Pole Dancing Gloves with Tack

Pole Dancing Gloves with Tack


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  • Tack Strips – Grip the Pole, Allowing You to do More Advanced Dance Moves Without Slipping
  • Adds Layer of Protection Between Your Hands & the Dance Pole to Protect Your Skin from Calluses
  • Prevents Injuries Caused by Sweaty Bare Hands


Mighty Grip Pole Dancing Gloves with Tack Strips for Gripping the Pole (1 pair)

The Mighty Grip gloves provide the advantage and practicality that all pole dance and pole yoga
participants can use from novice to expert.

Tacky Gloves are recommended for spinning poles. These gloves are tight fitting. To prevent the gloves
from slipping against the skin of your hands, you can apply a small amount of Mighty Grip Powder
(sold separately,) to the palms of your hand before putting the gloves on.

  • Better performance – Helps you to do more advanced dance moves
  • Less injuries – Great way to protect your skin from calluses
  • Greater grip – Tacky gloves are recommended for spinning poles to achieve better grip
  • Prevent slipping – Absorbs sweat from hands which causes slipping on the dance pole

Measure your hand with a tape measure around the knuckles of your hand. Measure your dominant hand,
the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed. Prevents injuries caused by
sweaty bare hands slipping off the pole.

Adds layer of protection between your hands and the dance pole to protect your skin from calluses.
Helps grip the pole allowing you to do more advanced dance moves without slipping.

Great for beginners who are trying to build their strength meanwhile having greater control over pole.
Absorbs sweat which causes slipping on the dance pole.

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