Sidewinder Grip Twister, by SideWinder

Sidewinder Grip Twister, by SideWinder

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  • One of the Most Advanced Wrist Rollers – No Weight On Rope, Compact & Easily Portable
  • Handcrafted – Very High-Quality Product, Durable, Completely Made from Metal Parts
  • Adjustable Resistance – Tension From 0 to Impossible

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Sidewinder Grip Twister — Wrist, Finger, Fat Grip Exerciser, Adjustable Resistance …

If you desire the next level of hard core resistance training, the Sidewinder Grip Twister is what you’re looking for.

The Grip Twister utilizes never seen but classic American engineering to create a fat grip trainer that will tear your
wrist, finger and thumb muscles apart, forcing your lower arms to engage in super strength.

Thick tension knob sets the resistance.

  • Blow up and strengthen your wrists, fingers and thumbs – and the forearms along the way
  • Fat Grip Training with 4.25 inch diameter handles which forces more of your muscles to fire up and grow
  • Adjustable tension from zero to impossible
  • Grip ready knurling on both handles and inside knurling on the left handle for special pinch exercises

Handles rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. Hold the Grip Twister in any direction – straight ahead, vertically,
behind your back. With enough imagination, you can create numerous type of exercises.

Master product designer Chris Nieman built the Twister with the same excellence as in all of his Sidewinder products.

He crafted it with aluminum and then anodized it for strength, giving it a sleek stainless steel look. He stands by his
product and offers his usual lifetime manufacturer guarantee.

Product Specifications: 

  • Weight: About 3.5 pounds
  • Length: 4.25 inches
  • Length of Each Handle: 1.88 inches
  • Diameter of Each Handle: 4.25 inches
  • Material: Aluminium, anodized
  • Adjustable: From very easy to impossible

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