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Fat Gripz – Product Review 2017

  1. What are Fat Gripz – What are they, their purpose & the Reasons why they’re so effective
  2. When, Why & How to use Fat Gripzs – How to use them & the Major benefits & carry over effects
  3. Where is the Best Place to Buy Fat Gripz – Where can you get the best possible deals to buy Fat Gripz
  4. How to Progress & Add Variety – How to compare Fat Gripz Original VS Extreme to choose different styles of Fat Gripz
There are 3 different types of Fat Gripz – Fat Gripz Original (Blue), Fat Gripz Extreme (Orange) & Fat Gripz Ltd (Black)

Excellent tools to build jacked forearms & crazy strong thumb muscles

A Short Product Overview & Conclusion for Fat Gripz:
  • Imrpove grip strength – Superb tool to help you with this task – The very foundation of any impressive physique
  • Very easy to use – Easily & quickly apply it to convert dumbbells, barbells & chin-up bars into thick bars
  • Made from Military-spec material – Incredibly durable, high-density compound with specialized design
  • Portable Grip Training Tool – Fits in to Your Training Bag – Carry it with you as You Hit the Gym
  • Convenient Specialty Equipment – Replicate the Feel of Exclusive Strongman specialty equipment like Apollon’s Axle
  • Great way to strengthen your thumbs – Feel great pump in your forearms, biceps & greatly tune up your thumbs
  • Take pressure off the joints – Helps to take the stress off the joints – Put it where it counts the most – The muscle
The Best Place to Buy is Amazon
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Fat Gripz - The Ultimate Arm Builder
Fat Gripz - Extreme - Convert thin bars into thick bars
Fat Gripz - The Ultimate Arm Builder - Black Ops Limited Edition
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Fat Gripz - Ranking 92 out of 100

Fat Gripz – What are They & How to use Them?

Fat Gripz = Thick Bars

If you’re planning to buy a set of regular thick bars for your home gym, then prepare to expect your jaw to drop..
..You’ll discover how expensive investment these bars require.

The next best tool that emulates from small fraction of the cost & replicates the same effect – Fat Gripz.
It’s simple yet effective – Attach it to dumbbells, barbells OR pull-up bars to transform these regular bars into fat, thick bars.

What is Fat Gripz Extreme? Meet the Big Bad Brother of Fat Gripz Original – The Fat Gripz Extreme.
It’s portable grip training tool, transforming regular bars into fat, thick bars

It’s as thick as a Coke can – These Fat Gripz Extremes (orange color / 2.75 inch diameter) are an even more advanced version of the original Fat Gripz (blue color / 2.25 inch diameter)
If you’re looking for a way to replicate the feel of exclusive Strongman specialty equipment like Apollon’s Axe..’re in right place. Fat Gripz Extreme is exactly the tool to do that.

One of the biggest problem training grip strength with very thick bars, odd lifts & strongman equipment – It’s often exclusive to those few individuals who have access to specialty equipment.
The reality is 99% of gyms simply DON’T HAVE such tools!

What Makes Fat Gripz Extreme Effective?

Improve Your Weakest Link

Have you heard the saying “chain is only as strong as its weakest link” ?
You’re always ONLY as strong as your weakest link is – Your grip strength is a limiting factor.

Fat Gripz becomes quickly notable in your training routine to improve forearm strength. In fact, if your forearms, hands & grip can support only half of the weight that your dominant pressing muscles, such as triceps, pecs & delts can handle..

..then your best lift will always be only HALF of what your dominant muscles can produce.

1 Build a Powerful Grip

Remember, you’re always going to be only as strong as your grip is.

For example, think about deadlift, one of the biggest lift of them all.. probably know that walking up to a loaded barbell with a weak grip feels like being handicapped.

The difference is significant if you want to stay ahead of your competition.

Fat Gripz is one of your quickest & most convenient ways to fix that problem.

2 Gain More Muscle Faster

Fat Gripz are the new worldwide training phenomenon..’s recommended & used by many top pro level athletes – It’s used by military, martial artists, arm wrestlers, crossfitters & pro bodybuilders.

