Short Product Description:

  • Outstanding for Training Your Extensor Muscles & Ideal Complement to Any Hand Gripper
  • Cost-Effective, Relaxing Stress-Reducer – One Device Suits Both Hands & You Can Train Each Digit Individually
  • Excellent for Rehab & Boosting Speedy Recovery

The Fastest & Easiest Way to Build Up Or Restore Your Hand Muscle Balance - Joagym Hand Extensor Exerciser

Compact, Portable & Easy to Use Device to Build Up Hand Extensors Strength 

Joagym Hand Extensor Exerciser

Product Overview

Did you recently crash your Lamborghini in the mountains while speaking to your cellphone & as a result lost your
ability to use hands? Before you are heading into monks temple to study mystic arts maybe you’d like to try Joagym
Hand Extensor Exerciser & see if it brings desired results for you?

Yes indeed, this is the very same fancy training device you saw in the Marvel superhero movie Doctor Strange.

Joagym Hand Extensor Exerciser is hands down one of the best finger extensor training devices available. Vast
majority of people don’t know that its recipe for disaster if you don’t take care of your muscle balance.

The solution to fight off many RSI-like conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, golfers or tennis elbow, several forms
of arthritis is to start training with some type of extensor exerciser device. Couple of minutes per training session every
other day is usually suffice to relieve pain in your hands & lessen the overall workload in your dominant muscles.

Joagym has built a professional device that works each digit individually. It looks really cool & is every bit as effective.
In fact you need only one device to train both of your arms since one device fits on your left and right hand. Therefore
its cost effective as well. Joagym finger bands are made of high grade neoprene & silicon with great elasticity.

Due to being portable & small in size you can easily have one device always with you. Keep it in your desk drawer in
office or in your gym bag. You can take advantage of Joagym Hand Extensor Exerciser ergonomic design & benefit
from maximum range of motion.

Wrist wrap is adjustable, it has comfortable padding & suits everyone regardless of their wrist circumference. It’s
great for warming up, rehab, prehab or just plain relaxing. A key to healthy hands.

What are the Pros & Cons with Joagym Hand Extensor Exerciser?

Durable & Latex-Free


  • One of the Best Finger Extensor Training Device – You can train each digit individually or together with different resistance applied.
  • Excellent for Rehabilitation – Many folks from all walks of life, beginners as well as advanced alike, professionals from various fields such as office workers, doctors, musicians, technicians, athletes can benefit from hand yoga to increase hand health.
  • Ergonomic Design – Wrist wrap is adjustable, with added foam padding for more comfort and fits for all sizes regardless of your wrist circumference.
  • Cost Effective – You need only one of these devices since you can train with it your left or right arm.
  • High Quality – Sturdy & durable. Finger bands are made from elastic silicon & foam padding inside wristwrap is created with high grade neoprene rubber.
  • +3 Extra Fingerbands – You get total 8 fingerbands with the initial device. In case some finger band breaks during your exercise, you will have 3 extra bands for back up.
  • Replacement Sets for Fingerbands Available – At some point fingerbands will wear down & can snap. Don’t throw your wristwrap away, it’s a high quality item & very well made, simply get some replacement fingerbands & you’re good to go again.
  • Portable – Keep one in your dest drawer in your office or in you gym bag. You can easily keep one Joagym hand extensor exerciser nearby all the times for light training, rehab or just plain relaxing.


  • Only One Size Available – There is no one-size-fits-all option here, so be mindful about it. You have to test it IF & HOW it works with your hands. In short, compatibility problems: If your hands are very small or very large, you likely won’t benefit from this device. If it fits it’s time for you to start exercising, if not don’t hesitate to return the product.
  • Fingerbands Eventually Will Break – This is inevitable. Fingerbands are the bottleneck here & since they are mechanical part that gets the most beating over time they eventually wear down & snap. Fortunately you can replace them.
Great Product Alert!

Yoagym Hand Extensor Exerciser - Ranking 84 out of 100

Why Joagym Hand Extensor Exerciser is Literally Essential?

Avoid the Disaster

Pain in hands! This is where muscle overuse in your hands eventually leads to. Fatigued muscles, & muscle imbalance.
If you don’t exercise the counter-movements, your extensor muscles will be weak compared to flexor muscles. Doing so
eventually ends in disaster: Tennis elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Tendinitis & more associated conditions.

Vast majority of people NEVER work their extensor muscles – This eventually results in muscle overuse 

Using rubber bands to exercise your extensors is the most simple & painless way to get rid of that hand pain. Exercising
a couple of minutes per day is already enough to make a difference in the long run. Many users have reported that the
hand pain they’ve had for months, has effectively diminished to non existent after couple of weeks of using bands.

Prevent, Reduce or Eliminate Pain Associated With:

1Medical Conditions :
CTS, Arthritis, Tendinitis,
Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow

2Hand Muscles Overuse : 
Fingers, hands & forearm
muscles overuse or abuse

3Recovery from Injury :
Rehabing an injury or
recovering from surgery

How Can You Benefit from Joagym Hand Extensor Exerciser?

The Key to Healthy Hands

  1. The #1 Way to Achieve Hand Muscle Balance – Exercise finger & forearm muscles counter-movements
  2. Dynamic & Fun way to work your extensors – Simple, effective way to kiss goodbye to that elbow pain
  3. Highly recommended to improve hand health –  Ideal for anyone concerned about hand their health
  4. Relieves Pain Caused by Muscle Overuse – Quick relief from tennis elbow & pains from muscle overuse
  5. Tunes Up Your Crush Grip Maximum – Builds counter-muscles to support the crushing grip muscles
  6. Build Stable, Pain-Free Hands – Helps to build well-round developed forearms in harmonious way

How to Use Joagym Hand Extensor Exerciser?

