Sandbags For Fitness, by Brute Force


Sandbags For Fitness, by Brute Force


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  • Hands down one the best set of sandbags you can get
  • The Only Sandbags with Reinforcements Inside the Shell
  • Made with 1000D Cordura, the US Military grade material


Hands down one the best set of sandbags you can get.

These are made with smooth & tough 1000D Cordura, a material that is used by the US Military.
Excellent for Fitness, Sandbag Training & Sandbag Workout with Adjustable Weights.

  • Brute Force Sandbags – 25lbs,  75lbs & 125lbs
  • Barebone  Sandbags – 125lbs or 200lbs
  • Heavy Hitter Sandbags – 200lbs or 400lbs

If you seek high-quality & durability, Brute Force Sandbags are well worth the investment.

Brute Force Sandbags have 4 Sets of flexible soft grip handles (8 total) & these are also the only sandbags
with reinforcements inside the shell.

  • MMA/Combat Athletes Choose Brute Force Sandbags for their training!
  • Military Choose Brute Force Sandbags for their training!
  • Cross Training Athletes Choose Brute Force Sandbags for their training!
  • Strongman Training
  • Police/Fireman Choose Brute Force Sandbags for their training!
  • Perfect for Tough Mudder/Spartan Race training!

Why should you train with Brute Force Sandbag?

Sandbag training increases your agility, endurance, power, flexibility and strength. This type of training is
not a widely known training routine, but for many it is a vital aspect for athletes. It is important to take a
sensible approach when it comes to your training.

Sandbag training allows athletes of all abilities to prepare themselves for well-respected sporting events.
Brute force Sandbags come with multiple double 1000D velcro filler bags guaranteed not to leak. Sand can
be added or removed to vary the weights in each filler bag.

Place each filler in your Brute Force Sandbag shell zip it up & get to work! Sandbag training is much more
difficult than free-wights training due to shifting loads. Muscles not used in free-weight training will be

  • The only Sandbag with reinforcements inside the shell
  • 8 soft, low profile handles
  • Made with smooth and tough 1000D Cordura – a material used by the US Military
  • No rubber handles to break or grind into your skin
  • 1000D Mil-Spec Zipper
  • No materials are used that will deteriorate
  • the perfect fitness sandbag for all your needs
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • 2 year warranty
  • Machine Washable

Sand Not Included

Brute Force Sandbags – Proudly 100% Made in Denver, Colorado

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