Thicker handles greatly contribute into pinch gripping & also benefit your whole upper body

More muscle activation leads to bigger muscle & strength gains..

3 Reduce Joint Problems 

You can use Fat Gripz for recovery & to reduce joint problems..

If you suffer from joint pain in hands, the more you want focus on hand recovery while you keep training effectively.

Get rid of that joint pain by taking the pressure & stress off the joints – Put it where it counts – The muscle.

Improving your muscle balance & increasing the surface area of the targeted muscle can work wonders.

How to use Fat Gripz

Grip Strength – It’s the biggest weakness in almost every lifter & athlete arsenal

Grip is the point of contact with the weight in most exercises. It’s important to use Fat Gripz for increased muscle activation throughout your entire arms & solve grip problem by adding strength as well as size to your forearms & biceps.

What’s the difference – Fat Gripz VS Fat Gripz Extreme?


Fat Gripz Extreme (orange) IS designed as PROGRESSION from Fat Grips Original (blue)

It’s recommended & strongly suggested to start with blue ones – Master the Fat Gripz Original (blue) first before moving to the next level with Fat Gripz Extreme (orange). Once you become familiar with this awesome tool, don’t be afraid to mix both types of Fat Gripz as they work well in conjunction.

For example: You can make excellent use of them in a drop-set manner to make your workout even more challenging. As shown on image below Fat Gripz Extreme (orange) is twice as thick as Fat Gripz Original (blue).


Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you enjoyed reading my article & learned a lot about Fat Gripz along the way.
Feel free to ask for assistance & share your thoughts by leaving a comment.


Greetings! I'm Henry & I'm a friendly fellow who started this website to help you to improve your strength game. I’m fascinated by calisthenics, strongman training & weightlifting – I’ve been a powerlifter & martial artist for more than decade. Being passionate about strength sports, I'd love to discuss about these topics.

4 thoughts on “How to use Fat Gripz Arm Builder?

  1. great review and what a great product. I came across your site and saw this review. I have used this product for about six months and have seen significant improvements in my grip. I am thinking about purchasing the extreme version. Is there a significant enough difference in your opinion to make the switch? just curious on your thought there after having used the other version for six months now.

    1. Switch would be great.. It’s progression, it’s next level for you.
      Trying to deadlift with Fat Gripz Extreme is absolutely crazy stuff.

      Technically, the idea with Fat Gripz is to replicate the feel of strongman specialty equipment, axle – The thicker the handle, the harder it is to hold on to it.
      With Fat Gripz Extreme version your fingers won’t be completely wrapped around the bar anymore (unless you have really big hands) but in both cases, as handle gets bigger, the more challenging it gets & the more muscle activation it requires.

      At the same time, I’d 100% keep the Fat Gripz Original too, for warm-up & cool-down sessions, to get you going & prevent injuries as much as possible.

      Both versions never go out of style.

  2. Henry, I’ve been working out for years but I’ve never heard of the Fat Gripz Arm Builder before.
    As a life-long Martial Artist, I’m always looking for new ways to increase my grip strength.

    The Fat Gripz Arm Builder activates muscles that you will never use when using a normal bar, this is a great invention. How long would you recommend using Fat Gripz before progressing to Fat Gripz Extreme?

    1. As a Martial Artist Fat Gripz can be a big one for you (depending on your fighting style) – If you use grappling elements, you literally depend on strong thumbs & pinching ability – The stronger, the more control you have..

      Progression revolves around your training ethics & routines – It’s very individual for everyone – The amount of work you’re putting in, so your muscles can familiarize themselves with a new device.
      And that’s really about it, adaption period.
      I’d say couple of months of practice with basic equipment is necessary before trying to advance to more fancy “toys”.

      As a fighter, it’s very likely that you also want to build strong wrists in every direction. Including to Fat Gripz you might want to check out wrist-rollers such as Twist Yo’ Wrist & Sidewinder ProXtreme to make the whole package work in conjunction.

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