Expand-Your-Hand Bands, by IronMind

Expand-Your-Hand Bands, by IronMind

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  • Outstanding for Working Your Extensor Muscles & The Perfect Complement to Captains of Crush grippers
  • Relaxing Stress-Reducer – Latex-Free with Improved Durability for Longer Life & Even Greater Value
  • Excellent for Muscle Balance & Speedy Recovery

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Expand-Your-Hand Bands are outstanding tools to help strengthen extensor muscles & muscle balance.

Dynamic & fun way to work your extensors – Kiss goodbye to that elbow pain!
Highly recommended for anyone concerned about hand health.

  • Essential tool for the primary hand movements – Crushing, Pinching & Supporting to build stable hands
  • Excellent to avoid muscle imbalance – A quick relief from tennis elbow & pains from muscle overuse
  • Unlike regular rubber bands – IronMind’s Expand-Your-Hand  bands are comfortable, durable & consistent

In case you want to increase your crush grip strength – You want to train the extensor muscles of your hands
to balance & counteract all the squeezing you’re doing when crushing grippers.

Without one being great, other can’t become great – Think about your big pressing muscles – For example, if
your back isn’t strong enough, you’ll never ever have a big bench press. These are the two big muscle groups
that balance & strengthen each other, & make your overall power output much more effective once they’re

Exact same thing with crush grip strength: You want to strengthen your extensor muscles of your hands to
improve your overall grip power output, muscle structure & balance.

Why are Extend-Your-Hand Bands crucial to hand health?

Expand-Your-Hand Bands can be used to prevent, reduce or cure the sort of pains associated muscle overuse,
abuse, arthritis & carpal tunnel syndrome.

“Get two sets of Hand Bands – one for home & one for your office or car. Use both of them” as a top personal
trainer tells his clients.  Expand-Your-Hand Bands are color-coded with progressive levels of resistance.
Made of latex-free rubber for greater stretch & longer life.

Great for warming up, rehab, prehab or just plain relaxing. Expand-Your-Hand Bands allow you to exercise in
a dynamic range of motion for sparkling hand health & maximum grip strength.

Using Extend-Your-Hand Bands is the easiest & most painless way to get rid of that elbow pain once & for all.

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