Secure Wrist Strap & Insert Digits

Start with securing wrist strap with the band attachement located on the palm side. Proceed with selecting finger bands
& placing each of your digits into finger band rings. Pull bands over fingers far enough to secure them properly in place.

It’s enjoyable to use Joagym Hand Extensor Exerciser, it’s simple & effective. It requires very little effort for long term
benefits. In short, it’s a straight to the point type of tool that won’t consume much of your time or energy.

However, you will be surprised how easily your hands will get tired from such simple exercise. After couple of intense sets
you will feel your hands warming up quickly & you might feel a burning sensation. At this point you know it is working.

Doesn’t matter if you’re doing it for competitive purposes, or simply for overall hand health & well being, it benefits both.
It’s simple way to relieve stress, joint pain & helps you to improve your overall grip strength in your forearms.

How to Train with Yoagym
Hand Extensor Exerciser:

  1. Have a Strict Form
  2. Use Steady Tempo
  3. Do Moderate Reps
  4. Perform 2-3 Sets
  5. 10-15 Reps per Set
  6. Use them Every Day

PS! Ideal to Use in conjunction
with your hand gripper

Training with Yoagym Extensor Exerciser is simple & relaxing activity that benefits your hand extensor muscles greatly.

It would be excellent idea to pair up your hand bands training with hand gripper training.

For each repetition you do with your extensor exerciser, do one repetition on your hand gripper.

  • Simple Daily Exercises

Already proven, effective way to keep your fingers, hands & forearms strong & supple with simple exercises. Couple of minutes per day is excellent to be in shape

  • Hand Muscle Balance

Muscle balance is the foundation of strong, healthy hands – Using hand bands is simple way to avoid muscle imbalances in your hands & forearms

  • Get Rid of Hand Pain

Counter-movements are essential to fight hand pain, muscle fatigue & overuse – Training extensors is the key to healthy, pain-free hands

  • Tune Up Crush Grip

Finger bands are great complements to tune up your overall crush grip maximum strength by improving extensor muscles supporting capability

  • Product Name: Joagym Finger and Hand Extensor Exerciser Trainer
  • Materials: Silicon, high grade neoprene, velcro & webbing
  • Colors: Orange
  • Items Weight: 2.24 ounces / 63.50 grams
  • Shipping Weight: 3.4 ounces / 96.38 grams
  • Manufacturer: Joagym, South Korea

Want to be Able to Lift Heavier? Grab Joagym Hand Extensor Exerciser

More Support, More Power

In case you want lift heavier, you have to increase your crush grip, as well as static grip strength – You want to train the
extensor muscles of your hands to balance & counteract all the squeezing you’re doing when crushing grippers.

Without one being great, other can’t become great: Think about your big pressing muscles – For example, if your back isn’t
strong enough, you’ll never have a big bench press. These are the two big muscle groups that balance & strengthen each
other, & make your overall power output much more effective once they’re balanced.

Exact same thing applies to crush grip & static support grip strength: You want to strengthen your extensor muscles of your
hands in order to greatly improve your overall grip strength, its muscle structure & balance.

Replacement Sets for Fingerbands Are Available!

  • Benefit from replacement finger bands to swap out the existing band that is torn & unusable
  • When you order this product 2 packs of finger bands are shipped
  • 1 Pack of Finger Bands Consists 8 bands : 2x No.1 bands ; 4x No.2 bands & 2x No.3 bands
  • Browse the hand yoga user manual for your convenience to understand how to use finger bands
  • Finger bands are made for hand yoga only & should not be used for any other purpose

My Verdict – Should You Get Joagym Hand Extensor Exerciser?

Highly Recommended

In my eyes this is one of the better devices made for hand yoga, physical therapy, rehabilitation & effective training method
to focus on overall improvement of your hand extensors.

It’s absolutely mandatory for anyone who is using computer keyboards extensively like office workers. No, you don’t have to
but this is the cheapest way to avoid doctors. Plus it’s fun to train with one, it’s relaxing & it won’t take much of your time.

If you have pain in your hands related to past traumas or caused by simple muscle overuse, this can be an effective way to
work your way out of this pain. It would still be very wise to visit your doctor or chiropractor for extra advice if you suffer
from either acute or chornic pain.

However, if you haven’t snapped your tendons or something isn’t over the top wrong with your hands the first thing doctor
will say to you is that you should start exercising your hand muscles. No need take my word for it, ask any professional.

Joagym Hand Extensor Exerciser is a good place to start. Many RSI associated conditions can be treated quickly by regular
exercising every other day. The key is to achieve more muscle balance, this is what drives the pain away.

Vast majority of people never train their hand extensors. It’s a recipe for disaster & eventually leads to muscle overuse.

This device can be serious help for someone who has recently suffered from stroke. Patients like this typically can suffer
from weakness on one or both sides of their body, including loss of muscle control in their hands. The key to bring life
back to limbs & get going again is to start exercising.

Joagym Hand Extensor Exerciser is also an ideal complement to any hand gripper you have. If you are an athlete who seeks
to upgrade crush grip game & close more difficult gripper, this is where you start by training the opposite muscle groups in
your forearms. Works like a charm.

Doesn’t matter if you’re doing it for competitive purposes only or simply for overall hand health, it benefits the both. I am
highly recommending Joagym hand extensor exerciser. Please, always do your own research as well to find best possible
training equipment for yourself.


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  1. Great in-depth review Henry!

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    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Wrapping is usually first measure taken once individual feels pain & surgery the last resort.
      Hand braces act as extra layer of cushion – Same effect if you have extra muscle where it counts.

      In other words, functional strength.
      Would love to hear how it goes for you guys, if you decide to try this method.

  2. A great thorough review of the Joagym Hand Extensor Exerciser.
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