X-Pole 45mm Chrome X-Pert Dance Pole (Spin/Static)

X-Pole 45mm Chrome X-Pert Dance Pole (Spin/Static)

£329.99 (as of March 19, 2020, 9:17 am)

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  • Stationary & Spinning, Portable Dance Pole – 45mm Chrome X-Pert Pole, Made by X-Pole
  • Professional Grade – Great for Small Hands & Super Easy to Set Up – Built for Safe & Frequent Use
  • High-Quality – A Well-Constructed, Sturdy Product

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You’re going to love this one..
X-pole X-pert 45mm Chrome Dance Pole – It’s hands down one of the best dance poles you can buy.

It’s easy to set up & the quality is unmatched. It’s simple yet strong, sturdy, precise..
..& it’s recommended by many pole instructors.

There is no other pole that is both stationary & spinning, bottom-loading that features the revolutionary X-Joint.
The X-Pert 45mm Chrome pole is the #1 professional grade exercise/dance pole on the market.

The Starter Package contains everything that you need to set up your pole & to begin your pole journey.
It includes a tool kit, carry bags, and is adjustable from 7’4″-9′.
For higher or lower ceiling heights, extensions are available for purchase.

Why to Choose X-Pert 45mm Chrome?

It’s Reliable!

If you don’t want to buy a new pole every other month, it’s definitely a better idea to get a high-quality one.
It’s expensive but worth every penny – At the end of the day you’ll end up saving a lot more money by getting a quality pole.

1 Safety – Always put your safety first – Don’t waste your money on random cheap poles.

It’s better idea to invest into a bit more expensive equipment & to be safe, than to get a first cheap one that breaks down & gets you injured.

If you get injured due to a faulty device, it can be game over for you.

It’s important to always do your research & check 3x what kind of pole you’re getting.

2 Consistency – Be aware that low quality dance poles are very likely inconsistent.

That’s why they’re cheap in the first place. It’s better to be cautious!

Cheap ones don’t spin that well & there tends to be several faults in their overall geometry.

In best case, you simply won’t get the good workout experience..

& in worst case the whole thing just breaks at some point.

3 Durability – High-Quality
pole is built for frequent use
& it will last you for years.

There are no screws that mount the pole to your ceiling or floor.

X-Pole is staying in place & it’s sturdy with just pressure alone.

You can throw your weight around for hours with this pole & it literally won’t budge an inch.

X-pole X-pert is also quite heavy, so it spins smoothly.

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