Tough-As-Nails Sandbag Set, by IronMind

Tough-As-Nails Sandbag Set, by IronMind

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  • Superb Functional Training Tool – Strength, Conditioning & Static Support Grip Work
  • Large Military Grade Cordura Sandbag – 24″ x 36″ & holds 300 lbs of Sand + Two 28″ x 40″ Large Liners
  • Includes – “The Complete Sandbag Training Course”

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Fun to use & outstanding for conditioning work..

Sandbag training naturally involves your grip & is perfect for strongman, martial artists & related forms of
functional training. Tough-As-Nails – very solidly constructed & true to its name. It’s a great way to get
stronger in order to improve on all your lifts..

High-quality strength training tool for all-around improvement.
IronMind Sandbag Sets are made for heavy stuff like lifting, carrying & loading. It’s tough, just like its name
says but far more versatile strength training tool than you might think.

It is a great way to get stronger in order to improve on all your lifts because of the fact that the sand moves
on you while you try to clean the sandbag or carry it. The head lock hold & push-away type of exercises with
the sandbag offers the feel of a resisting opponent.

There are many more possible uses of the sandbag such as doing set ups, bridges which also involves a lot of
grip work as well as overall body strength.

Due to the unwieldy nature of the Tough-As-Nails Sandbag it can take your full body effort to execute what
are considered isolation exercises with free weights. This overall muscle, nerve recruitment & the feeling of
having a resisting opponent is what makes sandbag training worthwhile.

  • Superb functional training tool for strength, conditioning & grip work
  • Versatile for many exercises, also usable indoors & outdoors
  • Simulates stonelifting in a much more convenient format
  • Very durable, good-looking & easy to use
  • Year after year proven at the World’s Strongest Man contest
  • Large Tough-As-Nails Cordura Sandbag, 24″ x 36″ & holds 300 lbs of sand fully loaded (coarser-grained sand works best)
  • Includes manual “The Complete Sandbag Training Course” by Brian Jones
  • Two 28″ x 40″ Large Liners (White) to use as full size or partially filled to make a bunch of sandbag “weights”: fill, fold & secure with duct tape

IronMinds Tough-As-Nails Sandbag Sets have been used at the World’s Strongest Man contests since 2010 &
they are the dominant sandbag used on the professional strongman circuit worldwide.

They are equally useful for weekend warriors training at home.

Made of Cordura (24″ x 36″) Tough-As-Nails Sandbag Set holds up to 300 lbs of sand when fully loaded.

It can be filled with anything from rags or straw to sand, depending upon how much weight & what kind of feel you prefer.

Set includes sandbag, two liners & “The Complete Sandbag Training Course” by Brian Jones. The manual includes about 20 exercises & 5 training programs.

It covers basics for your Sandbag Set training & for those, who haven’t been exposed to sandbag training, there are some creative & useful exercises.

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