Level II Dexterity Balls, by IronMind – Set of 2

Level II Dexterity Balls, by IronMind – Set of 2

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  • Dexterity Balls are Equipped with Chimes – Level II Iron Balls are 2-1/4″ in Diameter & 1-1/4 lbs
  • Includes the easy-to-follow guide – “Dexterity Ball Training for Hands” by John Brookfield
  • Made by IronMind – The Industry Leader  since 1988


Benefit from muscle control, manual dexterity & increased range of motion.
These are baoding balls & technically traditional Chinese iron exercise balls.

Level II Dexterity Balls, by IronMind are outstanding & a great way to Improve Every Aspect of Your Hand
Strength – Stamina, Dexterity & Muscle control

The idea of Dexterity Balls is that you hold two or more metal balls in one hand at the same time & rotate
them. Usually one direction is much easier than the other – for the right hand with palm up, clockwise is
the easier direction.

For the left hand it’s the same but simply in reversed manner.

Dexterity Balls are perfect for everyone who likes to benefit from increased range of motion as well as
muscle control & increased manual dexterity. There are various ways to make exercising with Dexterity
Balls much harder to near impossible.

  1. Grab a set of Dexterity Balls to quickly improve every aspect of your hand strength with various exercises
  2. Excellent way to increase your manual dexterity – Range of motion, muscle control & add grip stamina
  3. Dexterity Balls are equipped with chimes – Level II iron balls are 2-1/4″ in diameter & weigh 1-1/4 lbs
  4. Offer also includes the easy-to-follow guide “Dexterity Ball Training for Hands”, by John Brookfield

How to make Dexterity Balls more challenging?

The first thing you can do to make your task more challenging – Turn your hand vertical & rotate the balls. Once
you have mastered that, you can work on doing the same thing with your palm faced down.

Another variation that you can also work on is doing it without letting the balls touch. When you improve & reach
the point where that gets too easy, you can use larger & heavier balls.

To make it even more tougher another method is wrapping duct tape around Dexterity Balls – Make the exercise
even more difficult by making them even bigger with the added challenge of increasing the friction between them.

Offer Includes a Training Manual – “Dexterity Ball Training for Hands”

Bonus Training Manual

Level II iron balls are 2-1/4″ in diameter & weigh about 1-1/4 lbs. These chrome balls are also equipped with chimes.
This particular kit includes two of these dexterity balls & the easy-to-follow “Dexterity Ball Training for Hands” guide,
by John Brookfield to help you to put them instantly into practice.

Easy-to-follow “Dexterity Ball Training for Hands Course”, with clear explanations & photos to help you learn these intriguing exercises.

Dexterity Balls were traditionally used for meditation but John Brookfield wrote the course for putting these ancient balls in the hands of grip-strength specialists & everyone who could beneft from increased manual dexterity, range of motion & muscle control.

John teaches you how to do it all in his easy-to-follow “Dexterity Ball Training for Hands” course.

01-DexterityBalls (Page 2)

These ancient balls are great for every grip enthusiast & should be in the hands of grip specialists OR anyone
who could benefit from increased manual dexterity, range of motion & muscle control.

Dexterity Balls can be used for meditation as well – They work well along with your Expand-Your-Hand Bands
& Captains of Crush grippers to help to keep your hands strong & ache free.

Dexterity Balls will make your hands much stronger even if you’re not doing any other grip training at all.
You’ll notice that every aspect of your hand strength is going up.

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