Gillingham High Performance Grippers

Gillingham High Performance Grippers


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  • Top Tier GHP Heavy Duty Gripper – A Hand Gripper with Aggressive Knurling
  • Ten (10) Different Strength Levels to Choose from – From 100 lbs to 425 lbs
  • Extremely High Quality – Sturdy & Doesn’t Squeak


Gillingham High Performance Heavy Duty Hand Grippers – Hands down one the finest line of
hand grippers on the market.

GHP redesigned the hand gripper from the ground up using modern design and manufacturing techniques.
This coupled with years of grip training experience from the founder of Gillingham High Performance,
Wade Gillingham, has made the GHP Heavy Duty Hand Grippers a world-wide hit right out of the gate.

GHP Grippers are unique, innovative, and look and feel like no other gripper on the market.
Try what many are saying is the best gripper sold today.

  • Variable knurl depth – A heavy duty hand gripper that has aggressive knurling on the palm side,
    less aggressive on the finger side.
  • Virtually indestructible label on the handle ends give GHP grippers a unique look and make gripper
    identification a snap whether open or closed!
  • “Smart Mark” grooves on the handles indicate where to put the gripper in your palm and where to place
    your fingers. Move your fingers up the handle to make the gripper more challenging.
  • Radius edges give GHP grippers a streamlined look and don’t beat up your pinky like the industry
    standard chamfered end.
  • High carbon content Oil Tempered springs are polished for appearance and lubricated with a high tech
    odorless, colorless synthetic lubricant.

How to Choose the Best GHP Heavy Duty Gripper for you?

Ten (10) Different Strength Levels

  • GHP Levels 1-3 are in the Beginner’s Series which is just right if you are starting out with grip training.

  • The Level 1 gripper will be challenging for teens and women and a good warm-up gripper for men.

  • The Level 3 is challenging for men with no grip training experience, with the LvL 2 fitting right in between.
  • GHP Levels 4-6 are in the Advanced Series which is perfect for men that are looking to take their grip
    training to the next level and women looking to make their mark in the grip world.

  • The Level 4 will challenge the mightiest women and is a good starting point for men that have done
    some grip training, weight training, or work with their hands on a daily basis.

  • The Level 6 is probably the end of the road for women and if there’s a woman out there that can close a
    Level 6 we would love to hear from you.
  • GHP Levels 7-10 are in the Professional Series. If you can close a GHP gripper in the professional series
    you should consider yourself a professional grip strength athlete. Almost nobody will close one of these
    grippers without at least some dedicated gripper training.

  • The Level 7 – Less than 100 men in the world have closed the Level 7 gripper under strict certification
    rules as part of the GHP Gripper Challenge.

  • The Level 10 – No man to date has closed the GHP Level 10 Heavy Duty Gripper.

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Difficulty Level:

1. Level 1 (100 lbs), 2. Level 2 (125 lbs), 3, Level 3 (150 lbs), 4. Level 4 (175 lbs), 5. Level 5 (200 lbs), 6. Level 6 (235 lbs), 7. Level 7 (275 lbs), 8. Level 8 (325 lbs), 9. Level 9 (375 lbs), 10. Level 10 (425 lbs)


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