Grenadier Grips – Unique Fat Bar Grips, Short & Long

Grenadier Grips – Unique Fat Bar Grips, Short & Long


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  • Portable & Easy to Use – Fitness Accessory to Convert Barbells, Dumbbells & Kettlebells Handles into Thick Bars
  • Increased Comfort – Reduce Joint & Tendonitis, Wrist & Elbow issues while increasing your arms strength
  • Explosive Pumps – Recruit More Muscle Fibers


Unique Fat Bar Dumbell/Barbell Grips For Huge Size Gains, Explosive Power, Increased Grip Strength, Arm
Muscle Builder, Crossfit, Improve Climbing and Grappling

GRENADIER GRIPS – The next generation of fat grip training!

EASY TO USE ★Grenadier GRIPS instantly convert dumbbells, barbells, pull up bars, push up bars, kettlebells,
cable attachments or any other bar into fat grips
INCREASED COMFORT ★Grenadier GRIPS alleviate wrist, elbow and other joint and tendonitis issues as they
increase strength in your muscles, makes them work harder and reduces load from the tendons
EXPLOSIVE PUMPS ★Grenadier GRIPS recruit more muscle fibers in the upper body, great for building your arms,
more strength and mass faster

Get bigger… get stronger… faster! – From top MMA fighters to bodybuilders, cross-fitters and many other
high level athletes. Thick bar training spreads weight over larger area of the hand. This then ensures less stress on
joints, less injuries, less imbalances and maximum results. You also maximize grip training, it’s no longer an
afterthought. Blast your forearms and feel the difference straight away on bicep/tricep exercises

Smash through plateaus GRENADIER GRIPS can be easily incorporated into your workouts whilst massively
increasing the intensity of your training. They are quick and easy to attach and offer different grip positions

The perfect size GRENADIER GRIPS measure approximately 3″ in diameter (73mm), or about the size of a baseball,
tennis ball, or cricket ball. They are specifically and ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand,
allowing for comfort during training…

Built to last GRENADIER GRIPS are made from an FDA approved high grade elastomer polymer which ensures
they will not split or crack

★ Unique design
★ Increase all digit grip strength
★ Greater exercise variation
★ Portable and light weight with an awesome carry case
★ Reduce wrist strain with an EZ-style grip and avoid shoulder discomfort with a neutral grip
★ Anti slip material for maximum stability

★ (1) x Camouflage Case
100%, NO HASSLE, lifetime money-back guarantee

Directions for use:
★ Please note when you receive the grips, the first time you use them you have to pull them open firmly from the slit
opposite the logo panel, it may seem that there is not a slit but, don’t worry, it’s there!

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