EXT Adjustable Gripper + Pinch Set, by GD Iron Grip

EXT Adjustable Gripper + Pinch Set, by GD Iron Grip

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  • Outstanding Gripper with Six (6) Adjustable Stages:
    2 Versions: 55-176 lbs (25-80 kg) OR 55-198 lbs (25-90kg)
  • Aggressive Knurling, Very High Quality – Durable, Manufactured Completely with Metal Parts
  • Includes Pinch Set – Comes With Pinch Grip Handles


Owning the Iron Grip Adjustable Grip 90 EXT is like owning six separate metal hand grippers.

Includes pinch gripping handles!
This single gripper provides resistance from beginning to professional levels.

Black (tougher)

  • Stage 1. 55lb (25kg)
  • Stage 2. 84lb (38kg)
  • Stage 3. 112lb (51kg)
  • Stage 4. 141lb (64kg)
  • Stage 5. 170lb (77kg)
  • Stage 6. 198lb (90kg)

Red (easier)

  • Stage 1. 55lb (25kg)
  • Stage 2. 79lb (36kg)
  • Stage 3. 104lb (47kg)
  • Stage 4. 128lb (58kg)
  • Stage 5. 152lb (69kg)
  • Stage 6. 176lb (80kg)

GD Iron Grip EXT 90 with Pinch Grip Set
Wide, adjustable resistance range, from 55 to 176 lb (25kg to 80kg)
Manufactured completely with metal parts.

Extend the length of the handles with the included add-on parts!

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