FlexEx Finger Exerciser

FlexEx Finger Exerciser

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  • A Fun, Stress-Free & Effective Way to Strengthen Your Extensor Muscles
  • Ergonomically Designed – Sleek & Non-Cumbersome, Latex Free with No Bulky Contraption
  • Exercise All Fingers at Once OR Individually

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Working your extensor muscles is the very key to healthy, strong, pain-free hands.

You’re going to love it – These hand-bands are a great concept – Simple, fun & creative way to exercise & strengthen extensor muscles in your hands.
FlexEx is the most lightweight hand, forearm & finger exerciser available on the market.

This set comes in 3 different resistances – From light to heavy, all provided to you at the time of purchase.
For even more resistance, simply double them up!

You can exercise all fingers at once OR individually. You can perform abduction, adduction or blocking exercises.
These hand-bands are ergonomically designed, so they’re non-cumbersome & lightweight. There is no bulky contraption & they’re sleek.

FlexEx hand-bands can be used anywhere & at any time.
They’re portable, simply throw one in to your pocket & use at your convenience.

  • Great for Physical Therapy – Exercises your fingers for rehabilitation & to prevent injuries
  • Ergonomic – These bands are sleek & non-cumbersome, with no bulky contraption
  • Easy to use – Improve  your extensor muscles in fun, simple way to progress in your sport
  • Different Resistance Levels – Offers light to heavy resistance & is suited for advanced users as well
  • Portable – Use it any place & any time – Just put it into your pocket & use one whenever you need

Whether you’re recovering from injury, a keyboard worker, musician, sportsman or exercise enthusiast, these tools are great for you. It helps to strengthen your hands, forearms & fingers in an easy, stress-free way.

The Yellow FlexEx offers you light resistance – It’s great for physical therapy, rehabilitation & recommended to those with weakened hands due to surgery or carpal tunnel syndrome – Working your extensor muscles is the key to strong, healthy & pain-free hands.

The Red FlexEx offers you medium resistance – It’s well suited for individuals who want to strengthen their fingers, hands & forearms for better computer keyboard use, or for playing musical instrument – It’s excellent tool to keep your hands in shape & pain-free by building muscle balance to compensate the repetitive every-day tasks you’re doing.

The Blue FlexEx offers you heavy resistance – It’s suited for advanced users who wish to further improve the strength of their fingers, forearms, hands – For more resistance, you can double hand-bands up. Get your crush grip even stronger by supporting it with balanced muscles in your hands.

A great set of hand-bands for beginners & advanced users alike – Rehabilitate your weakened hands & fingers OR take your fingers strength to the next level altogether.

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