Loose Gym Chalk (300g/10 oz), by 321 Strong


Loose Gym Chalk (300g/10 oz), by 321 Strong

 (as of March 19, 2020, 9:32 am) £7.99

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  • Premium Grade, Fine Powdered Chalk – Comes in a Recloseable Zipper Top Bag
  • Non Toxic, Pigment Free – No Scent, Enhance Your Grip & Keep Your Hands Bone Dry
  • Loose Chalk – Top Up your Refillable Chalk Ball


Whether you are playing pool, bowling, softball, tennis, baseball, do pole dancing fitness, powerlifting,
climb a boulder, doing weights training, shot put, ride a bike, or just a pure sports fan – you excel in your
activities when you have a great grip. It’s that simple.

Sweaty hands lead to injuries and loss of confidence in your grip, and the proper level of friction.
Get a perfect grip for power lifting, rock climbing, and gymnastics.

If you’re bouldering, climbing a mountain, or even on a man made wall, you need chalk to get the job done.
Avoid falls by using our uncut chalk for maximum performance. Dropping a bar is extremely dangerous. So
is falling off a beam. Serious climbers and weight lifters already know this. But many that are just getting into
weightlifting have never used chalk.

One drop is all it usually takes to learn that lesson. Apply to hands, shoes, sweaty palms, athletic equipment,
dust it on anything that needs to be dry. Drying surfaces improves your grip, it’s not rocket science! Without
chalk, the competition is going to leave you behind, as they have the confidence you can’t have.

Great for both men and women, even kids. Beginners and professionals alike will love this chalk as it is easy
to apply, and tough enough for the most demanding workout and sweatiest conditions.
Do your WOD with confidence!

Get going toward your personal goal, and push your body to the limit. Do you want to work out without fear of
losing control of your weight? Drops happen , it’s a fact of life. But losing control when you’re trying to unleash
the beast is terrible. Sweaty hands are to blame .

When it’s extra hot in the gym, it’s harder than ever to keep your hands on the bar. Powerlifting demands you
have precise movements and surges . That type of uneven motion is what lets the bar slip. Don’t stress, loose
gym chalk got you covered.

Non toxic, pigment free, premium grade, fine powdered white chalk for weightlifting, bouldering, gymnastics,
climbing gyms, power lifting, rock climbing & workout bars

Top up your refillable chalk ball sock, climbers bag, or gymnastic bucket with this big refill bag

Enhance your grip, keep your hands bone dry, & has no scent – one of the top 10 must-have gym accessories
Large bag of light weight powder chalk for athletic equipment apply directly to your hand
Comes in a recloseable zipper top bag, safe for kids

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