Athletic Tape 32x (1.5″ X 10 Yard Roll), by Cramer

Athletic Tape 32x (1.5″ X 10 Yard Roll), by Cramer


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  • Affordable, High-Quality Athletic Tape – Latex-Free & 100% Cotton, Colors for Every Team & Occasions
  • Professional Grade Tape – Support Joints & Muscles, Minimize Instability, Hyperflexion & Hyperextension
  • Excellent for All Athletes – Covers All the Basics



Cramer Team Color Athletic Tape for Ankle, Wrist, and Injury Taping, Protect and Prevent Injuries,
Promotes Faster Healing, Athletic Training First Aid Supplies,
1.5″ X 10 Yard Roll, Assorted 6 Pack

Cramer 750, single 1 1/2″ X 10 Yard professional grade tape rolls in case of 32,
latex-free & 100% 

Supports joints and muscles in the ankles, wrists, elbows and knees and minimizes instability,
hyperflexion and hyperextension during activity, secures wound dressings and repairs equipment, basic
for all active athletes

High quality porus tape at an affordable price, colors for every team and occasion

Cramer’s line of taping and wrapping products is specially designed for athletic trainers and is the preferred
choice in sports medicine. Experts of the trade continue to rely on the brand because they know it stands for
excellence and efficacy. As an original supporter and cornerstone sponsor of the National Athletic Trainers’
Association, Cramer consistently drives the advancement of the industry and remains focused on developing
the tools needed to keep players healthy and performing at an optimal level.

Tape is a tool, a tool that serves a million and one functions. It supports. It secures. It prevents.

Tape is one ofthe foundations of athletic training and the sporting world. Those little white rolls are as integral
to game dayas a ball or a helmet. But tape doesn’t exist on an island. It needs underwrap, adhesives &
scissors to do its job.

Cramer provides all of the taping and wrapping supplies an athletic trainer needs to get a team on the field
as quickly & easily as possible.

Developed with computer calibrated unwind to offer superior consistency and performance out of every roll
Fabricated with Zinc Oxide and high tensile backcloth to provide outstanding strength and support,
plus superior conformability

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