Zenith Hand Grippers – The Comfortable Crush

Zenith Hand Grippers – The Comfortable Crush


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  • The Comfortable Crush – Ergonomic Hand Grippers with a Silky-Smooth Handles
  • There are Six (6) different strengths – Agility, Trainer, No 1, No 2, No 3 & No 4
  • Very High-Quality – Superb Precision Manufacturing


You’ll love comfortable Zenith at first squeeze! Its super smooth ride makes it hard to put down.

It’s the bold new way to train – The comfortable crush from IronMind – Zenith is a 21st century gripper
designed for increasing grip strength & hand health while feeling soothingly comfortable in your hand.

While Zenith is not a substitute for Captains of Crush grippers, it’s the perfect complement to
IronMind’s gold standard Captains of Crush line. So while you can use either gripper by itself, they
also work together seamlessly.

  • Great for Warm-ups & Cool-downs, Prehab & Rehab, Strength & Conditioning
  • Consistent all around – There is No-surprise Geometry on All dimensions
  • Durable & Precise featuring Billet Aluminum & Alloy Steel construction
  • Proprietary GR8-R springs, Designed for Low-gear, Moderate-to-high Rep Training

For low rep, maximum strength training, Captains of Crush Grippers remain your top choice, but if
you would like to complement your 1 rep maximum focus with some conditioning work or need a
gripper to fill in some blanks or one to help you mend injured hands, or you simply want to give the
soft tissue in your hand a break, Zenith is the way to go.

Don’t be afraid to mix & match, because Zenith is also an outstanding warm-up, cool-down & active
rest gripper even if your primary focus is on the Captains of Crush grippers.

Who can Benefit from Zenith Agility gripper?

  • Those who are seniors, both women & men – Using Zenith gripper is a great way to improve your overall
    hands health & strength to keep you safe & injury free as much as possible.

  • Those who are youth in formative years – Doesn’t matter who you are OR where you come from: We all
    have to start somewhere, & this is a great way to make an effective start.

  • Those with chronic hand pain – Muscle inbalance & traumas are no joke – Achieving a mucle balance
    through regular training can likely relieve pain in your hands.

  • Those recovering from surgery – Prehab & rehab is always part of the deal as you keep training: After
    surgery, if you seek a softer approach to build grip strength, Zenith it is.

  • Those with weak or injured hands – People who have suffered from stroke can use Zenith grippers to
    start rebuilding their strength step by step.

  • Those who want light workout for increased mobility – Great option for those who seek variety,
    something that involves light yet functional & meaningful effort.

  • Those who want active rest – Zenith is great solution when you want to get your work-out in BUT you
    want to give you beat-hands as much rest as you can at the same time.

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Difficulty Level:

1. Zenith Agility (Very Easy), 2. Zenith Trainer, 3. Zenith No 1, 4. Zenith No 2, 5. Zenith No 3, 6. Zenith No 4 (Very Hard)


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