“Treat Your Own Hand & Thumb Osteoarthritis”

“Treat Your Own Hand & Thumb Osteoarthritis”

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  • “Treat Your Own Hand and Thumb Osteoarthritis”
  • Language: English, Paperback: 96 pages
  • Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing, LLC; 9.4.2012 edition
  • by Jim Johnson, PT (certified physical therapist with over 25 years of experience)

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“Treat Your Own Hand and Thumb Osteoarthritis”

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing, LLC; 9.4.2012 edition (October 4, 2012)

by Jim Johnson, PT

Looking for a way how to do exercises in the privacy of one’s home with little cost or equipment? Here’s a comprehensive
manual for you with dedicated exercises, that is based on the latest research.

Treat Your Own Hand and Thumb Osteoarthritis is illustrated with over 100 step-by-step images. It’s filled with
very easy-to-follow exercises that are specifically designed to make your hands much more coordinated &
stronger, less stiff & less painful.

An effective & use friendly manual, that offers a simple guide to anyone who suffers from hand & thumb osteoarthritis.

In this manual you find 10 following Chapters

  • Chapter 1 “Hand Osteoarthritis: Not a Hopeless Case” – To start things off, this chapter gives overview of long-term natural history studies on hand osteoarthritis: To show readers that hand osteoarthritis does not necessarily have to
    get worse – It can be the opposite, not all arthritic hands will hurt more as time goes on & some actually improve.
  • Chapter 2 “Getting to Know Your Hand” – Everything about hand anatomy you need to know to get your hand better. There are lot of images to show you how many little bones you have in your hand.. & how few muscles there are in the fingers – You might be very surprised.
  • Chapter 3 “Getting Rid of That Stiffness” – A home-made hot pack to show you how to get rid of stiffness you have in
    your hand. Along with multiple images, great exercises that show you how to stretch out all the major joints & muscles
    in your hands.
  • Chapter 4 “Making Your Hands Stronger” – Specialized section for people who struggle with thumb arthritis – Packed
    with more images, you’re shown exercises that will improve the strength of your fingers & hands. This part shows you exactly, how your thumb is put together & shows you important stabilization exercise to treat thumb arthritis: A simple exercise with a rubber band that strengthens a key muscle that support the little ligaments in your hand that tend to
    fray away over the time & cause your thumb to become angled & deformed. There are several exercises developed by author that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Chapter 5 “Increasing the Coordination In Your Hands” – Shows you an exercise that has been tested in a controlled
    trial & found to work in a matter of weeks – Something that can be done with a pair of small balls & can be done while watching TV. A great exercises to improve your hand coordination.
  • Chapter 6 “How to Protect the Joints in Your Hands” – What are the right & wrong ways of doing everyday tasks,
    from peeling potatoes to brushing your teeth – Here’s a guide that is packed with dozens of images that shows you
    how you can learn smart ways of using your hands to avoid pain & further deformity.
  • Chapter 7 “The Usefulness of Splints” – What splints to consider for your hands & why. If you don’t like the idea of
    wearing a splint, this chapter might make you think twice – This chapter shows you images of splints that are widely available at drug stores & online. This section goes over studies that shows you that splints can effectively keep the
    bones in your hand in place & decrease hand pain. It’s effective & it’s been proven.
  • Chapter 8 “How to Stay on Track” – To eliminate any confusion about what to do & when to do – There’s a 6-weeks
    worth of exercise sheets – All the exercises in this book are shown on images all in one place, that you can check off as
    many times as you like, as you perform your daily routines. Great way to keep you on track as easily & as effortlessly as possible.
  • Chapter 9 has a hand scale you can use to track of your progress
  • Chapter 10 are the references – The entire book is completely based on published research studies from peer
    reviewed journals & randomized controlled trials.

All in a mere 96 pages!
It’s a very comprehensive source on how anybody can treat all aspects of their hand & thumb arthritis.

There’s also a version, that is written in a little larger print, so those with vision problems will have an easy time reading it.

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