OFG Pinch Gripping Set, 6 Pieces

OFG Pinch Gripping Set, 6 Pieces


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  • Seeking to Get Stronger Thumbs? Grab a Pro Pinch Block set to Cover Every Possible Aspect of it
  • 6 Piece Pinch Gripping Set – Excellent for Increasing Thumb, Forearm Wrist & Finger Strength
  • Black Textured Factory Applied Powder Coating


Can’t get any better than this, everything you need for thumb strength is here! Whether you’re a
climber, powerlifter or a strongman..

This is how complete one set can be, to build up your pinch grip – The OFG Pinch gripping set includes
everything you need from pinch block exercises to hub pinch which is the toughest of them all.

Your grip is exactly as strong as your weakest link is = Your grip is exactly as strong as your thumb is.
This is where pinch blocks step in to help you out.

  • 4″ diameter Hub Style Gripper
  • 2″ & 4″ Pinch Block
  • 3 Inch Cannon (Wrecking) ball,
  • 1/4″ Pinch Plate
  • 10″ Olympic Loading Pin

There’s absolutely no need to look further, since this pinch gripper set has everything you need to work on your
pinch grip & it’s highly recommend to anyone who participates in activities that require using your hands.

Lifts & holds, walks & climbing – This particular pinch gripping set is made out of steel & it’s outstanding
tool set for improving your strength in these areas.

Proudly made by Ohio Fitness Garage.

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