.
      Including to sand, there are the ones that can be filled with water..

      ..or pretty much with anything in that matter. Like dirt, or rocks – You can get creative here.

      For bigger & tougher guys who are focusing on utilizing & training more static power, I’d recommend either Tough-As-Nails sandbag set by IronMind that loads up to 300 lbs..
      ..or Heavy Hitter sandbag by Brute Force which loads up 400 lbs

      These two, pretty much are on the bar & can go all the way up to World Strongest Man contest level, as far as the products quality & loading capability goes.

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