Gym Chalk (Block / Powder), by Chalk Ness Monster

Gym Chalk (Block / Powder), by Chalk Ness Monster


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  • Premium 100% Magnesium Carbonate Chalk – Superior grip at a Fraction of the Price of the Competitors
  • Powder+ Chalk Ball OR Block (2 Options) – Chalk Ball + Loose Chalk (56g) OR Chalk Block 1 lbs (8 oz blocks)
  • Gym Chalk – Climbing, Weightlifting, Gymnastics


Gym Chalk – Climbing, Weightlifting, Gymnastics – 1 LB No Slip, No Moisture Chalk

Chalk Ness Monster chalk is premium 100% magnesium carbonate chalk to give you a superior grip at a
fraction of the price of the competitors.

Chalk Ness Monster is good for all competitors – no discrimination here. This could be power lifting chalk,
gymnastics chalk, rock climbing chalk, kettleball training or Crossfit chalk, as long as you are trying to bring
the best out of yourself, this chalk is for you (& if you’re just going for a casual workout, hey that’s fine too).

This gym chalk can ensure your hands stay dry and your grip doesn’t slip. When competing, the last thing on
your mind should be whether your grip will slip out from under you. The focus should be on the contest, on
the preparation that got you to this moment, and the job that lies ahead of you.

Put worry and sweat out of your mind with Chalk Ness Monster. Whether you are…

-Hanging from a rock outcrop and contemplating your path to the peak
-Psyching yourself up for the heaviest deadlift you’ve attempted
-Sprinting towards the vault for a Yurchenko 3/2
-In a Kettlebell or Crossfit workout session pushing yourself farther than you’ve gone yet

…Chalk Ness Monster will get your back. No slip, all grip.

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