Eagle Loops – Finger Loops for Static Grip Strength

Eagle Loops – Finger Loops for Static Grip Strength

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  • Outstanding to Build Static Grip – Get Ready to Develop Formidable Finger & Open Hand Strength
  • Train ANY Combination of Fingers – Dangle from Each of Your Digits – One, Two, Three OR Four at a Time
  • Excellent for Pull-ups, Deadlifts, Rows, Curls

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Dangle from your digits & exercise any combination of your fingers! The Eagle Loops are perfect if you’re
interested in developing static grip strength. It’s a favorite of rock climbers & martial artists.

The overall quality of the Eagle Loops is nothing short of impressive.
It’s no doubt one of the best grip training tools you can get.

This particular product has huge advantages over it’s competition because it is designed to strengthen &
train each individual finger in any combinations due to each digit having its own loop to hang from. Basic
exercises turn into finger-strengthening moves par excellence when you hitch the Eagle Loops over a
chinning bar for pull-ups.

  • Hands-down one of the best grip tools you can buy to build static strength
  • Dangle from each of your digits – One, two, three OR four at a time
  • Outstanding tool to help you to develop formidable finger & open hand strength
  • Start training any combination of fingers – Simply connect Eagle Loops to a bar, pin or weight stack
  • Take full advantage of Eagle Loops in multiple ways – Use it for static holds, deadlifts, rows, curls, pull-ups
  • Super-strong & extremely durable – Like other IronMind’s products – It’s a high-quality grip strengthener

How can you use Eagle Loops?

Use The Eagle Loops to connect to a bar, weight stack or loading pin for deadlifts, static holds, sled & truck pull.
Basically you can wrap The Eagle Loops around almost everything: use it for pull ups, curls, triceps extensions,
rows – you name it!

Whether you’re Olympic weightlifter, powerlifter, weekend warrior or crossfitter The Eagle loops are a necessity
in every gym-goers bag. Start using these especially for ring & pinky finger strength & all of your pulling &
pressing lifts will benefit for great deal.

If you are not used to working your fingers start out fairly light. The Eagle Loops will leave your hands sore the
next day. Highly recommended & great addition to every grip strength fanatic toolbox.

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