X-Pole 45mm Titanium Gold X-Pert (Spin/Static)

X-Pole 45mm Titanium Gold X-Pert (Spin/Static)

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  • Stationary & Spinning, Easily Portable – 45mm Titanium Gold X-Pert Pole, Made by X-Pole
  • Professional Grade – Great for Small Hands & Very Easy to Set Up – Built for Safe & Frequent Use
  • High-Quality – A Well-Constructed, Sturdy Product


X-pole X-pert 45mm Titanium Gold Dance Pole + Free Mighty Grip & Pink Microfiber Dance Pole Towel

The X-Pert is the X-Pole with new and improved features and plus a free Mighty Grip and 12×12 Pink Microfiber
Dance Pole Towel. The X-PERT is the world’s first ‘bottom loading’, static and spinning dance pole. Designed
with Professional Dancers and Pole Tricks in mind the X-PERT incorporates all the features required to
meet the demands of the world’s best.

Bottom loading, no longer is a ladder needed for installation, the X-PERT uses X-Pole’s unique adjuster system
to expand and fully lock the pole in position, while the dancer stays firmly on the ground. No locking nut to
come undone.

  1. Free Bonus Kit: Including Mighty Grip Powder and Pink Microfiber Dance Pole Towel.
  2. 2 Modes – Spinning for Advanced Dancers and Stationary for All Levels Beginner through Advanced.
  3. Fits Ceiling Heights ranging from 7 feet 4 inches up to 9 feet.
  4. Bottom Loading Pole so you don’t need a ladder to put-up and take-down.
  5. No Weight Capacity – If properly installed there is no weight limit.

The X-PERT also incorporates a special adjuster cover, which when in place creates a totally smooth pole from
top to bottom. No sharp pole edge or screw adjuster to scrape arms and legs, no cover edges to hit, just smooth
pole all the way. It even features a Micro Base for minimum contact.

If you think you are missing parts please contact the seller first before returning to Amazon. X-pole has combined
parts in the packaging for easier installation and shipping. This is NOT reflected on the parts list and DVD.
Many of these concerns can be answered quickly by the seller.

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