GSC Gym Chalk (1 lb), Magnesium Carbonate

GSC Gym Chalk (1 lb), Magnesium Carbonate

£10.96 (as of March 19, 2020, 8:58 am) & FREE Shipping. Details

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  • A Pound of Chalk for less than $20 – It’s Almost a Steal! Fabulous Chalk to Get the Job Done
  • For Gymnastics & Weight Lifting – Conveniently Wrapped in 2 oz. Blocks – Eight Blocks per 1 lb. Package.
  • Magnesium Carbonate – Excellent for Climbers

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Chalk connoisseurs take heart, here is a gourmet chalk for us choosy weight lifters.
If you’re not particular about your chalk you can’t go wrong with this. It’s great for gymnastics & weightlifting..’s also excellent for climbing – There isn’t a much better deal than this stuff.
BSN Gym Chalk is Competitively Priced & Conveniently Packaged – Great Addition to Workout Equipment.

Most of the major manufacturers use the same ingredients as this stuff contains BUT want to charge you 3 times
as much for the same amount!

BSN Gym Chalk is produced from magnesium carbonate, a white solid which occurs in nature as a mineral.
Its inherent structure acts as a drying agent, as it absorbs sweat.

  • Fabulous chalk – It’s cheap, there’s huge amount of it & it is likely going to last YEARS for you
  • Improves grip immediately & with the very least amount of chalk applied
  • The individual packages alleviate messy loose chalk
  • The convenient wrapping also allows athletes to use it in specifically targeted areas
  • It’s efficient because it wastes less, making it last longer.

Athletes know how important it is to have fresh, dry hands when performing and working out. This is especially
true for gymnasts, weight lifters, pitchers, field athletes, even rock climbers.

That’s why they rely on BSN Gym Chalk to help keep their hands perspiration free.
The average human body has up to 3 million sweat glands, with the highest concentration in the palms of the
hands. With that many sweat glands it’s no wonder the average person sweats about a quart of perspiration per day.

Crank up the heat and the level of exertion and some people’s sweat level keeps on rising.

Someone who aggressively works out perspires about a quart to almost half a gallon per hour.
This is where BSN Gym Chalk comes into play.

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