Elite Tacky – Original

Elite Tacky – Original


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  • The Most Popular Tacky Glue used at World Strongest Man Contest Every Year
  • Elite Tacky by Dave Ostlund – Hand Made in Small Batches to Ensure its Quality
  • 4 oz jar/16 oz jar – Use at Temp Greater than 75° F


Elite Tacky is the most popular tacky used at World Strongest Man contest every year.
It’s reliable, it’s trustworthy product that has already proven its value.

Elite Tacky is a very strong pine resin specifically made for stone loading.
If you’re looking for a tacky that is hand made in small batches to ensure its quality – Elite Tacky made by Dave Ostlund..
..One of the world’s best stone lifters.

It’s a great competition-quality tacky to have for your next competition in case you don’t have one yet.

  • Reliable product – Tacky that has been used by top athletes at World Strongest Man contest every year
  • Hand Made in Small Batches – If you seek a quality product, here’s one made by a specialist
  • Can be combined to achieve even better grip – Use Elite Tacky with your Stone Sleeves to get amazing grip
  • Elite tacky that has stood test of time & have been used to set multiple new stone lifting World Records
  • Original blend by Dave Ostlund – Recommended at temperatures greater than 75 degrees F

Elite Tacky has stood the test of time & multiple stone lifting World Records have been set by using this tacky. It’s been used by many top stone lifters around the world.
Original version of Elite Tacky is designed for warm seasons OR overall general use for indoors & gyms. Recommended to use at temperatures of 75 degrees F or greater.

Achieve Great Grip – Works Even More Effectively when Combined with the Stone Sleeves.
So, feel free to combine Elite Tacky with your Stone Sleeves to get amazing results!

Combined with Stone Sleeves your grip becomes much greater since you’re not using tacky on your bare skin, & your hands are more protected from injuries. This is also the combination used by Top 3 stone loaders at World Strongest Man contest 2015 as well as many other top pro strongmen around the globe.


Beware! Possible side effects:
Once other competitors hear about your awesome new PR’s they will likely ask & try to borrow Elite Tacky glue from you.

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