Left-Turn Grippers – Lefty Grippers by IronMind

Left-Turn Grippers – Lefty Grippers by IronMind


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  • A “Lefty” Gripper with Left-hand wind spring – It’s also Captains of Crush Compatible
  • Four (4) Different Strength Levels to choose from: Ranging from 100 lbs to 280 lbs
  • Very High-Quality – Anodized Aircraft-grade Aluminum


Grab a Left-Turn gripper & train with it exactly as you would with a Captains of Crush gripper.
Left-Turn grippers are essentially the mirror image of Captains of Crush grippers.

Are you one of the people who train with grippers think they feel fine in both hands, but if you
think your left hand has gotten short shrift, meet the CoC Left-Turn grippers.

Grippers can feel slightly different in left hand than in right hand. This could be differences in
hand dominance, hand position & hand strength, but it could also be due to differences in the
geometry of wind springs. IronMind noticed it & specifically designed Left-Turn Grippers
for you to successfully train both your hands.

  • Precision manufacturing & peerless build quality for world-class performance
  • Captains of Crush Compatible – It’s a mirror image of Captains of Crush grippers
  • Left-hand wind springs – You can now train your left hand the same way you train your right hand
  • Incredibly Durable & Precise, No Surprise-Geometry – Includes IronMind’s proprietary GR8-L springs

Remember, you can train either hand with your Left-Turn grippers.

Just as lefties have been using Captains of Crush grippers with both hands for decades &
getting stronger for their efforts, you can put your right hand through the paces
with a Left-Turn Gripper, too!

How to Choose the Best Left-Turn gripper for you?

Four (4) Different Strength Levels

  • Left-Turn Trainer (100 lbs) : The Trainer may present a significant challenge. Serious grip training starts
    here. Most people can usually close The Trainer once or twice as the hand strength of the average man
    is around 115 pounds.

  • Left-Turn No 1 (140 lbs) : Most guys who lift weights regularly can’t close this gripper on their first try. With
    some solid training No 1 can be closed by most people. Everything beyond No 1 gets a lot tougher & rewards
    become a lot bigger.

  • Left-Turn No 2 (195 lbs) : Master the No 2 if winning or losing, living or dying, might depend on your grip
    strength. No 2 presents a challenge & has stumped many strong men. Closing No 2 can be considered as
    great achievement.

  • Left-Turn No 3 (280 lbs) : Become grip elite – International benchmark of a world-class grip. Close No 3 &
    claim your place among the grip elite. Separates the men from the boys. CoC No 3 gripper is The Gold
    Standard of Hand Strength feats.

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Difficulty Level:

1. Left-Turn Trainer (100 lbs), 2. Left-Turn No 1 (140 lbs), 3. Left-Turn No 2 (195 lbs), 4. Left-Turn No 3 (280 lbs)


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