X-Pole 45mm Brass X-Pert Dance Pole (Spin/Static)

X-Pole 45mm Brass X-Pert Dance Pole (Spin/Static)

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  • Stationary & Spinning, Portable Dance Pole – 45mm Brass X-Pert Pole, Made by X-Pole
  • Professional Grade – Great for Small Hands & Super Easy to Assemble – Built for Safe & Frequent Use
  • High-Quality – A Well-Constructed, Sturdy Product


X-Pole 45mm X-Pert BRASS Spinning Dance Pole + Pink Towel & Mighty Grip Powder

Brass Pole with Titanium Gold Base and Ceiling Dome for Best Grip.

This is a bonus package that comes with one pink microfiber 12×12 dance pole cloth, one bottle of mighty
grip and one Brass X-pert X-pole. X-Pole has released the 45mm Brass X-Pert based on the feedback
received from the pole community.

Many pole dancers believe brass poles have the best grip. The Brass X-Pert is only available in the 45mm
& the pole pieces and extensions are brass while the dome, base, and adjuster sleeve are titanium gold.

Since brass is a porous & softer metal that requires a special oil during the machining process, you
will need to “break in” your pole.
After working on the pole for a few weeks, the result is the best grip pole on the market. 

Brass poles are polished instead of plated & matte finish received the best reviews from professional pole
champions to amateur pole.

The #1 Professional Grade Exercise/Dance Pole on the market. There´s no other pole that is both stationary
& spinning, bottom-loading that features the revolutionary X-Joint. With the X-Pert´s unique adjuster
system, you can expand and fully lock the pole in position without ever leaving the ground. The X-Pert
contains all the parts needed for ceiling heights of 7ft 4in to 9ft.

Whether a beginner, intermediate or professional, X-Pole is produced to the highest standards guaranteeing
you the best pole experience on the market.

Featuring some of the most advanced design & engineering you’ll find in the world of pole exercise & dance
X-Pole has been developed, in consultation with leading dancers, to meet the demands of professional
pole dancing.

Removable and fully portable X-Pole is quick and easy to install and it’s clean, ergonomic design looks
great in any surroundings. Brass Pole with Titanium Gold Base and Ceiling Dome for Best Grip

Combo Includes Brass Xpert Xpole, Pink 12×12 Microfiber Dance Pole Cloth plus One Bottle Of Mighty
Grip Powder. Easy to assemble and stores in included carrying cases.
Fully portable

One Year Warranty Factory Direct

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