What are CoC grippers & How to Choose them?

Captains of Crush – Product Review 2017

  1. What are Captains of Crush grippers – What are they, their purpose & the reasons why they’re so effective
  2. When, Why & How to use CoC hand grippers – How to use them, the major benefits & the quality they offer
  3. Where is the Best Place to Buy Captains of Crush – Where can you get the best possible deals to buy CoC grips
  4. How to Progress & Add Variety – Let’s compare different resistance levels of Captains of Crush hand grippers
There are 11 Different Resistance Levels of CoC grippers & 4 Different Resistance Levels of CoC Left-Turn grippers

The Fastest Way to Build Crush Grip Strength

A Short Product Overview & Conclusion of Captains of Crush grippers:
  • The Gold Standard of Hand Grippers – The Single Best Grip Training Tool you can buy
  • Fastest Way to Crush Grip Strength – Achieve Maximum progress in your Grip Strength with minimum effort
  • There are Eleven (11) different Strength Levels to Choose from – From 60 lbs to 365 lbs
  • Very Durable – Captains of Crush gripper handles are made with Aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Very Precise – You can always count on precision – There is no surprise geometry
  • Very Consistent – CoC spring is built to be durable, it won’t snap NOR wear out after repetitive use
  • Competition Grade / Very High Quality – Precise, Durable & Consistent – Gripper with great overall quality
  • Made in USA by IronMind – The Industry leader since 1988
  • Portable Grip Training Tool – Fits in to Your Training Bag – Carry it with you as You Hit the Gym
The Best Place to Buy is Amazon
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Train Your Left Hand
CoC Left-Turn Hand Gripper

CoC Left-Turn Hand Gripper

Train Your Right Hand
Captains of Crush Hand Gripper

Captains of Crush - The Gold Standard of Hand Grippers
Excellent Product Alert!

Captains of Crush - Ranking 92 out of 100

This is the gripper that changed the world as it took what had largely been a plastic plaything & turned it into a grip training tool that is serious, high-quality & suitable for everyone from rank Beginners to World’s Strongest Man winners.

Legendary design & build quality, with 11 strengths to choose from. Perfect for standalone training or used in conjunction with Zenith & IMTUG grippers. If you could choose only one grip training tool – Captains of Crush.

These are The Gold Standard of Grippers & are designed to give you the biggest gains in the shortest time.

  • Save Your Time & Get results – The Fastest Route to the Strongest Grip
  • Achieve Maximum progress in your Grip Strength with minimum effort
  • You can count on Precision & Consistency – There is no surprise geometry
  • CoC spring is very durable – It won’t snap NOR wear out after continuous use

How to Choose the Best Captain of Crush Gripper for you?

Eleven (11) Different Strength Levels

  1. The Guide (60 lbs)Guide is great place to start if you are youth, senior, woman or if you’re rehabing an injury. Can always be used as warm-up gripper no matter how strong you are. Twice as hard as average sporting goods store plastic gripper but with the same world-class quality as other Captain of Crush grippers.

  2. The Sport (80 lbs)Suits for light warm-ups & as a lighter gripper has always a place in every training program. If you’re a woman who’s done some strength training, weekend warrior or high school athlete start with The Sport.

  3. The Trainer (100 lbs)The Trainer may present a significant challenge. Serious grip training starts here. Most people can usually close The Trainer once or twice as the hand strength of the average man is around 115 pounds.

  4. The Point Five (120lbs): This is the First one of the bridge-grippers to help you to achieve your goals. It’s designed to help you to advance from The Trainer to No 1.

  5. The No 1 (140 lbs)Most guys who lift weights can’t close it on first try. With some solid training No 1 can be closed by most people. Everything beyond No 1 gets a lot tougher & rewards become a lot bigger.

  6. The No 1.5 (167.5 lbs): It’s the Second of the bridge-grippers. Another tool for your grip-arsenal to help you towards greatness. Helps you to advance between the No 1 & No 2 grippers.

  7. The No 2 (195 lbs)2 presents a challenge & has stumped many strong men. Closing No 2 can be considered as great achievement. Master the No 2 if winning or losing, living or dying, might depend on your grip strength.

  8. The No 2.5 (237.5 lbs): This one is the Third of the bridge-grippers. Thing get tougher & tougher from here on out & it’s almost must-have gripper for anyone who’s trying to advance from No 2 to No 3.

  9. The No 3 (280 lbs)Close No 3 & claim your place among the grip elite. Separates the men from the boys. Captains of Crush No 3 gripper is The Gold Standard of Hand Strength feats.

  10. The No 3.5 (322.5 lbs): It’s the Fourth & the last one of the bridge-grippers. It’s the very Final step before the ultimate challenge. You will need all of the help you can get to reach pinnacle of grip strength world.

  11. The No 4 (365 lbs)Be like Magnus Samuelsson! Closing No 4 is the ultimate feat of hand strength. No 4 gripper is far beyond the reach of “normal” people & only those who are deadly serious about progressing “beyond normal” level of grip strength should think about getting this piece of equipment.

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